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2008-08-05 Tuner IP cuts costs, minimizes risks for GPS developers
MIPS's silicon-proven GPS RF tuner IP integrates low-noise RF front-end for GPS receivers, enabling embedded system designers to reduce costs and time-to-market for next-generation GPS devices.
2008-09-24 Toggle switches reduce accidental switching risks
NKK Switches has released its S series of locking lever, medium capacity electromechanical toggle switches.
2008-09-10 Tiny switches respond to security cards' risks
Peratech has developed switches made from an ultrathin pressure sensitive material, which the company claims can overcome the risks of "contactless skimming" in security cards.
2000-12-01 Taking the necessary risks in design
This technology news article describes the risks that are necessary for setting up design roadmaps for engineers.
2014-12-23 Supply chain dilemma: Risks and issues
According to a recent survey from Zurich Insurance, loss of productivity, increased cost of working and loss of revenue were the most commonly reported consequences of supply chain disruptions.
2012-12-04 ST must take calculated risks to stay in the game
ST cannot keep its structural integrity without carefully choosing which markets it should aggressively pursue and those that it should let go.
2003-06-02 Security risks threaten FPGA designers
The rapidly growing importance of FPGAs and microprocessors in systems, plus increasing time-to-market pressures, has led to security being 'overlooked' in most systems.
2007-05-23 Scientists rebuff BBC docu on Wi-Fi health risks
A documentary screened in the U.K. claiming health risks from Wi-Fi was rebuffed by some scientists who called the conclusion 'grossly unscientific.'
2002-11-26 Risks of customer-owned tooling send designers to ASICs
Like do-it-yourselfers who wished they had called the plumber or electrician instead of botching a home repair, chip makers seem to be having second thoughts about customer-owned tooling.
2007-11-27 Report: Regulatory hurdles top 2008 business risks
Regulatory and compliance risk is the greatest strategic challenge facing global businesses in 2008, according to a new report from Ernst & Young.
2006-07-18 Report: Nanotechnology risks need addressing
Environmental, health, and safety risks pose stiff challenges to commercializing nanotechnology, according to a report by Lux Research.
2016-03-10 OEMs reduce risks after Taiwan quake
The wake of the recent 6.4 earthquake in Tainan, Taiwan, brought the spotlight into risk management planning to avoid supply chain disruptions for global electronics OEMs.
2007-10-23 NRC: U.S. should allow 'open science,' despite risks
Despite the risk of scientific knowledge being misused by terrorists, the National Research Council said the United States should still ensure open exchange of unclassified research.
2014-02-25 LED lighting systems: Potential security risks?
While LED lighting systems are being installed for its energy and non-energy benefits, increased integration of sensor, image processing and monitoring functions might well be "terrifying."
2004-05-19 IP investment offers risks, opportunities
The semiconductor intellectual property market is fraught with problems but also with opportunities, a panel of experts said during the Semiconductor Venture Fair.
2006-09-25 Govt, industry leaders renew calls to study nanotech risks
Government and environmental leaders renewed calls for greater federal scrutiny of the health effects of nanotechnology.
2008-05-15 DriveCam's monitoring systems reduce driving risks
DriveCam's pattern recognition systems detect risks in driving, reduce vehicle damage, workers' compensation and personal injury costs.
2015-07-09 Dissecting FD-SOI: Understanding the risks and opportunities
According to the CEO of CEA-Leti, FD-SOI's genuine advantage wasn't obvious at process nodes such as 40nm or 32nm, but there is a certain degree of potential now at 28nm node.
2008-10-27 CMOS image sensor alerts drivers of road risks
Melexis has released the MLX75307, its newest CMOS image sensor, which is designed for automotive front-vision applications.
2007-11-23 Chip design complexity raises risks, warns cryptographer
Respected cryptographer Adi Shamir warned that increasing sophistication of computer chip design raises the risk that undetected bugs could be used to crack public key encryption systems.
2005-05-27 China-Japan tensions could raise risks for tech investors, analyst warns
As tensions between Japan and China escalate over arguments with origins in World War II, technology companies should prepare to lessen their reliance on the two countries, according to market research company Gartner Dataquest.
2003-01-16 Benefits, risks in 90nm SoC solutions
Depending upon proven capabilities with SoC designs, the cost/benefit of optimization options must be carefully weighed against assumptions on technology maturity.
2014-01-15 Auto industry takes calculated risks in digital tech
Carmakers are amazed by what digital technology can do but still hopelessly tentative in their approach to the new automotive human-machine interface.
2015-10-08 Addressing security risks in the IoT age
Learn about the need to apply known security techniques to a new environment that operates under a set of additional constraints.
2014-04-22 3D printing poses environmental health risks
3D or additive manufacturing is carving out milestones for the electronics industry. But like any other technological breakthroughs, this comes at a pricethat which the environment itself has to pay.
2009-04-23 Impact of X-ray inspection on Spansion flash memory
The purpose of this application note is to provide guidance on the assessment and mitigation of risks associated with X-ray inspection of Spansion flash memory components.
2015-09-18 Guide to designing for regulatory approval
In this article, we review what engineers need to consider about getting products through regulatory approvals. It helps to understand how regulators think and what's important to them.
2013-12-05 Xilinx outs comprehensive functional safety design package
The company's functional safety package includes a TUV SUD certified design methodology and tools that promise to increase design productivity and reduce certification risks.
2010-08-02 Uprating semiconductors for high-temperature applications
This technical note describes the issues associated with temperature uprating and the risks involved in using components outside the manufacturers' environmental specifications.
2011-11-10 Understanding cloud opportunities, challenges
As the cloud reveals itself, it will present a whole new set of risks, challenges, and opportunities. Those it will affect the most are IT employees, security experts, and software product vendors.
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