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2013-10-08 Uses of copper barrier capacitors in medical field
Read about the growing demand for capacitors for use in a various medical devices.
2004-12-03 Restriction of hazardous substances
This app note provides general understanding of Anadigics product conversion strategy from standard microelectronic materials to RoHScompliant materials
2005-06-02 National Semiconductor targets 100% lead-free products end of June
National Semiconductor Corp. is working on achieving 100 percent lead-free production by the end of June 2006
2015-05-05 Fundamentals of the CE marking (Part 1
The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of applicable directives, but how can they ensure they are on the right track to compliance? Read this article to learn more
2005-10-10 Tyco rolls RoHS-compliant cables
Tyco Electronics' latest RoHS-compliant offering is its MADISON CABLE brand of Pb-free and heavy-metal-free cables
2006-12-04 PC makers need to align with 'green' regulations, warns Gartner
Computer and electronics manufacturers need to invest in R&D that will align their upcoming products with "green" regulations and laws that are bound to be coming down the road, analysts from Gartner warned.
2005-07-29 Mentor offering tool support for RoHS compliance
Mentor Graphics said that it has begun offering PCB tool support designed to help customers achieve Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
2006-06-02 Assembling high-Pb DS2761 flip-chips in a Pb-Free assembly flow
This application note details the Pb-free assembly process used for DS2761 flip-chip die, and the reliability stresses encountered after the assembly.
2006-07-17 Green IC packaging addresses environmental concerns
As new environmental regulations are enacted and a universal recognition of the benefits of Green design and manufacturing practices percolates, adherence to manufacturing regulations will become a basic requirement for participation in world markets
2008-02-05 Software solution ensures REACH compliance
An environmental compliance software solution has been announced by Synapsis Technology to help companies comply with the EU's new chemicals regulation, REACH.
2006-10-31 MII officials discuss China's new RoHS regulations
Eleven senior officials from the Chinese Ministry of Information Industries addressed over 250 attendees in Silicon Valley on the new China RoHS regulations, which will go into effect next year
2005-05-19 Tactile switches meet RoHS directive
NKK Switches has designed its HP series of 6mm tactile switches to meet the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.
2005-05-31 Submini switches are RoHS compliant
CIT Relay & Switch now offers a family of subminiature sealed pushbutton, rocker and toggle switches that are compliant to the European Union's RoHS directive
2014-04-01 Selecting housing materials for DDR4 memory module
The design and type of connector determines the set of materials that can be considered for the housing
2014-05-13 RoHS, WEEE initiatives cultivate e-waste recycling market
The thriving activity in e-waste recycling is prompting a ripple effect across the supply chaincost fluctuations, increasing volume of e-waste, and the need for environmentally-sound recycling processes
2006-10-02 RoHS era drives changes in design priorities
Months after the enforcement of the European Union's ban on the use of six environmentally unfriendly materials, designers have clear evidence that failure to meet the RoHS directive means lost sales
2004-11-11 Problems seen ahead for supply chain from Pb-free directive
The road to lead-free semiconductor production and compliance with European Union directives is going to be complex and could cause major inventory issues, senior industry executives, distributors and manufacturers said here on Tuesday (Nov. 9) during the opening day of the Electronica exhibition
2005-10-05 NKK's pushbutton switches meet RoHS requirements
Constructed with heat-resistant material, the new LP01 series of pushbutton switches from NKK Switches can withstand lead-free soldering
2005-05-17 New 100GB 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drive from Fujitsu
Fujitsu Computer Products of America announced its 100GB 2.5-inch SATA hard disk drive that maximizes NCQ performance and offers low power consumption
2005-09-29 More HELP for CDMA
Anadigics introduced a new generation of High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power (HELP) power amplifiers (PAs) for CDMA applications
2005-07-28 Mentor offering tool support for RoHS compliance
Mentor Graphics Corp. said Tuesday (July 26) that it has begun offering printed circuit board (PCB) tool support designed to help customers achieve Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance
2005-04-07 LCDs provide clarity, readability
Optrex's new highly reflective monochrome graphic and character LCDs offer designers a new range of industry-standard display solutions for readability in any ambient lighting condition
2005-08-02 IR emitter doubles radiant intensity
Vishay Intertechnology's new infrared emitters provide a typical radiant intensity of 130mW/sr at 100mA, which is more than double that of standard emitters
2005-04-07 Inductors offer low current loss
The PG0255NL series of surface mount flat coil inductors from Pulse features a saturation current rating of up to 30A and a heating current rating up to 38A
2005-07-13 Filters survive high temp processes
Syfer Technology offers a wide range of solder-mount feedthrough EMI filters that are fully compliant to the European Union's RoHS Directive and will withstand the higher soldering temperatures of lead-replacement materials
2006-08-23 Designing and shipping after RoHS
RoHS compliance must become an integral part of a designer's development process, with RoHS checks conducted at each step: concept, development, prototype, first builds and volume production
2005-10-26 Cisco declares 'design-for-environment' era
Equipment and chip makers must change their mindsets and develop 'design-for-environment' business practices to prepare for a new wave of green legislation affecting the global electronics industry, warned an official from Cisco Systems Inc
2005-10-24 Capacitors supplied in tin/lead terminations for RoHS-exempt apps
Syfer Technology offers a series of surface-mount chip capacitors with traditional tin/lead terminations. They may be used for military/aerospace, space and automotive applications
2005-10-21 AVX tantalum capacitors available for RoHS-exempt apps
AVX developed a tin-lead finish version of its conformally-coated tantalum radial leaded capacitor, which was initially introduced as the first lead-free component of its kind in January 2005
2005-06-30 Altera continues market share position in Japan
Programmable logic provider Altera Japan Ltd, a subsidiary of Altera Corp., is commemorating its 15th anniversary this week
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