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2009-04-27 Wet tantalum capacitors offer high ripple current
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has introduced two wet tantalum capacitors claimed to be the first of such devices to be offered in a true surface-mountable molded package.
2011-07-18 Power Tip: Trade AC-line range for input-capacitor ripple current
Find out more about the relationship between these two significant parameters.
2003-06-17 Power inductors provide high current capability
CoEv Magnetics has released their DXM series of lead-free power inductors that is designed for switching power supplies.
2016-02-04 Multiphase converters: Beyond high current apps
In recent years, designers of high-end audio systems have started to take advantage of the multi-phase approach. This article looks into the benefits of multi-phase converters.
2015-03-19 Grasping capacitors, ripple and self-heating
Ripple can be a necessary design function, and the considerations can be quite straightforward. In this article, we will take a look at ripple ratingsor how to cook a capacitor
2010-12-20 Driving HB-LED at high forward current
Learn about the evaluation board designed to provide a constant current in the range of 10A to 60A
2004-12-01 Current doubler rectifier offers ripple current cancellation
This app note introduces current doubler rectifier, which is a popular alternate choice for the output stage of a buck derived power converter
2008-11-07 Capacitors boast low impedance, high ripple current
Vishay Intertechnology has released a new series of surface-mount aluminum capacitors that offers high-temperature operation +105C, low impedance values and high capacitances and ripple currents
2006-05-22 Switching regulator offers 50A quiescent current
Linear has announced a 2A, 36V step-down switching regulator with Burst Mode to keep quiescent current under 50A
2009-10-19 Switching regulator keeps quiescent current
The LT3980 uses a 3.4A, 200m? switch with integrated boost diode, oscillator, control and logic circuitry.
2009-11-27 Switching regulator boasts 2.8?A quiescent current
Linear Technology Corp. debuts the LT3991, a 1.2A, 55V step-down switching regulator with an integrated boost diode.
2006-09-18 Surface-mount inductor targets high-current apps
Tyco's surface-mount inductor targets a wide range of high-current applications in computers, power supplies, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters and battery-powered devices
2007-03-16 Step-down DC/DC offers 70?A quiescent current
The 2A, 38V step-down switching regulator from Linear Tech features Burst Mode operation that promises to keep quiescent current under 70?A in no load standby conditions
2007-08-23 Step-down converter keeps quiescent current under 75?A
Linear Technology has announced the LT3680, a 3.5A, 36V step-down switching regulator with Burst Mode operation to keep quiescent current under 75?A
2009-09-02 Regulator keeps quiescent current below 85?A
Linear announced a 700mA, 36V input step-down switching regulator with a power-on reset and watchdog timer.
2006-04-24 Power adapter with over-voltage, over-current protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic Co. Ltd unveiled a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection features
2009-10-13 POL supplies pack easy paralleling, current sharing
Ericsson Power Modules offers POL devices that provide easy paralleling making it possible for power servers and memory storage designers to access extremely flexible solutions.
2003-04-14 NJR LDO regulator boasts low quiescent current
The NJM2885 LDO voltage regulator from New Japan Radio Co. Ltd utilizes advanced bipolar technology to achieve low noise and low quiescent current
2004-08-02 Micrel switch regulator offers low input, output ripple
Micrel released a 1.2MHz, PWM dc-dc boost switching regulator with a 2.5V to 10V input voltage range, high efficiency, and <1mA shutdown current
2003-10-27 Micrel IC reduces input ripple, noise
Designed for driving white LEDs in cellphones, PDAs, digital still cameras and camcorder apps, Micrel's dc-dc converters implement 1.2MHz PWM control.
2004-01-23 Li Tone power supplies have 35A inrush surge current
The LTE90U and LTE120U series of U-Channel ac-dc or dc-dc switching power supplies from Li Tone Electronics Co. Ltd feature a 90Vac to 264Vac voltage.
2005-02-08 LDO regulator mixes low dropout voltage, high ripple rejection
The NJM2845/46 from NJR is a LDO regulator that features high precision output, high ripple rejection and low dropout voltage
2005-01-03 LDO regulator IC supplies 1A load current
Toko has rolled out its TK733xx high current output positive LDO regulator IC, which can supply 1A load current
2009-08-20 LDO achieves high precision, ripple rejection
From Torex Semiconductor Ltd comes a new 700mA high-speed transient response low dropout regulator (LDO) with reverse current protection
2007-05-22 How to implement high current LED arrays
This article summarizes the key requirements for driving Osram Ostar high current LED arrays and shows how these requirements can be met with an easy-to-implement driver based on Micrel's MIC2196 chip
2006-02-10 High-current, high-voltage AC/DC delivers 5kW
Absopulse Electronics' PFC5000 is a modular high-current AC/DC supply that delivers 5kW at up to 54V for industrial, utility, microwave and telecom environments
2008-04-11 Hall-effect current sensor suits 50-100A apps
Enhanced accuracy and speed make Allegro's Hall-effect current sensor suitable for a variety of 50-100A applications
2002-05-08 Extend hold-up time/reduced current ripple
This application note describes the typical voltage ripple superimposed on the dc output of the BIAS supply
2008-09-19 Dual buck converter fuses high, low current power functions
AnalogicTech is a new dual buck converter for mobile consumer and wireless applications.
2006-06-05 DC/DC converter operates as constant-current LED driver
Linear's new dual, step-down DC/DC converter is designed to operate as a two-channel constant-current LED driver
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