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2005-09-01 Rohm thermal printheads tout high-speed printing, high reliability
Rohm Electronics has introduced its new NE3002-WA30A (2-inch model) and NE3004-WA30A (4-inch model) thin-film thermal printheads for high-speed printing applications.
2006-09-11 Rohm thermal printheads achieve high-speed printing
Rohm Electronics' new thickfilm thermal printheads use a special heat element glaze structure for increased energy resistance and integrated high-density driver ICs to achieve high-speed 250mm/s printing.
2003-06-18 Rohm rectifier diode offers 45A surge rating
Rohm Electronics is now mass-producing its RR264m-400 rectifier diode, which features a surge current strength of 45A.
2002-02-13 Rohm precision resistors debut in small sizes
Targeting high-precision applications, Rohm Electronics USA LLC has launched a line of 0.5 percent-tolerance thick-film resistors in 0402 and 0603 case sizes.
2008-06-30 Rohm launches Hall effect IC switches
Rohm Electronics formally introduces its complete line of Hall Effect ICs for portable electronics applications.
2003-05-22 Rohm dot-matrix LED produces one billion colors
Rohm has expanded their LED family with new full-color dot-matrix LED units that claim to achieve high readability and high viewing contrast compared with conventional products
2007-11-05 What's the future for NEC Electronics
A big question remains for NEC Electronics: Four years after being spun off from parent NEC Corp.and several management changes lateris the chipmaker heading in the right direction or is it destined to sink
2003-07-09 ROHM, eMagin co-develop OLED microdisplay
ROHM Co. Ltd and eMagin have collaborated on the development of active matrix OLED microdisplays for viewfinders for digital still and video cameras
2013-07-11 ROHM, Avnet Internix co-develop FPGA, SoC power supply board
The power module solution utilises the BD95601MUV/BD95602MUV power supply ICs, with H3 Reg technology, ensuring high-speed responses to meet Xilinx's 7 series FPGAs power tolerance.
2016-03-22 ROHM's new DC/DC converter features minimum ON-Time
The new synchronous buck DC/DC Converter IC from ROHM provides provide direct 3-5V output from 48V for driving control blocks and operates at high frequency (>2MHz
2013-11-14 Rohm first to blink, re-evaluates fuel cell focus
Japanese firm Rohm is working with Kyoto University and Aquafairy to develop solid fuel-type hydrogen fuel cells
2007-05-04 Rohm brings high-brightness LEDs to portables
Rohm intends to bring the level of reliability and energy efficiency of high-brightness LEDs to home and portable electronic applications with its new ExceLED series of AlGaInP LEDs
2015-05-26 Renesas sells wafer fab to Rohm
The acquisition of Renesas' Shiga factory is scheduled to complete in February 2016 and to be used as a manufacturing line to produce to IGBT and MOSFET power devices and piezoelectric MEMS devices.
2011-11-08 IHS: Thai floods drown electronics sector
The Thailand flooding represents the second major natural disaster to affect the industry this year after the March 2011 Japan earthquake.
2002-01-23 Tantalum capacitors aim for portable applications
Rohm Electronics has launched a line of small, high-capacitance tantalum capacitors, the low-impedance TC series, suitable for low-voltage digital circuits in cellular telephones.
2006-02-14 LDO regulator dishes 150mA output
Rohm Electronics' latest CMOS low dropout regulator is said to feature an output current of 150mA and high output voltage accuracy (1 percent).
2004-03-01 Starc to release Starcad-21 design methodology
Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center will release v1 of a chip design methodology that covers silicon implementation from RTL to GDSII.
2003-05-20 Several companies to leave HSIPA this month
According to Randy T. M. Yen, deputy director general of Taiwan's Hsinchu Science-based Ind. Park Admission, a number of companies based in the park will leave this month.
2003-11-13 Rodel, Shipley unify under parent name
Shipley Co. and Rodel announced today that they will become Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, effective February next year
2003-10-21 Osram licenses SMT LEDs to Taiwan company
Osram GmbH has granted Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd of Taiwan a royalty license to manufacture and sell SMT LEDs for white and colored light technology
2005-04-26 Japanese group proposes logic LSI foundry for semi industry
Concerned with the declining presence of Japan in the system-on-chip LSI market, the Economic Research Institute in Japan has proposed to form an independent logic LSI foundry that would combine industry-wide human, financial and intellectual resources in Japan.
2008-10-27 White LED driver suits up for automotive displays
Rohm Electronics white LED driver IC (BD8113EFV-E2) provides constant current for white LED backlights in medium- to large-format TFT-LCD automotive displays.
2008-06-19 Tiny hall effect switches tout low standby current
Rohm Electronics has introduced its complete line of hall effect ICs for portable electronics applications.
2008-03-05 Small 900kHz step-down switching regulator rolls
Rohm Electronics' BD9870 is a single-channel step-down switching regulator that offers high efficiency, space savings, design simplicity and high reliability for a variety of applications.
2005-05-20 Motor driver IC is camera-ready
Rohm Electronics' BD6735FV is a 2-channel H-bridge motor driver that can serve both DC- and stepping-motors for lens driver applications in digital still and digital video cameras.
2008-06-06 Isolated driver modules cater to high-intensity LEDs
Rohm Electronics has introduced what it claims the industry's first AC/DC-isolated LED driver modules utilizing constant-current circuits optimized for driving LEDs.
2007-05-14 LED package delivers high luminance, wide viewing angle
TT electronics Optek Technology has developed a full color SMT LED package that offers high luminance, a long operating lifespan and wide viewing angle
2002-06-18 Joint-venture eyes 3G phones for China
Two Japanese electronics giants are teaming with one of China's leading manufacturers of telecom infrastructure systems to build a 3G licensing business in China based on W-CDMA technology
2015-03-04 High-voltage pulse generators make use of SiC MOSFETs
ROHM's SiC MOSFET, allowing for further miniaturisation and greater performance, marks its first application in new ultra high-voltage pulse generators made by Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc
2010-05-17 NXP takes top spot in car infotainment IC list
NXP BV has secured the top position in the global automotive semiconductor market in 2009 fueled by the Dutch chip vendor's exposure to China automobile makers.
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