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2011-12-07 Designing 3D-ICs (Part 1)
Learn about the tools that can be used to handle a complete backend flow, and enable true 3D design partitioning, synthesis, placement, and routing.
2010-08-16 Comparing flat, hierarchical approaches
This article details the difference in terms of runtimes, routing congestion, timing summary and utilisation for a design that is done as hierarchical vs. the same design using the flat approach.
2004-07-13 Cisco buys router optimization developer
Cisco Systems Inc. is paying about $9 million for privately-held Parc Technologies Ltd, which specializes in traffic engineering systems and software for routing optimization.
2003-05-06 Cencorp PCB depaneling system boasts fast rout speeds
Cencorp has released the SR1200 standalone PCB depaneling system, which is capable of rout speeds up to 100mm/s or saw speeds of up to 200mm/s.
2002-05-22 Cadence overhauls IC implementation suite
Aiming to speed timing closure and signal integrity analysis, Cadence Design Systems Inc. this week will announce an across-the-board update to its SP&R (synthesis, place and route) IC implementation suite.
2002-03-18 Cadence confirms acquisition of Plato
Countering threats to its bread-and-butter business in IC implementation tools, Cadence Design Systems confirmed Wednesday (March 13) that it has acquired IC routing start-up Plato Design Systems for an undisclosed amount.
2007-04-16 Build reliable Zigbee-based solutions
Zigbee is on its way to becoming a strong player in the embedded device market. Modules and networking stacks that are Zigbee-certified are beginning to emerge, offering powerful mesh solutions and effectively addressing many, if not all, of the current Zigbee limitations.
2003-09-16 Build high availability into your IP network
A high-availability system design demands a hardware platform with redundant, hot-swappable components to enable fast-recovery software techniques.
2008-07-23 Brocade to pay $3B for Foundry Networks
Brocade has entered a definitive agreement to purchase Foundry Networks Inc., a network switching and routing solutions provider, for approximately $3 billion.
2006-03-07 Broadcom completes Sandburst acquisition
Broadcom announced that it has completed the acquisition of Sandburst, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design and development of scalable packet switching and routing SoCs.
2002-09-09 Bay Micro, IBM work out system interoperability
Bay Microsystems Inc. has announced that it is working with IBM to demonstrate system interoperability between the IBM PowerPRS Q-64G Packet Routing Switch and its Montego OC192c/10G Network Processor/Traffic Manager.
2001-03-01 Autorouters accelerate PCB design
Understanding the router types and when to use each one is important to optimizing the PCB layout process.
2006-07-11 Aprio, Pyxis collaborate on lithography-aware DFM router
Aprio and Pyxis announced the integration of Aprio's Halo-Quest and associated DFM View into the DFM-routing technology from Pyxis.
2002-10-30 Alliance Semiconductor to acquire Chip Engines
Alliance Semiconductor Corp. has agreed to acquire Chip Engines Inc.
2004-12-03 Agilent N2X solution validates Cisco's 40Gbps CRS-1 system
Agilent Technologies Inc. has conducted the demonstration of core router performance at speeds up to 40Gbps in an independent evaluation of the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System.
2007-02-01 Address SI issues in high-speed board design
This article discusses some of the SI challenges and the factors associated with high-speed interface designs that are enabled with key features of a RapidIO switch.
2008-08-13 8-slot VXS backplane offers Star topology
Elma Bustronic Corp. has developed a new size for its line of VXS backplanes.
2003-08-27 Zuken bundles routers into PCB package
Tool vendor Zuken Ltd has released a Cadstar desktop PCB design package that includes high-end routing technologies.
2004-05-13 WLAN transceiver MMIC-AN19
This app note presents the P35-4710-1 MMIC, a single WLAN chip transceiver, with amplification, routing, oscillator and mixing functions.
2001-08-27 Using the NSE1004 network search engine for longest prefix match
This application note describes the use of NetLogic's Ternary NL82721 IPCAM (Internet Protocol Ternary Content Addressable Memory) for performing longest prefix match searches in routers that perform CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing).
2007-06-18 Use negative-swing systems for pop-free audio
One of the major advantages of negative-swing systems is they can dramatically reduce the occurrence of audio pops and clicks associated with routing of audio signals.
2008-10-10 USB 2.0 PCB guidelines for the ArcticLink solutions platform
This document provides guidelines for component placement and PCB routing of the USB 2.0 portion of the QuickLogic ArcticLink Solutions Platform.
2001-06-16 UltraVia thin-film substrate for advanced BGA apps
A reliable high-routing-density substrate is needed to meet future market requirements. Thin-film build-up substrates offer unique advantages.
2014-06-04 Trigence delivers hi-fi audio output at reduced power
The DSM both extends battery life and simplifies the system-level architecture, requiring routing and consideration of only digital signals operating from a single 5V supply rail.
2006-02-01 Tools promise to route, switch combo networks
NextHop has integrated wireless-controller and wireless-access-point modules from Legra with GateD software for L2 switching, L3 routing and multiprotocol label switching in its UNS 4.0 Dynamic Network Architecture.
2002-07-03 TI packs Cardbus, Firewire controllers into a single device
Aiming at helping designers save components, board space, routing and manufacturing costs, Texas Instruments Inc. has integrated its Cardbus and FireWire controllers into a single, small-footprint device.
2001-05-01 The need for an EDA API
There are a lot of skepticism with Cadence's IE (Integration Ensemble) tool-with capabilities that include floorplanning, RTL synthesis, placement, routing, extraction and analysis. The arguments for a single tool that encompasses all these features are compelling, but will the tools live up to engineer's expectations?
2002-02-07 Teradyne GbX connector features <2 percent crosstalk
Featuring a high density level and <2 percent crosstalk, the GbX connector offers an upgrade path beyond existing 2mm platforms, and provides ease of routing and reduced capacitance for 10Gbps Ethernet interconnect.
2000-12-01 Tandem features
This application note describes how to use the features of Cadence Design Systems' SPECCTRA 7.1, including the ability to handle tandem interactive differential pair routing and tandem shielding.
2006-01-18 Switching IC combines wide voltage range, low leakage
Vishay's new monolithic CMOS analog switching ICs combine a wide voltage range, low leakage, and tight on-resistance matching for precision signal switching and routing.
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