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2004-10-04 Toshiba, Microtune develop RF tuner for HD TVs
Toshiba Module Group and Microtune Inc. have cooperated in the development of a production-ready, digital cable-ready TV tuner module
2004-12-16 Tape and reel information-RF modules
This app note discusses RF modules
2010-08-20 RF-capable universal remote debuts
Audivo's M-Remote combines RF with IR capabilities
2006-05-10 RF modules handle wideband A/V
Saelig Co.'s modules can let you send and receive audio and video on the 2.4GHz industrial-scientific-medical band.
1999-06-29 RF modules for cellular/PCS handsets
This application note deals with the RF modules for handsets that incorporate GaAs ICs, silicon transistors, chip resistors, and capacitors while delivering 29dBm output power at PCS frequencies
1999-09-09 RF modules for cellular/PCS handsets
This paper describes the functions of the RF module in highlighting the wireless information age through "radio on a single silicon chip".
2008-11-12 RF modules exceed 10km range
Laird Technologies Inc. has developed the LT2510, its fifth generation 2.4GHz FHSS module that sets a new standard for industrial RF communication.
2005-08-22 RF modules enable wireless DAQ
SRI PMD's Wireless Link line of products provide realtime connectivity between sensors or transducers and instrumentation that can be separated by distances of about 500 feet.
2010-06-14 RF module tailored for industrial automation apps
RF Monolithics has released the XDM2510H WirelessHART module targeting the wireless networking opportunities in industrial automation.
2004-12-28 RF module requires no configuration, offers 40-mile line-of-sight range
MaxStream introduces the 9XTend OEM RF module that provides unprecedented performance in a low cost radio modem.
2009-07-21 RF module packs built-in 2.4GHz antenna
SMK has introduced a RF module with a built-in 2.4GHz band antenna compatible with Zigbee RF4CE.
2003-06-18 RF module for cordless telephone in Japan use - TRM7P/F-J series
The Mitsumi TRM7P/F-J series has an enhanced transmit/receive circuit that targets portable cordless phones specifically made for the Japan market.
2003-06-18 RF module for cordless telephone in Japan use - TRM5P/F-J series
The Mitsumi TRM5P/F-J series has an enhanced transmit/receive circuit that targets small power cordless telephones specifically made for the Japan market.
2007-10-23 RF module carries out testing of RF SoC devices
Advantest Corp. is set to roll out in November a RF test solution for low-cost testing of multiport RF SoC devices used in cellular phones and other wireless products and equipment
2003-12-09 RayComm RF modules meet ETSI standards
RayComm Microwave Technologies Corp. has introduced its Paeonia series of 2.5G/2G GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 triple-band LTCC RF modules
2007-03-26 RadioPulse intros 2.4GHz Zigbee RF module
RadioPulse announced MANGO MG2400, a Zigbee-ready solution that integrates 2.4GHz RF transceiver, PHY, modem, MAC and 8bit MCU in a single chip
2004-03-11 Radiocrafts releases smallest RF modules
Radiocrafts AS has launched a series of RF modules that measures 12.7-by-25.4-by-3.5mm
2013-07-05 Pro-audio RF modules transmits up to 8 channels
Summit's multi-channel wireless RF transmitter is capable of transmitting up to eight separate audio channels at 48kHz or 96kHz sample rates and 24bits per sample to powered speakers
2002-01-21 Phycomp RF antenna eliminates wire or etched antennas on PCBs
The company's multilayer ceramic antenna for 1.88GHz DECT applications eliminates the need to use wire antennas or etched antennas on PCBs.
2003-09-04 Philips RF modules enable DTV functionality
Royal Philips Electronics has unveiled prototypes of its highly integrated and miniaturized RF modules that enable DTV functionality in portable apps
2014-12-16 Murata subsumes Peregrine to expand RF portfolio
Peregrine will continue to market its high-performance, integrated RF solutions under the Peregrine brand, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Murata Electronics North America Inc
2004-06-16 Module approach ups 5GHz WLAN front-end integration
This article describes a single-package 5GHz WLAN RF module comprising a BiCMOS IC, commercial GaAs PA and Tx/Rx switch, high-quality integrated RF filters and a patch antenna.
2004-11-17 Mitsumi selects Microtune analog/digital tuner for STB RF module
Mitsumi Electronics Corp. has developed an integrated tuner/demodulator subsystem using Microtune Inc.'s MT2111 silicon tuner as the core RF component
2003-02-21 Mitsubishi ships RF design kit for VHF, UHF
The company has introduced the Design Accelerator Kit 2 for its MOSFET-based silicon RF modules for VHF and UHF apps
2002-05-21 Mitsubishi RF module widens bandwidth
Manufactured using the a 0.55m MOSFET process, the RA45H4452M UHF power module from Mitsubishi Electric Corp. integrates a negative feedback circuit and a multistage matching circuit to deliver wider bandwidth than previous generations of products
2007-05-03 Low-cost RF module operates in ISM band
One RF Technology's ISM band RF module is optimized for low-power communication at a competitive cost.
2002-10-04 Kyocera Bluetooth module measures 8-by-7-by-1.7mm
Kyocera Corp.'s Bluetooth RF module measures 8-by-7-by-1.7mm, making it the world's smallest Bluetooth device CDMA.
2010-09-08 KNX-RF module for building automation uses LBT
Radiocrafts AS has just announced the release of its new module complying with the KNX-RF specification.
2009-02-27 IC family claims improved RF performance
A new IC family from Silicon Laboratories Inc. claims improved RF performance for both the transmit and receive paths, as well as internal functions which significantly off-load the companion MCU and minimize overhead
2008-01-30 High-power RF module handles ZigBee
Radiocrafts has expanded its product line with a compact high-power RF module design for ZigBee.
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