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What is ROM?
Read-only memory (ROM) is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices. Data stored in ROM cannot be modified (at least not quickly/easily), and it is therefore mainly used to distribute firmware.
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2004-09-22 Zilog IR ROM MCU consumes 6mW
Zilog rolled out of its new Crimzon ZLR32300 IR ROM MCU family that is 100 percent software compatible with the company's current Crimzon family of OTP IR MCUs.
2004-08-26 Zilog announces ROM-based MCU
Zilog unveiled a migration path to high volume MCU production with the roll out of its Crimzon ZLR16300.
2008-12-23 Using M68HC908 ROM-resident routines
This application note is a quick reference for using the ROM-resident routines to read, program and verify the flash on any MC68HC908 MCU.
2004-09-13 Toshiba, Samsung joint venture unveils DVD-ROM
Toshiba introduced its SD-M1912 DVD-ROM, which is the first drive to ship from the new Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology joint venture.
2013-07-01 Toshiba MCU offers 1MB flash ROM, 258KB SRAM
The TMPM36BF10FG touts 2KB of backup memory and targets applications such as energy management systems, motor control equipment, communication devices, monitors, printers and POS terminals.
2002-03-27 Toshiba combines CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM into slim drive
The SD-R2212 from Toshiba Corp. combines CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM functions into a 128-by-129-by-12.7mm slim drive, making it suitable for integration in portable PCs.
2004-06-16 TMS320C6000 tools: Vector table and Boot ROM creation
This app note discusses the boot process performed by the DSP to either load code from an external ROM space, or to have code loaded through the host interface by an external host processor.
2002-01-18 TI DSPs pack more ROM, eliminate additional external memory
Claimed to integrate seven times more on-chip ROM, the TMS320C5404 and TMS320C5407 DSPs eliminate the need for additional external memory and expensive on-chip RAM.
2004-09-03 Sony unveils BD-ROM mastering system
Sony has developed a Blu-ray Disc ROM (BD-ROM) mastering system for Blu-ray Disc pre-recorded content.
2008-09-18 ROM-based Bluetooth embraces DSP
The BlueTunes ROM says CST is the world's first ROM-based Bluetooth solution for stereo headsets with an integrated DSP.|
2007-07-16 ROM emulation tool for voice-guidance ICs debuts
Epson has developed a ROM emulation tool compatible with its S1V30300 series of voice-guidance ICs for embedded applications.
2003-04-24 RISC microprocessor incorporates 1MB of ROM/Flash
The TMP1962 32-bit MIPS-based RISC microprocessor from Toshiba Corp. incorporates 1MB of mask ROM into a 13-by-13mm FBGA package.
2008-07-22 Programmer facilitates data writing in flash ROM
Future Technology Devices International Ltd has released the VPROG-1 designed specifically to program FTDI's Vinculum host controller product range including VNC1L-1A and evaluation modules.
2013-06-21 OTP-ROM linear ICs eliminate need for optimisation
Allegro's A1388 and A1389 support a magnetic input sensitivity range of 2.0 to 4.0mV/G, and 4.0 to 9.0mV/G, and provide low output noise and improved EMI susceptibility at various frequencies.
2004-11-08 MCUs with 288KB EEPROM, 320KB ROM, 8KB RAM
Atmel unveiled a new member of its AT90SC family of secure microcontrollers featuring 288KB EEPROM, 320KB of user-ROM and 8KB of RAM.
2014-06-20 MCUs equip motor control on the ROM
The embedded field-oriented control (FOC) and motion control technologies on the read-only memory of the controllers facilitate design time reduction from months to minutes.
2006-04-27 MCUs enable switching between ROM, flash versions
Microchip Technology Inc. announced the availability of new complementary ROM PIC microcontrollers in the PIC16 family.
2003-01-21 LG Electronics ships 48x DVD-ROM combo drive
LG Electronics Inc. has introduced the GCC-4480B CD-R/W and DVD-ROM combo drive that measures 146-by-41.3-by-184.7mm.
2007-05-09 Java software stack requires less than 200Kbyte ROM
ARM Ltd is upgrading its mobile Java software stack, turning it into a turnkey Java virtual machine for cellphones.
1999-12-18 Introduction to ISSI's instant voice ROM products
Instant Voice ROMs, IVRs, are specialty devices for storing and playing sound. IVRs utilize the company's EPROM technology together with sound synthesis and D/A technology to make instant sound storing and playing possible. The ISSI IVR products contain an EPROM, ADPCM sound decoder, and an A/D circuit. Users first prepare an 8bit PCM sound file and then use the ISSI IVR development system to do the ADPCM encoding. The encoded data is programmed into a IVR device by using our IVR writer. This application note discusses the IVRs in detail.
2003-07-01 If the RedBoot ROM monitor fits
This document presents an open-source, portable ROM monitor that offers a download and debug environment.
2010-08-13 IC market looking good except for ROM, EPROM
The near future looks bright for the semiconductor industry this year, save for ROM and EPROM which IC Insights says will decline. DRAM category looks most promising with a 79 percent growth projection from the firm.
2010-11-29 How to program BPI ROM with FPGA
Learn how to program a Numonyx StrataFlash P30 BPI PROM indirectly using iMPACT 11.4 and a Xilinx cable.
2003-08-26 Hill-Rom adopts Visonic wireless technologies
Hill-Rom Services has signed a supply agreement with Visonic Technologies Americas Inc. and Elpas Electro-Optic Systems Ltd.
2007-04-02 Guidelines for migrating ST72F324 or ST72324 (ROM) apps to ST72F324B or ST72324B (ROM)
This application note provides information on using ST72F324B, ST72324B (ROM) microcontroller devices in applications originally designed for the ST72F324 and ST72324 (ROM) series.
2002-12-17 Eutronic dc motor fits DVD-ROM drives
The DV312007 dc motor of Eutronic Technology Co. Ltd has a profile of 16.5mm and is designed for integration into DVD-ROM drives.
2004-08-31 EM Micro RISC MCU provides 4KB ROM
EM Micro introduced a low-power RISC microcontroller that features four high-current I/Os and the equivalent of 4KB ROM, and operates on a 32kHz crystal.
2006-10-09 DVD Forum defines HD DVD-ROM spec for China
The DVD Forum has released a preliminary format for a HD DVD-ROM specification, version 9.9, that targets the Chinese market DVD Forum Japan Conference 2006 last Oct. 5.
2005-01-24 Dallas digital thermometer with unique 64bit ROM ID
Dallas Semiconductor introduced a programmable resolution 1-wire digital thermometer with a 4bit ID.
2004-09-06 Blu-ray Disc BD-ROM adds MicrosoftVC-1 video codec
The Blu-ray Disc Association and Microsoft have agreed to include the VC-1 advanced compression video codec, the proposed SMPTE standard based on Windows Media Video 9, as a mandatory codec in Blu-ray Disc's BD-ROM specification for video playback equipment.
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