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2015-04-23 Ultra-broadband portable bench top RF amps go up to 40GHz
The bench top amplifiers offer up to 60dB small signal gain with high dynamic range, low noise figure of 5dB and output P1dB compression power ranges from 10dBm to 22dBm.
2002-12-20 Ultra low noise amplifier for 900 and 2000 MHz with high IP3
This application note describes four LNA designs with the BFG410W and BFG425W transistors
2003-05-22 Toshiba single-chip RF/IF receivers eye wireless apps
Toshiba Corp. has broadened its wireless product lineup with the introduction of the TA31275FN and TA31273FN devices for short-range, low-power wireless applications.
2007-01-03 Testing solutions roll for RF conducted immunity
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has unveiled two complete testing solutions for RF conducted immunity testing that are both fully self-contained in a single rack
2004-04-29 Sungil uses Fairchild RF amplifier in Scorpio V0.3
Sungil Telecom has integrated Fairchild Semiconductor's RMPA0959 RF power amplifier for its Scorpio V0.3 phone board.
2003-09-08 Sirenza obtains additional amplifier patent
Sirenza Microdevices has received U.S. patent No. 6,611,172 entitled "Thermally Distributed Darlington Amplifier.&quot
2002-11-13 RFMD power amplifier module integrates control circuit
RFMD's RF3140 quad-band PA module integrates a power control circuit, eliminating the need for external directional couplers.
2008-02-11 RF driver amp blends power, performance
ADI has introduced the ADL5321RF driver amplifier that is said to bring together the industry's best combination of power and performance in 2.3GHz to 4GHz wireless infrastructure designs for LTE, WiMAX and WiBro applications
2006-06-07 RF amps with ESD protection up to 3kV
The six RF amplifiers from Intersil are slated for use in satellite receivers and ISM band (industrial, scientific and medical) applications
2008-02-29 RF amplifier with integrated AGC lowers BOM
Anadigics' ACA2604 RF amplifier for FTTH applications has an integrated AGC circuit, which lowers BOM costs by eliminating many discrete components.
2007-05-28 RF amplifier targets cable TV front-end apps
Anadigics Inc. has introduced its ABA3130 single-chip, low-noise, high linearity RF amplifier with integrated gain control, aimed at cable TV front-end applications.
2008-05-14 RF amplifier housed in ultrasmall CSP
Touted as the industry's smallest RF amplifier, Avago Technologies has unveiled its VMMK-2x03 amplifiers in a chip-scale package with 0402 package dimensions (1mm x 0.5mm x 0.25mm).
2011-05-17 RF amplifier boasts ultra-small footprint
Avago Technologies unveils the VMMK-3xxx amplifiers, leveraging Avago WaferCap chip scale packaging (CSP) technology to offer an ultra-small footprint of 1x0.5x0.25mm.
2002-04-26 Raytheon power amplifier targets AMPS, CDMA phones
Raytheon Co.'s RF Components Division has announced the release of the RMPA1956-103 series of 3.5V dual-band, tri-mode power amplifiers for AMPS, CDMA, and CDMA2000-1x applications
2002-04-26 Raytheon power amplifier targets AMPS, CDMA phones
Raytheon Co.'s RF Components Division has announced the release of the RMPA1956-103 series of 3.5V dual-band, tri-mode power amplifiers for AMPS, CDMA, and CDMA2000-1x applications
2002-11-08 Power amplifier for 1.9GHz at 3V
This application note describes the results of measurements performed on an RF amplifier for 1.9GHz applications at 3V.
2005-02-22 PA modules include all RF matching, bypassing circuitry
RF Micro Devices introduced the next generation of its PowerStar power amplifier module portfolio.
2002-07-29 OPHIR RF amplifier module provides 41dB gain
The Model 5302015 amplifier module provides a minimum small signal gain of 41dB gain and is designed for video transmission in the ISM band
2002-11-11 OPHIR amplifier module boosts signals by >10dB
The Model 5303075 power amplifier module is suited for boosting the output power of signal/waveform generators by more than 10dB
2004-09-08 NJR RF amp suits VHF/UHF transceivers
New Japan Radio has unveiled a low current, low voltage RF amplifier especially designed for VHF/UHF transceivers.
2005-10-25 New RF amplifier from Anadigics tailored for FTTH/FTTP apps
Anadigics introduced an RF amplifier that, when used in conjunction with a photodiode, provides the fiber-to-coax video transition at the optical network terminal.
2002-07-25 Mitsubishi W-CDMA amplifier is 35 percent smaller
2002-12-11 Low Cost DECT Power Amplifier PH97005
This application note describes the application of two RF transistors in the design of a two-stage power amplifer, designed for use in DECT cordless telephone systems
2002-01-21 IBM rolls out SiGe RF power amplifiers
The 800MHz 2022 TDMA IS-54, 2018 CDMA IS-95, and 1900MHz 2017 PCS/CDMA IS-95 power amplifiers are expected to reduce the cost of assembly and board sizes of mobile devices.
2012-08-23 Fundamentals of RF amplifier measurements
Know how to setup fundamental amplifier measurements such as S-parameters, K-factor gain compression, or pulsed measurements using a vector network analyzer
2005-04-26 Freescale RF power transistor cuts operating expenses
Freescale's new RF power transistor is designed to reduce transmitter power consumption and operating costs for digital and analog television broadcast apps
2002-07-09 FCSI RF amplifier provides 20dB gain
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor Inc. has introduced the FMM5815GJ-1 PA MMIC that provides a typical gain of 20dB.
2008-04-03 Designing RF with op amps (Part 2
The conclusion of a two-part series addresses the practical circuit examples of RF and intermediate frequency (IF) amplifiers
2008-03-27 Designing RF with op amps (Part 1
Operational amplifiers were not originally thought of as candidates for RF design, but the advent of newer, faster devices has made them an attractive option for some applications
2005-05-26 AR Worldwide RF amplifier powers 100kHz to 250MHz apps
AR Worldwide has introduced its 1,000W model 1000A250 power amplifier designed for the 100kHz to 250MHz frequency range
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