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2013-07-24 Using resonant power supply control IC with PFC
Read about the SSL4120 functions used in the typical application.
2006-03-14 Synchronous rectifier IC boosts flyback, resonant half-bridge designs
International Rectifier touts its SmartRectifier chipset, which comprises the IR1167 with external HEXFET MOSFETs, as the first high-efficiency solution that's viable from the standpoint of technology and cost.
2009-06-12 Selecting MOSFETs for half-bridge resonant converters
This article studies the performance of a half-bridge LLC resonant DC/DC converter developed for use in an open-frame power supply
2009-04-30 Resonant controller ensures noise immunity
Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced the FAN7621 resonant controller that simplifies design, reduces BOM and provides advanced protection functions in LCD and PDP TVs, servers, game consoles and LED lighting applications
2010-06-16 L6598 offline controller for resonant converters
This application note deals on how to use the L6598, which is designed for half bridge configuration. In the end, it will be discussed concerning some design criteria and application tips.
2012-09-07 Implement digital power control using LLC resonant converters
Read about a digital power control implementation using line level control resonant converters based on a flexible 32bit microcontroller
2007-08-06 Designing single-switch, resonant-reset, forward converters
This article describes an improvement to that circuit called the "single transistor, resonant-reset, forward converter," which eliminates the reset winding and a diode.
2015-12-21 Design concerns when choosing resonant LLC converters
Here is a look at the characteristics of a resonance LLC topology and, in particular, the potential failure mechanism of MOSFET devices during the functionality of the system.
2005-11-17 Controller drives CCFLs with full-bridge resonant inverter
Maxim Integrated Products introduced an integrated inverter controller designed to drive CCFLs using a full-bridge resonant inverter for maximum efficiency
2002-05-14 Tunable RF inductors: WCM 201 series
This application note describes West Coast Magnetics' 201 series tunable RF inductors.
2007-06-15 Simple DC SPICE model for the LLC converter
This application note shows us how a simple SPICE model operated in DC sweep, can help us in designing an LLC converter using the NCP1395 controller.
2003-05-05 Ceramic capacitors feature >10 gigaohms insulation resistance
Xiamen Wanming Ceramic Co. Ltd has released its line of high-frequency ceramic capacitors that has an insulation resistance of at least 10 gigaohms.
2005-05-02 Voltage-mode control curbs power issues
Learn practical recommendations for designing voltage-mode control synchronous buck converter based on technology advancement.
2004-06-15 Lambda switcher claims no compromises
Lambda touts its NV-Power series as a no-compromise solution to power, size, efficiency and acoustic-noise issues.
2010-05-18 Dimmer switch tailored for quantum computing
NIST has developed a "dimmer switch" for a superconducting circuit linking a quantum bit and a quantum bus
2009-04-09 Power Tip #3: Avoiding oscillation issues in input filters
While switching regulators are often preferred over linear regulators because they are more efficient, the switching topology leans heavily on an input filter. This circuit element, combined with the supply's typically negative dynamic impedance, can contribute to oscillation issues. Here's how to avoid the problem
2008-02-18 Fundamentals and design principles of RF antennas (Part 1)
Antennas connect RF signals in an electrical circuit, such as between a PCB and an electromagnetic wave propagating in the transmission media between the transmitter and the receiver of a wireless link
2012-02-21 Advantages of sine amplitude converter
Know how a new circuit technique using the sine amplitude converter architecture could offer gains in power density, switching frequency and output power
2015-12-02 Wireless power transmitter delivers up to 5W
The LTC4125 from Linear Tech functions as the transmit circuit component in a complete wireless power transfer system comprised of transmit circuitry, transmit coil, receive coil and receive circuitry
2015-08-27 Small RF filters handle multiple bands in single die
RF filter specialist Resonant claims to have developed multi-band techniques that allow two or three filters to share the same die, as well as creating tunable models that can change their frequency
2008-09-29 Rohm offers isolated AC/DC converter
The BP5729 from Rohm is a switching power module consisting of a quasi-resonant RCC-type isolated AC/DC converter control module and a built-in power MOSFET
2002-05-16 ON Semi PWM controller reduces EMI
The NCP1205 PWM current-mode controller from ON Semiconductor operates in quasi-resonant valley switching mode to reduce switching frequency, EMI, and turn-on losses, while increasing efficiency
2004-09-30 Microchip capacitors target microwave circuits
Murata is offering three new lines of microchip capacitors that offer small packaging along with improved performance for microwave circuit apps
2003-10-31 Hybrid tunnel diodes could leapfrog Moore's Law
Semiconductor researchers have known since the 1950s that the quantum-confinement effects of tunnel diodes boost circuit speed and current handling while reducing component count and power consumption
2015-07-16 EPC eGaN half bridge power ICs with integrated bootstrap FET
Geared for resonant wireless power transfer applications, the EPC2107 and EPC2108 promise to eliminate gate driver induced reverse recovery loses as well as the need for a high side clamp
2008-01-11 Controller has I/O protection, PFC interface, adaptive UVLO
STMicroelectronics has released a flexible and cost-saving controller for high-performance flyback power converters, designed to operate in either fixed-frequency or quasi-resonant modes
2006-03-28 Chip improves energy efficiency in CE, AC adapters
Texas Instruments announced a green-mode power management circuit that aims to improve energy efficiency in consumer electronic systems and AC power adapters
2016-05-11 Calculating a resistor-capacitor snubber
Often adding a simple resistor-capacitor snubber to damp out the ringing is all that is required to tame the circuit. But all too often guess work is used when selecting values
2012-02-24 AMD first to commercially implement low-power clock IP
AMD's Piledriver 64bit core will be the first volume production-enabled implementation of Cyclos' resonant clock mesh technology
2009-03-12 Tackling FM antenna design roadblocks
As wireless usage models become more popular in portable devices, customers are demanding wire-free FM radio reception with embedded antennas. The article discusses maximizing sensitivity to improve FM reception using an embedded antenna and the methods to achieve that goal.
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