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2005-05-19 Israeli group buys Laurel Networks for $88 million
Israeli telecom equipment supplier ECI Telecom has acquired Edge router and broadband remote access server specialist Laurel Networks for $88 million in cash.
2004-01-23 Irvine Sensors receives ISO certification
Irvine Sensors has been certified to be in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization's most recent qualification standard.
2002-09-10 IRIS develops technology for low-cost networking
IRIS Technologies Inc. and IRIS Technologies India Pte Ltd, have developed what they claim as the first set of protocol independent lookup algorithms for searching data structures in switch routing applications.
2013-10-30 IBM licenses ARM Cortex processors for comms apps
IBM plans to offer the microprocessors to its custom-chip clients, companies that build network routers, switches and the cellular base stations.
2003-03-21 Huawei, 3Com form networking joint venture
Huawei Technologies Ltd and 3Com Corp. have announced a plan to form a significant joint venture aimed at enterprise networking equipment.
2006-09-11 Huawei moves up in CESR market, says report
China's Huawei Technologies has risen to the No. 3 position in the worldwide share of the carrier Ethernet switch/router market, according to a recent report from Heavy Reading, the research division of Light Reading.
2003-11-05 HP to integrate Packet Design's tool with OpenView
Router analysis tool vendor Packet Design Inc. has landed an important OEM pact when Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) agreed to integrate Packet Design's Route Explorer in the HP OpenView network-management environment.
2004-06-30 Hitachi, NEC form backbone equipment venture
Hitachi and NEC announced early Friday June 25, 2004 that will combine their backbone switch and router operations into a joint-venture operation located in Tokyo.
2015-11-03 Hardware emulation for complex networking chips
To overcome network congestion and outages, project teams designing complex switches and routers have turned to hardware emulation as the foundation for their verification strategy.
2005-11-16 GbE transceivers ignite port-count explosion
Ethernet's increasing bandwidth requirement is driving switch-router equipment designers to build scalable systems.
2004-02-26 Four companies to build Internet backbone in Tokyo
Procket Networks Inc. has begun collaborating with Fujitsu Ltd, Media EXchange Inc. and Tokyo Electron Ltd on the technical integration necessary to build the highest performance Internet backbone in the world in Tokyo, Japan.
2002-09-04 Force10 rolls out GbE switches
Force10 Networks Inc. is rolling out E-Series GbE switches that support scaled packet switches across a copper backplane.
2009-03-10 Fear not! The replacement is here
Why upgrade, if you can get an identical replacement and not have to worry?
2004-05-03 Exploring the T640 routing platform
Juniper Networks T640 routing platform consists of two main architectural components: router and packet-forwarding engines.
2004-01-08 Enterasys security routers backed by Hifn processors
Enterasys Networks has selected Hifn's security processors to be integrated into its recently released XSR security routers.
2002-05-01 Embedded controller considerations for WLAN apps
This article describes the architectures and features of modern embedded controllers employed for network security for wireless and portable devices.
2006-09-01 EDA app shows variants of IC design
DFM tool provider Aprio Technologies Inc. has developed an application extension, Halo-Quest, designed to fit on top of EDA design and analysis tools, and to generate accurate silicon image representation of IC designs for use within design flows.
2006-06-02 Developing higher density solutions with Intel NetStructure host media processing software
Combining the SIP proxy and DNS-SRV load balancing and fault handling techniques provide a cost-effective way to develop higher density solutions using Intel NetStructure host media processing software.
2003-07-01 Designing at the network edge
The push is on for building the on-ramps and off-ramps and widening and improving the complex of routes by which traffic is funneled onto and off the high-speed network core.
1999-11-01 Designing ADSL in an ATM network
Based on the development of the current standard, you can fit an ADSL modem into the ATM network. The advantage of using a programmable DSP core for this application is that you can quickly adjust to the ever-changing telecommunications standard.
2006-03-14 D2 VoIP software powers Accton's wireless personal gateway
D2 announced that its vPort VoIP software powers Accton's VG2211i wireless personal gateway, which is touted to be the first truly portable Wi-Fi router, with an integrated VoIP ATA.
2003-03-03 Convergence processors cleave Gordian knot of multiprotocol data
The realities of practical network deployment dictate that the migration to packet-based network will be preceded by the need to tie together several existing networks, including the PSTN, ATM, and IP networks.
2004-10-18 Considerations for high-speed backplanes
Learn the challenges in high-speed backplanes in a modular chassis-based system and its recommended solutions.
2003-09-08 Conexant reference designs to enhance ADSL modems
Conexant Systems Inc. has released reference designs for enhanced-performance ADSL modems.
2002-11-21 Conexant chip integrates ADSL and .11b capabilities
Conexant Systems' CX82340 ship integrates an ADSL router and Intersil's 802.11b wireless LAN baseband/media-access controller on a single chip.
2004-12-09 Cisco, Fujitsu to collaborate on high-end routers, switches
Cisco Systems and Fujitsu Ltd said Monday (Dec. 6) that they will collaborate on the development of high-end routers and switches for the Japanese market.
2002-11-19 Cisco to ask fabs to slash cycle times
Chipmakers need to slash their fab cycle times in half and more aggressively take on new specialty memory parts, said a senior Cisco Systems Inc. executive.
2002-12-05 Cisco shifts from ASICs to COT designs
Cisco Systems Inc. is shifting from the use of ASICs to an approach that relies on customer-owned tooling for many of its high-end, high-volume chip designs, hoping to shave hundreds of millions of dollars from its silicon design costs.
2004-06-22 Cisco pockets Procket Networks for $89 million
As expected, Cisco Systems Inc. has purchased router startup Procket Networks.
2003-05-06 Cencorp PCB depaneling system boasts fast rout speeds
Cencorp has released the SR1200 standalone PCB depaneling system, which is capable of rout speeds up to 100mm/s or saw speeds of up to 200mm/s.
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