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What is a resistor network?
A circuit containing only resistors, ideal current sources, and ideal voltage sources. This means that relationships between current and voltage are linear.
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2006-01-20 Resistor dividers deliver
Vishay announced the CDHV, a surface-mount chip resistor divider that is designed for use in high-voltage power supplies, power switching equipment and inverter controls.
2005-06-08 Resistor calculator for the DS3906
This app note demonstrates the ability to achieve a variable resistance with an effective linear response when used in parallel with external resistors.
2005-12-20 Resistor arrays with tolerances down to 0.1%
Vishay's new resistor arrays combine four thin film resistors into a single package with a footprint of 1.6-by-3.2mm, a 40 percent reduction compared to the use of four discrete 0603 resistors.
2006-04-20 Resistor arrays offer 0.1 percent tolerance
Stackpole Electronics Inc. has recently expanded the RAV16-4D series of chip resistor arrays to include 0.5 percent and 0.1 percent tolerances.
2003-03-14 Putian resistor networks rated to 200V
The A104J series of metal-film resistor networks of Fujian Putian Holder Electronic Co. Ltd has a voltage rating of 200V.
2010-05-24 PSE controller packs power MOSFET, sense resistor
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX5971A single-port, power-sourcing equipment (PSE) controller for IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant, high-power, PoE+ applications.
2002-10-21 PREE cermet resistor rated up to 30kV
The PHR5025 high-voltage cermet resistor is available with resistance values ranging from 10 ohms to 2 gigaohms and are rated between 5KV to 30KV.
2006-03-30 Precision resistor rated up to 20kV
The CGH/CMH high-voltage power resistors from TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division provide voltage ratings up to 20kV.
2005-12-19 Power resistor operates in extreme conditions
TT electronics BI Technologies SMT Division has extended its range of non-inductive power resistors with a high-density device capable of handling extreme operating conditions in a small package.
2009-04-30 Power resistor improves automated board assembly
Bourns Inc. has developed a new power resistor specifically engineered to meet high temperature soldering requirements that enable improved automated board assembly.
2006-07-26 Power resistor has high-stability film resistance elements
Designated the MHP Series, the 50W power resistor from TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division features high stability film resistance elements.
2006-11-20 Power resistor dissipates heat three ways
The new non-molded power resistor from BI Technologies SMT Division uses three methods of heat dissipationconduction through the heat sink tab, radiation from the resistor surface, and convection through the venturi element.
2006-08-03 Power film resistor handles 20W at 25C
Stackpole Electronics has introduced a TO-220 style power film resistor capable of handling up to 20W at case temperatures of 25C
2007-11-07 Pickering intros PXI precision resistor module
Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI products with the introduction of the first in a new range of precision resistor modules.
2013-12-05 PFC controller halves power dissipation in shunt resistor
TI's UCC28180 8-pin PFC controller features an adjustable switching frequency that helps the designer optimize their design for size, cost and efficiency.
2011-04-21 Optimizing resistor dividers at comparator input
Know the several key factors involved with selecting optimally-sized resistors, considering some constraints.
2011-06-23 Optimizing resistor dividers at a comparator input
Learn about several key factors involved with selecting optimally-sized resistors, considering other constraints.
2006-11-29 Open-air resistor suits automotive current sensing
IRC provides automotive design engineers a power current sense surface-mount resistor with enhanced thermal characteristics.
2005-08-22 Ohmite's new precision wirewound resistor meets mil-spec
Ohmite Mfg introduced its new P series of molded precision wirewound resistors that offers high stability and low temperature coefficient of resistance.
2004-05-04 Ohmite beefs up resistor offering
Ohmite has rolled out its RW1S0CK series of surface-mount current sense resistors and 30 series of high-energy wirewound resistors.
2006-06-15 NMM licenses TCR resistor to Ticer Technologies
Nippon Mining & Metals Co. Ltd has licensed the technology and trademark for its TCR embedded resistor product to Ticer Technologies LLC.
2005-05-11 New triple variable resistor tailored for apps needing calibration
A triple variable resistor designed for low resistance, small step-size applications was recently introduced by Dallas Semiconductor.
2005-10-26 New surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor from Vishay
Vishay announced a 1W/10W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that is touted to be the industry's smallest such device to combine a low 15 to 100 milliohm resistance value range, a tight tolerance of 1 percent and low RTC values down to 75ppm/C.
2005-11-21 New resistor offers 1% tolerance
Vishay announced a 2W, surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor with a low resistance value range of 10 milliohms to 100 milliohms and tight 1 percent tolerance.
2005-05-17 New precision film resistor technology solves moisture concerns
Stackpole Electronics has introduced a new line of anti-corrosive precision chip resistors that are said to eliminate moisture concerns typically associated with nickel chromium precision resistors
2006-05-16 New power resistor packaging eases heat management
A molded SOIC-style package for surface mount power resistors features a metal lead frame with an integral heat sink directly under the resistor element.
2005-06-21 New high-ohmic value resistor from IMS provides lower pricing
IMS now offers a high-ohmic value resistor due to the use of an innovative, high-volume thickfilm printing process that eliminates the typical high cost associated with individually-produced devices of this type
2007-10-12 Network resistor tackles harsh environment apps
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division offers a wide range of high-temperature resistive products that are rated up to 200C, targeted at automotive and aerospace applications.
2006-06-28 MOSFET, IGBT driver eliminates need for shunt resistor
Vishay Intertechnology is adding to its optoelectronics product portfolio with a 0.5-A MOSFET/IGBT driver that has a 1V maximum low-level output voltage, eliminating the need for negative gate drive.
2008-12-15 Microchip rolls resistor programmable logic-output temp switches
Microchip's new resistor-programmable logic-output temperature switches enable designers to stock one device for measuring multiple temperature points.
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