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2008-05-08 ThreadX RTOS supports latest Luminary MCUs
Express Logic Inc.'s ThreadX RTOS and USBX USB host/device stack now support Luminary Micro's new Stellaris LM3S3000 Series and LM3S5000 Series ARM Cortex-M3-based MCUs
2008-08-29 RTOS support rolls for PowerPC 440 core on Virtex-5 FPGA
The folks at Express Logic, supplier of royalty-free RTOS, and Avnet Electronics Marketingsay that the ThreadX RTOS now supports the PowerPC 440 processor embedded in Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs.
2006-06-08 MQX RTOS includes debugging solution
MQX Embedded and iSYSTEM AG announced that the winIDEA software has been adapted to provide an integrated debugging solution.
2002-03-12 Mentor acquires RTOS vendor Accelerated Technology
Moving to bolster its RTOS and embedded tool chest, Mentor Graphics Corp. has acquired Accelerated Technology Inc
2006-05-24 RTOS supports Stellaris MCUs
Pumpkin Inc. announced the availability of the Salvo real-time operating system, which supports Luminary Micro's Stellaris family of microcontrollers.
2010-05-18 RTOS packs real-time responsiveness for multicore
Express Logic has developed ThreadX/SMP, an enhanced version of ThreadX that provides synchronous multicore support with real-time responsiveness called "Real-Time SMP
2007-08-17 RTOS offers royalty-free microkernel for NEC V850 MCUs
Green Hills Software has announced that its ?-velOSity RTOS is now available royalty-free for the NEC Electronics V850 family of embedded MCUs.
2005-04-28 RTOS drives embedded storage, network devices
A version of the ThreadX RTOS crafted for Applied Micro Circuits' PowerPC 440SPe microprocessor is intended for intelligent embedded storage and network devices like RAID controllers and SAN equipment
2004-11-26 Nucleus RTOS supports the Renesas SH4AL-DSP
Accelerated Technology, a Mentor Graphics division, has partnered with Renesas Technology Corp. to provide developers building high-end mobile phones with a royalty-free, full-featured software solution beginning with the Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) and development tools for Renesas' products based on the SH4AL DSP core beginning with the SH-Mobile3.
2006-03-10 Nucleus RTOS supports new Diamond CPU cores
The Nucleus RTOS from Accelerated Technology now supports all six of Tensilica's new Diamond Standard processor cores
2006-06-16 Nucleus Plus RTOS supports H.264 standard
Mentor teamed up with Global Edge Software to offer multimedia application developers H.264 technology for the Nucleus PLUS RTOS
2007-09-04 New ThreadX RTOS targets Microchip's dsPIC, PIC24
Express Logic has announced the availability of its new ThreadX Microcontroller Edition RTOS for Microchip's 16bit PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC DSCs
2006-09-08 Micrium RTOS supports Tensilica configurable processors
Embedded software provider Micrium announced that its uC/OS-II RTOS now supports Tensilica's Diamond Standard and Xtensa configurable processors
2005-07-08 High-performance 32bit RISC processor lands RTOS and tools
The Nucleus real-time operating system and a suite of development tools from Accelerated Technology have been tailored for Renesas' SH7780 high-performance, superscalar, 32bit RISC processor.
2003-04-24 GHS offers dual-mode IP stacks for RTOS
Green Hills Software Inc. announced at the 2003 Embedded Systems Conference the release of IPNET and IPLITE dual-mode IPv4/IPv6 IP stacks for its Integrity RTOS
2006-03-23 Express Logic unveils new RTOS for MIPS' processor core family
Express Logic announced the availability of its ThreadX RTOS for the MIPS32 34K multi-threaded processor core family
2005-07-25 Express Logic ports ThreadX RTOS to ARC processors
ARC International and Express Logic announced that Express Logic has ported their ThreadX real-time operating systems to the ARC 700 family of configurable processors.
2007-09-05 DsPIC, PIC24 get open-source RTOS
The DSPnano Version 2 is an open-source RTOS designed for Microchip's dsPIC DSC and PIC24 MCU families
2006-01-11 Datang Mobile licenses Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS
Express Logic announced that it has entered into a software license agreement with Datang Mobile Communications Equipment, a leading telecommunications corporation in China.
2005-02-16 Accelerated Tech RTOS supports TI processor
Accelerated Tech announced the availability of the Nucleus real-time operating system for Texas Instruments' OMAP1710 processor.
2004-05-25 Accelerated Tech develops RTOS for Altera Nios II
Accelerated Technology has announced RTOS and development tools support for the new Nios II embedded processor family from Altera
2004-09-16 Royalty-free XAP RISC processor moves to 32bits
Cambridge Consultants has recrafted its XAP RISC processor architecture to handle up to 32bit data.
2002-11-13 QuickLogic SoC compatible with Green Hills environment
QuickLogic Corp. has announced that its QuickMIPS programmable SoC has been certified to support Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI 2000 IDE
2013-11-25 Maximise the processing power of wireless modules
Using a wireless module's excess processing capacity to replace the MCU can yield a better cellular-equipped system.
2008-10-28 Express Logic, Renesas ready MP3 platform
Express Logic Inc. and Renesas Technology Corp. have rolled out a reference design platform for the development of MP3-based media players.
2010-11-03 Express Logic adds support for CEVA DSP core
Express Logic adds support for CEVA-Teaklite III to ThreadX RTOS
2013-11-27 Designing GENIVI-based infotainment systems
Find out how to ensure the development of a top-performing GENIVI infotainment system at the right price.
2004-06-21 Accelerated, Atsana partner in multimedia apps
Accelerated Technology, the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that the Nucleus RTOS and associated middleware, deployed in mobile handsets, have been integrated with the J2211 SOC from Atsana Semiconductor Corp
2006-02-17 Accelerated Tech, VIA Telecom extend licensing agreement
Accelerated Technology announced that VIA Telecom has extended its license agreement for the Nucleus RTOS to support VIA's CDMA baseband processors
2002-06-01 Abstraction tackles interoperability
Applying abstraction methodologies can help developers of network-based devices match speed requirements with the rapid evolution of interoperability products.
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