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2003-12-18 STMicro Reset chip eyes microprocessor apps
STMicroelectronics has announced four industry standard microprocessor Reset chips that are intended for high volume, cost sensitive microprocessor-based applications, including computers, servers, printers, fax machines, cellular and GSM phones, and consumer products
2006-01-25 ST expands reset IC lineup
ST has introduced a 20-strong series of 3-pin reset ICsthe STM18xx seriesin a continued expansion of its family of microprocessor supervisor and reset devices
2002-05-06 IR ships active clamp reset MOSFETs
International Rectifier has released the IRF6126 and IRF6217 p-channel HEXFET power MOSFETs designed specifically for active clamp reset circuits in 48V isolated dc/dc converters using forward converter, flyback, or similar topologies.
2011-05-16 EMC Basics #2: Resets as crucial circuits
Learn about the EMC vulnerability of this ubiquitous circuit function, and what to do about it.
2002-01-10 EM Microelectronic reset circuits buck external components
The V6309 and V6319 circuits monitor power supplies in microprocessor and digital systems
2007-08-29 Supervisory circuits ease power-supply monitoring
Coming in 2mm x 2mm microDFN packages, Maxim's new supervisory circuits offer a variety of features that reduce the complexity and number of components for power-supply monitoring
2009-02-20 Supervisor circuits pack battery backup, CE gating
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16016/20/21/23/24 low-power, microprocessor supervisory circuits featuring precision power-supply monitoring and battery-control functions
2005-10-20 ST offers eight new supervisor circuits with short lead times
ST introduced a family of dual/triple microprocessor supervisor circuits that offers a wide range of voltage combinations, a compact 5/6-pin SOT23 package, and a new manufacturing flow that ensures short lead times
2006-08-03 Renesas unveils 'first' reset IC for MCUs
Renesas has announced the industry's first reset IC for microcontrollers operating core logic circuits from a 1.8V power supply and I/O peripheral circuits from a 3.3V supply.
2002-02-06 Maxim supervisory circuits monitor down to 0.62V
The MAX6715 to MAX6727 range of microprocessor supervisory circuits are designed to monitor two or three power supply voltages down to 0.62V with no external components required
2012-02-14 Knowing power-on-reset requirements in regulators, bandgaps
Learn about the misapplications of power-on-reset feature, and know how designers can avoid startup problems
2007-02-06 HVIC with PFC eases multilamp circuits in fluorescent ballasts
IR's IRS2168D HVIC features a wide range input voltage PFC to simplify complex multilamp circuits
2015-08-21 Examining two simple secondary battery circuits
In this article, we tackle two issues where non-standard solutions are useful, and in each case a less well known feature of many voltage references complicated the design.
2004-09-20 austriamicro supervisory circuits consume 150nA
austriamicrosystems launched a family of ultra low power supervisory circuits with a current consumption of 150nA
2004-09-01 AnalogicTech LDO linear regulator has uP reset
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced an LDO linear regulator with uP reset
2013-10-09 Understand low-power MCU benchmarking
Know the advantages and traps of different implementations of ultra-low power.
2006-01-12 Supervisory ICs tailored for portable, battery-powered systems
austriamicrosystems' AS1910-15 family of dual-voltage microprocessor supervisory circuits are designed for portable and battery-powered systems and all dual-supply applications
2002-02-01 Maxim microprocessor supervisor ICs consume 1.7mA
Consuming only 1.7mA, the MAX6412 to MAX640 range of microprocessor supervisory circuits is designed to monitor supply rails of 1.8V to 5V in microprocessor and digital systems
2015-09-14 Addressing PCB size limits in wearables
Wireless wearable applications call for a degree of IC, package, and board size reductions that only wafer-level chip-scale integration can solve.
2003-06-11 Compander IC: The MM1077 monolithic IC
This application note discusses the MM1077 monolithic IC used in cordless phone applications that have compression and expander circuits
2002-12-11 Maxim supervisor chip delivers up to 300mA
The company's MAX6469-MAX6476 contain a low-drop-out, integrated linear regulator and microprocessor reset circuits in an SOT23 package.
2008-12-05 FAQs: Microprocessor supervisors
A Supervisor is a protection device. It monitors certain system parameters and reacts to protect the system when those parameters go out-of-tolerance. The most common supervisor function is the Reset circuit or Voltage Monitor which monitors the main system supply voltage and resets the system in case the voltage is too high or too low
2002-09-25 Toshiba voltage regulator consumes 955A
The TB9001FN voltage regulator from Toshiba Corp. employs BiCD process technology and internal circuits that enables the IC to consume 955A
2007-08-02 Supervisory IC monitors up to four supply voltages
austriamicrosystems' AS1923 was designed to monitor up to four system supply voltages without requiring external components and asserts a single reset if any of the monitored supply voltages drops below its reset threshold
2006-04-03 Supervisory circuit consumes 38% less power
austriamicro's new triple-voltage ?P supervisory circuits consume 6.2?A current or up to 38 percent less the consumption of competing products
2009-09-15 Supervisor ICs monitor under voltage conditions
Analog Devices Inc. has released new low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits for monitoring under-voltage conditions in handheld industrial instruments, telecommunications devices and other portable applications
2009-08-28 Supervisor ICs consume 125nA supply current
Maxim's ultralow-power microprocessor supervisory circuits extend battery life in power-sensitive apps
2010-01-19 Regulator family tips detect function
The regulators include internal over-current and over-heating protection circuits that go into play when the current or the junction temperature limits are reached
2008-05-05 Power management IC meets CDMA handset needs
AnalogicTech has launched a power management IC designed with a single-cell Li-ion battery charger, a 300mA step-down converter, five LDO regulators, a reset function and an I2C interface to supply all the power requirements of new CDMA handsets
2011-03-25 National solar ICs cut PV system costs, simplify design
National Semiconductor's line of SolarMagic ICs includes full-bridge gate drivers, micropower voltage regulators, MPPT controllers, a supervisory reset circuit and a preset temperature switch
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