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2005-12-12 WiMedia group pushes alternate route for UWB standard
The WiMedia Alliance has by-passed the IEEE standardization process for UWB networking, and its physical and Media Access Control layers have been approved as the basis of a global UWB standard by Ecma International.
2011-04-11 Toshiba takes 24nm route for NAND flash
SmartNAND integrates NAND flash memory with a control IC that can perform error checking and correction, thereby removing the burden of ECC from the host processor and enhancing speed performance.
2006-02-01 Tools promise to route, switch combo networks
NextHop has integrated wireless-controller and wireless-access-point modules from Legra with GateD software for L2 switching, L3 routing and multiprotocol label switching in its UNS 4.0 Dynamic Network Architecture.
2007-07-11 The need for new post route analysis techniques
Any new method to understand design manufacturability used by design teams, mask manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers requires predictability, fast time to results and accuracy.
2001-05-01 Synthesis route starts with instructions
General-purpose instruction processors have dominated computing for a long time. However, the need to customize instruction processors for specific applications is now acute in embedded systems.
2004-06-01 Startup offers new 'route' to IC design
Silicon Design Systems has revealed its plan to release its K-Route tool later this year.
2007-11-30 ST favors Mentor's place and route system
STMicroelectronics has taped out an advanced process, multimillion-gate STB chip using the Mentor Graphics Corp.'s Olympus-SoC place and route system.
2000-12-04 Smart_route
This application note discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of using smart_route either as a standalone command or as part of a do file.
2007-10-25 Signs point to fab-lite route for Renesas
Renesas Technology is quietly altering its fab and foundry strategies, seeking to make up ground at the 65nm node and beyond.
2007-03-26 Samsung takes interesting route in media player race
Samsung's latest effort, the YP-K5, features an MP3 player, FM radio and JPEG image viewer designed with a slide-out, pop-up stereo speaker panel to serve up tunes sans headphones.
2014-10-30 Place-and-route tool speeds up silicon design
Synopsys revealed that its IC Complier II place-and-route tool allowed Panasonic Corp. System LSI business division (Panasonic SoC) to achieve silicon success with their high-end multimedia chip.
2010-10-25 Place and route system increases design variability
Nvidia Corp. has licensed the Olympus SoC place and route system of Mentor Graphics for its high performance graphics processors.
2015-11-27 Place and route sol'n passes Samsung's 10nm qualification
Synopsys announced that its IC Compiler II has been qualified for Samsung Foundry's latest 10nm process, promising significant improvement in throughput and designer productivity.
2010-04-06 NXP shares sale to open gate to IPO route
A successful initial public offering (IPO) by NXP could end the financial drought in the IC sector and give other embattled chipmakers the confidence to tap the equity market for fresh capital.
2007-11-16 NXP gains from tactical fab-lite route
NXP Semiconductors' Frans van Houten, president and CEO, talks about fab-lite and the key developments since the company moved out from under the wing of Philips.
2001-10-01 New developments in place-and-route
New software technologies such as free angle routing and 3D placement will increasingly become part of the board designer's toolkit to handle the new hardware technologies of microvias and high-density integrated systems on a single chip.
2010-06-22 Layout visualization platform packs route trace function
From TOOL Corp. comes the LAVIS Version 10.0 layout visualization platform software integrated with route trace function.
2008-10-22 IT vendors walk 'green' route
According to ABI Research VP Stan Schatt, IT equipment vendors are finding that they are expected to 'walk the green walk' as well as 'talk the talk.'
2007-06-06 Is Cadence thinking of traversing the private route?
Cadence Design Systems Inc. is reportedly in talks with equity firms Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and The Blackstone Group to go private.
2009-12-04 Intel multicore effort goes x86 route
Contrary to one report, the foundry business is hot with Taiwan vendors sold out and leading-edge yields improving, according to an analyst.
2007-02-27 IMI: en route to a stronger global presence
IMI Group President and CEO Arthur Tan envisions the company to become a multinational company in five years. This article also discusses some of the company's milestones and its strategies to strengthen its global presence.
2007-06-12 Gartner: OEMs eyeing direct-to-foundry route
Gartner said slowing growth in semiconductors is driving some systems makers to experiment with direct links to foundries, cutting traditional chipmakers out of the picture.
2010-08-04 En route to zero standby power
An important trend in power management, often overlooked, is standby power minimization in consumer products, appliances, portable electronics and computer systems.
2010-05-24 En route to painless portable USB charging
Users are fast taking to the USB port as the preferred way for portable device battery charging. But while the port eliminates a separate wall adapter, it has its power limitations.
2014-05-22 Cadence OrbitIO system enables planning, route optimisation
The system features full system visualisation and a unified data model, enabling concurrent optimisation of multi-fabric elements within a single canvas environment.
2005-02-28 Cadence follows Intel route with private show and conference
Cadence is following a marketing and development path trodden by Intel and ARM and creating an exhibition and conference for customers and potential customers away from the distractions of the competition.
2004-12-03 Updated Altium PCB design system include new technologies
A new PCB design system for layout professionals was recently released by Altium Ltd.
2014-01-22 Telstra, Infinera reinforce APAC long haul submarine cable routes
Infinera and Telstra have announced the upgrade of multiple ultra-long haul submarine cable routes to optimise reliability on key routes such as the Reach North Asia Loop, which spans 9,000km to connect Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.
2004-05-14 Silicon modeling in the nanometer era
With 90nm in production and 65nm on the horizon, designs face increasing challenges: finer line widths, longer interconnect, more routing layers and more analog content.
2001-05-16 Sequence Design offers tool for timing closure
Sequence Design has combined different technologies in a "design closure" product that can optimize timing and signal integrity concurrently before and after routing.
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