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2002-07-31 RFC surge protector suits HF apps
The RFS-2093 50-ohm in-line surge protector from RF Connectors features N female interfaces and is designed for use with frequencies from 0Hz to 6GHz.
2002-10-22 RFC bulkhead connector operates to 11GHz
The RFS-2030 N female bulkhead connector from RF Connectors is designed for use in board to panel feed-through OEM applications with a frequency range from 0Hz to 11GHz.
2003-01-27 RF Solutions WLAN amplifier touts efficiency
The company has introduced the RFS P2023 power amplifier suitable for use in both 802.11b and 802.11g apps.
2001-10-16 Neutron hardness of photodiodes for use in passive Rubidium frequency standards
This application note addresses the performance degradation issues of the RFS (passive rubidium frequency standard) photodiode produced by neutron irradiation.
2001-07-16 Implementing ball attach for CSPs
Drawing from the experiences of the actual implementation of a ball-attach line, the authors brief readers on the vital issues of ball attachment.
2004-03-30 Anadigics ships InGaP, WLAN, PA units
Anadigics has begun shipping its InGaP, HBT, WLAN, power amplifiers (PAs) to a leading supplier of WLAN chipsets for PC notebooks.
2008-08-21 Software advances flash memories' capacity
Samsung has released software that helps in improving the ability of its proprietary embedded flash memories such as OneNAND, Flex-OneNAND and moviNAND in smart phones.
2014-10-01 Google, Silicon Labs unveil ZigBee-like mesh network
The IoT industry badly needs a low-data-rate, low-power version of Wi-Fi, and Thread plans to deliver it. Thread's network layer isn't the same as that of ZigBee; it is more like ZigBee 3.0.
2011-02-08 CEA-Leti's anechoic chamber enables precise EMF measurement
The anechoic chamber allows telecoms researchers to simulate free-space propagation and avoid parasitic reflections, thereby achieving higher precision when measuring the electromagnetic spectrum below 1GHz.
2002-08-16 4G wireless challenges raise stakes for DSPs
This article serves as an introspection to DSP devices as to how they would innovatively support the expanding wireless technology.
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