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What is a resistor network?
A circuit containing only resistors, ideal current sources, and ideal voltage sources. This means that relationships between current and voltage are linear.
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2004-01-15 Microbridge rolls out readjustable micro-resistor
The Rejustor from Microbridge Technologies Inc. is claimed by the company as the world's first electronically precision-adjustable passive micro-resistor device.
2008-01-25 Meter shunt resistor enhances electric meter accuracy
Vishay's WSMS5515 meter shunt resistor features a proprietary processing technique that produces very low resistance values, which increases accuracy in current meter shunt applications for industrial and residential electronic power meters.
2003-04-14 Matsushita RF jumper resistor touts high isolation
Matsushita Electronic Components' EXBD6JP000A RF jumper chip resistor eliminates cross interference in HF circuits.
2008-09-19 Low absolute TR characterizes Z-Foil resistor
Vishay introduces the VPR221Z ultrahigh-precision Z-Foil resistor.
2002-06-28 Linear Tech oscillator generates 20MHz via single resistor
The LTC6900 oscillator IC from Linear Technology Corp. is capable of generating any frequency from 1kHz to 20MHz, with 10.6 percent precision, by adding a single 0.1 percent resistor.
2005-04-29 Linear Tech circuit breaker eliminates need for sense resistor
Linear Tech an electronic circuit breaker that senses load currents with the RDS(ON) of an external MOSFET, eliminating the need for a sense resistor.
2003-03-04 IRC resistor line offers power ratings up to 3W
TT Electronics' series of IRC resistors boasts power ratings up to 3W.
2006-09-26 IRC adds 20W and 35W devices to power resistor line
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has extended its MHP series power resistors with 20W and 35W devices, providing design engineers with high-power, low-inductance devices in transistor-style packages.
2010-07-06 Hot Swap controller packs MOSFET, sense resistor
Linear Technology Corp. is rolling out the LTC4219 5A Hot Swap controller that integrates a power MOSFET and sense resistor in its power path to limit inrush current.
2006-02-13 High-voltage resistor replaces multiple devices
The new high-voltage metal glaze axial-leaded resistors from Stackpole Electronics allows designers to replace multiple parts or more expensive solutions with a single component.
2008-08-05 High-precision resistor touts low 0.05ppm/C TCR
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduced the new VPR220Z ultra-high-precision Z-Foil resistor that provides an industrial-grade absolute TCR of 0.05ppm/C from 0C to +60C.
2009-01-20 Hi-temp resistor handles -65C to +275C range
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has unveiled a new high-temperature 1W surface-mount power metal strip resistor in a 2010 case size that operates over a temperature range of -65C to +275C.
2004-02-24 Gould TCR resistor foil available in 51-inch width
Gould Electronics announced that it will make its TCR resistor foils more affordable and widely available for manufacturers and laminators.
2005-02-28 Flat chip resistor arrays provide tight tracking
Vishay's new series of flat chip resistor arrays provide tracking TCR values as low as 10ppm/K with a matched tolerance of 0.1 percent.
2003-09-05 Fenghua resistor networks operate to 125C
With 1/8W rated power, the RCML and RCMC series of 4-pin to 11-pin resistor networks from Fenghua Advanced Technology (Group) Co. Ltd have an operating voltage of 200V, and resistance tolerance of 1 percent, 2 percent, and 5 percent.
2005-03-08 Epcos optimize resistor modules
Epcos announced that they have optimized its discharge resistor modules based on hybrid ceramics to simplify mounting of discharge resistors on PFC capacitors and enhance reliability.
2005-02-10 Discharge resistor modules pre-mounted on the capacitor deliver enhanced reliability
Epcos has optimized its discharge resistor modules based on hybrid ceramics to simplify mounting of discharge resistors on PFC capacitors and enhance reliability.
2002-10-25 Direct carbon-film resistor can handle 1kV overload rate
The CR series of carbon-film resistors from Direct Electronics has resistance values ranging from 0.5 ohms to 22 megohms.
2008-08-04 Digipots bring 1% resistor tolerance for industrial apps
Analog Devices Inc. introduced a digital potentiometer family with the best resistor tolerance, allowing designers of industrial and instrumentation equipment to meet tighter resistor matching requirements for improved system accuracy.
2009-06-30 Digipot delivers resistor tolerance
Intersil Corp. has released what it touts to be the first digitally controlled potentiometer (DCP) with resistor tolerance.
2003-02-27 Dallas resistor IC replaces mechanical trimmers
The DS3904 non-volatile, triple digital resistor IC is designed to replace mechanical trim devices for PC power supplies.
2002-06-17 Dallas charge controller integrates fuel gauge, sense resistor
The DS2770 battery monitor and multichemistry charge controller from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. integrates a fuel gauge and an optional sense resistor into a 16-pin TSSOP casing.
2002-05-06 Customizing the linear circuitry response of HV91 family PWM ICs via the bias resistor
This application note describes the process of customizing the linear circuitry response of HV91 family PWM ICs via the bias resistor.
2003-02-18 Current-sensing chip resistor rolls
State of the Art Inc.'s true, full-Kelvin four-terminal low-value chip resistors target current-sensing apps.
2006-08-28 Current sensing resistor in 2512 casing runs at 275C
Vishay Intertechnology has announced a new high-temperature 1W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor, said to be the industry's first current sensing resistor in the 2512 case size to operate in the -65C to 275C temperature range.
2002-03-12 Compostar boosts chip resistor capacity
Taiwan passive components maker Compostar Technology Co. Ltd has expanded its monthly capacity for chip resistors and chip resistor networks to a combined capacity of 900 million units from 600 million units.
2003-06-28 Compensating for Sense Resistor Self Heating
This application note discusses the method for compensating for the heat generated by sense resistors, which can affect real-time temperature readings made by the device.
2009-07-09 Compact 5W resistor suits automotives
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is expanding its WSR series of power metal strip resistors with the introduction of the WSR5. It is touted as the industry's first power metal strip resistor device to offer a 5W power rating in a 4527 package.
2012-09-12 Choosing the best resistor technology for particular apps
An effective price-cost-benefit-risk analysis must be conducted for each application to ensure selection of the appropriate resistor.
2003-06-20 Choosing an input resistor for a Microelectronic Relay
This application note discusses the procedure for determining the proper resistor to program the microelectronic relays to operate from any control voltage.
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