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2007-09-24 Intel to push for a hyper-connected world
Sharing the company's vision of a hyper-connected world, Intel mobility group senior VP disclosed plans to scale up performance and connectivity while reducing consumption in handheld devices
2010-04-22 Intel to drive personal energy management
Intel Corp. chief technology officer Justin Rattner said the company wants to be a part of the technology industry that ushers in the era of person energy management
2008-06-16 Intel to drive next graphics era
Chip giant Intel Corp. calls for a shift to a new kind of graphics architecture, one more in line with its multicore processor roadmap
2009-09-30 Intel plugs optical links to PCs
Intel Corp. has introduced Light Peak, a 10Gbit/s optical cable that will consolidate all the wired connections in PCs.
2010-02-24 Intel extends immersion litho to 11nm, delays EUV
Intel Corp.'s lithography roadmap plans to extend its 193nm immersion to the 11nm logic node and delay extreme ultraviolet (EUV)again
2012-01-04 Innovation to drive industry growth
Moving into 2012, the key to success for all companies in the design chain is to work collaboratively with partners and suppliers
2004-05-17 Innovate to win the zero-sum game
To succeed, budding eco-preneurs must learn the tough lessons that successful chip makers have mastered to let them compete and flourish in tough commercial markets
2015-03-11 Infineon returns to MWC: 'We never left
The Munich-based company has a lot to offer at the Mobile World Congress, with its focus on connectivity, sensing, security and the energy efficiency it can bring to connected devices that need power
2007-03-29 Infineon licenses 130nm CMOS tech to HSMC
Infineon Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding with startup Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. to license its 130nm CMOS process technology
2008-06-17 India to finalize 3G guidelines this month
Long-delayed 3G services may finally be coming to India with the scheduled release of government guidelines at the end of June
2010-09-27 In-wheel motor electric cars set to roll in Japan
Japan's SIM-Drive vehicle startup announced that a prototype electric vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in January, with volume production by Nano-Optonics Energy beginning mid-2013
2012-09-14 IEEE: 75% of cars to roll the streets in 2040 will be driverless
The increased use of driverless cars will instigate the transformation of vehicular travel in the next 28 years, sparking changes in intersections, traffic flows, highways and even drivers' licenses.
2011-01-21 IBM ‘fab club? shifts to gate-last high-k
After championing the gate-first technology for years, IBM Corp.’s technology partners are now shifting their allegiance to the gate-last approach at the 20nm node, citing its ability to provide some density and scaling advantages as well as better price-performance at that node
2005-08-25 IBM to help startups in emerging markets
IBM has unveiled an initiative to help startups of emerging markets like Brazil, China, India and Russia to develop products around standards-based technology
2011-03-17 HP to launch cloud service, load WebOS on PCs
HP will launch a public cloud service featuring an application and services store to serve the needs of consumers and businesses. It will also offer middleware for cloud services and load WebOS on its PCs
2008-02-18 How to downgrade from Windows Vista to XP
If sluggish performance and numerous bugs in your shiny new PC running Windows Vista have got you down, you can downgradeat no additional costto Windows XP. It's not hard. Here's how
2002-03-01 High-tech industry asks India to delay tariff cuts
India's high-technology industries are pressing their government to delay the planned elimination of import duties by two years, to 2005
2007-05-23 H.264 video chip first to roll with embedded memory
Fujitsu Ltd rolled out an LSI chip that can compress and decompress full HD video (1,920 dots x 1,080 lines) in the H.264 format in real-time.
2014-06-30 Google to roll out 3D-sensing tablet by next year
The 7in Android tablet runs on an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor with 120GB SSD and 4GB of RAM, a 4MP/2um camera, a high-speed light-sensitive sensor and a custom motion tracking camera.
2012-12-04 Globalfoundries ready to roll out FinFET wafers
The chip making giant's first multi-project wafer runs, which are aimed at customers testing their 14nm FinFET manufacturing process technology, could start as soon as the first quarter of 2013
2008-03-17 FTTH cozies up to consumers
Early findings suggest consumers tend to adopt and enjoy fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) video services at rates higher than for competing services based on satellite, cable and fiber to the neighborhood node
2009-10-13 Friction gives direction to nanotube assembly
Researchers from four different institutions report measuring different friction forces when a carbon nanotube slides along its axis compared to when it slides perpendicular to its axis
2007-07-03 Freescale platform simplifies migration to multicore
Freescale has launched its PowerQUICC-based Multicore Communications Platform that boasts power reduction and integration advantages.
2003-03-20 FPGA tool startup aims to make ASICs obsolete
An EDA startup staffed by seasoned industry vets said its FPGA design tools will make ASICs obsolete for most standard products.
2006-10-23 First SemIndia chips to roll out in 2007
With SemIndia Inc.'s Hyderabad fab scheduled to come off the production line in less than a year, the company has already procured an order worth about $400 million
2003-08-13 Extreme Networks to roll 48-port Ethernet switches
Extreme Networks in Australia is offering the Summit 200 10/100 24 and 48-port Ethernet switches.
2007-07-02 Euro fabs take niche path to avoid TSMC
Even as TSMC prepares to roll out a series of 45nm manufacturing process variants, the world's leading foundry is pursuing a two-pronged strategy that is putting increasing pressure on its European competitors.
2003-05-28 Elpida to roll low-power DDRs
Elpida Memory is rolling out its latest 256Mb DDR offering developed for mobile phones, PDAs, and digital cameras.
2011-01-27 Despite what 'experts' say, analog I/O here to stay
Contrary to predictions on analog's fate, analog-based transducer I/O is expanding its markets into all sorts of applications, including higher-visibility applications such as multimedia and smartphones
2010-08-25 Deposition tool roll out takes on HDP-CVD
Applied announces a shallow trench isolation film deposition tool that is in step with the company's renewed emphasis on its chip-based fab tool business.
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