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What is RBT?
A remote batch terminal (RBT) is a computer terminal attached by means of a communications link to a remote processor for remote job entry or batch processing.
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2008-05-15 Unwrap Robot Guitar's autotuning secret
On the heels of its Ethernet Out guitar, Gibson Guitar has released the Robot Guitar, which automatically tunes to a range of standard and alternative tunings at the touch of a button.
2008-08-08 Unlock dino robot's life-like motion tricks
The Ugobe Pleo dinosaur pet robot that offers lifelike appearance and behavior, is the most recent incarnation of a learning and evolving personal robotic toy.
2013-04-11 Task robot development flourishing in Asia
Consumer robotics market will reach $6.5 billion by 2017 while more complex personal robots trudge ahead, according to ABI Research.
2010-11-04 ST, ARM showcase young Korea talent in robot design
STMicroelectronics and ARM have just sponsored the Explorer Robot Challenge 2010, a design contest that promotes space robotics and general robot research among university students and young engineers in Korea.
2007-11-15 South Korea to set up robot theme parks
The South Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry and energy announced that the country will build two robot theme parks to boost the competitiveness of the local robot industry.
2007-08-24 South Korea to build robot industrial city
The South Korea government is looking for a site on which to build 'Robot Land,' a robot industrial city that will be the locus of the country's robotics industry.
2002-05-13 Sony opens robot architecture to aid development
Sony Corp. has promised to disclose the software specifications of its Open-R Architecture for Aibo robots to provide an open development environment for robotics research, making Aibo the hardware platform.
2007-11-21 Self-tuning 'robot' guitar ready for spotlight
Gibson Guitar Corp. has a special treat this holiday season as it demos the first limited edition self-tuning guitar on Dec. 7 for $2,500.
2014-03-11 Sample handling robot raises ALD systems' productivity
Picosun taps industrial robotics to improve the processing times of ALDs in high volume manufacturing applications.
2015-02-05 Robot sol'n streamlines industry process automation
The Delta DRS40L series claims to improve daily productivity by nearly three times, shortens production times and cycles, and greatly reduces required manpower.
2010-07-19 Pick-and-place machine features twin placement robot
Philips subsidiary Assembleon features the AX-501 pick-and-place machined with twin placement robot which combines chip and IC shooting at up to 111,000 components per hour.
2007-05-16 Oozing robot mimics amoeba locomotion
If university professor Dennis Hong's whole-skin locomotion project provides successful, robots will soon ooze toward their goals, sans motors, gears or any conventional mechanisms.
2013-06-28 NUS develops robot fish with autonomous 3D movement
Touted as the first in Asia, the Robot Carp is intended as an autonomous underwater device that can be used in military and underwater terrain exploration.
2004-04-06 Newport semiconductor EFEM features wafer handling robot
Newport has disclosed that its Performix semiconductor fabrication EFEM is the industry's first EFEM featuring an Automated Self Teach wafer handling robot.
2003-10-13 Murata ultrasonic sensors target robot apps
Murata Electronics has released the MA200D1 line, a new series of high frequency ultrasonic sensors that are designed for robotic systems.
2016-04-25 Manufacturing overcapacity in China drags robot market
IHS revealed that manufacturing overcapacity in many industries, particularly heavy industries, can limit robot market growth, mainly considering the poor short-term outlook of the Chinese economy.
2013-12-02 KTH researchers develop interactive, social robot
With a computer-generated, animated face that is rear-projected on a 3D mask, Furhat can test various interactive technologies such as speech synthesis, speech recognition and eye-tracking.
2007-01-10 iRobot demos programmable robot at CES
iRobot Corp. provides aspiring roboticists, students and robot developers with an affordable, pre-assembled programmable robotiRobot Create.
2010-08-24 Hopping is hope for robot safety
Researchers at MIT are designing a robot in the hope of winning Google's Lunar X Prize for the first robot that is sent to the moon that can travel 500m and transmit images and data back to Earth.
2007-04-30 Funding from Google, Intel, Microsoft spices up robot 'recipes'
Funding from Google, Intel and Microsoft has enabled researchers at Carnegie Mellon University to create a new series of Internet-connected robots that almost anyone can build using off-the-shelf parts.
2003-04-01 Fujitsu unit announces development in humanoid robot learning
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has developed a learning system for humanoid robots that uses a dynamically reconfigurable neural network to enable the efficient learning of movement and motor coordination.
2010-08-17 Fraunhofer develops environment-sensing robot skin
Robots are finding their way into manufacturing, consumer and health care sectors because of a new ability to feel its way around.
2003-10-13 E-textiles, robot 'skin' among advances at IEDM
The upcoming International Electron Devices Meeting will explore the range of potential applications for crystalline organic semiconductors.
2014-12-22 Deep learning holds key to boost robot intelligence
European Automation sees deep learning as a set of algorithms that machines use to model high level abstractions in data, which allows computers to see objects and understand what they are.
2002-08-02 Canon to integrate Asyst robot in lithography tools
Canon Inc. will incorporate Asyst Technologies Inc.'s UTX-F5500C single-arm wafer-transfer robot for its advanced step-and-scan lithography systems used in 248nm, 193nm, and 157nm wavelengths.
2008-04-25 Asimo robot now a symphony conductor
Honda's humanoid robot, Asimo, is slated to conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, which will perform the classic song 'Impossible Dream.'
2012-12-14 Analyst: All-robot manufacturing floor in the near future
Engineering consultant Douglas Alexander explains that technology exists today that makes it possible to operate a manufacturing line without human labour.
2006-11-17 ABB unveils panel-mounting robot controllers
ABB Robotics has unveiled new panel-mounting robot controllers that promise easy integration with existing equipment designs, substantial space savings and high versatility.
2007-02-01 WaferSense ATS helps eliminate wafer scrap
CyberOptics claim its WaferSense ATS employs machine vision to see inside semiconductor equipment and to help avoid costly wafer mishandling, a significant cause of wafer scrap in highly automated semiconductor manufacturing plants.
2008-08-27 Taiwan beefs up robotics effort
At the Taipei International Robot Show (TIROS), which was held in Taiwan from August 21-24, Via Technologies Inc. showed several "entertainment robots" based on its boards and chips.
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