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2004-07-13 Rubidium oscillators eye high performance apps
Quartzlock's new HSRO series of high stability rubidium oscillators feature a high stable signal for time-frequency measurements.
2015-04-13 Rubidium miniature atomic clock cuts need for heat sinks
The Quantum MAC SA.3X family from Microsemi is geared for wireless base stations, wire line network infrastructure, defence systems, and test and measurement instruments.
2001-10-16 Neutron hardness of photodiodes for use in passive Rubidium frequency standards
This application note addresses the performance degradation issues of the RFS (passive rubidium frequency standard) photodiode produced by neutron irradiation.
2012-09-26 Employ rubidium clocks for service continuity in 4G/LTE networks
To achieve continuous network operations, rubidium atomic clocks are needed to deliver network holdover as a back-up to either PTP or GPS based operations.
2003-10-10 C-MAC OCXO outperforms Rubidium oscillators
C-MAC MicroTechnology has expanded its frequency control products with the release of a range of self-calibrating, oven controlled crystal oscillators.
2003-10-27 A new synchronized ultra miniature rubidium oscillator
This application note describes how to use a new synchronized ultra miniature rubidium oscillator to develop an ultra-stable time & frequency machine usable for applications such as synchronization of telecommunications systems (SDH, SONET, CDMA), military communications, navigation and instrumentation.
2014-02-26 NXP adopts ultra-low power ASR, takes on 'always on' tech
The ultra-low power aspect in Rubidium's technology consumes power at a minimum even while kept in the "on" mode.
2005-08-16 Big step to high-temperature superconductors
Rapid progress with ultracold superfluid gases over the past year has physicists confident that a full explanation of high-critical-temperature superconductivity is just around the corner.
2007-07-05 Platform puts talking caller ID in handsfree apps
CSR announced that its BlueCore5-Multimedia Bluetooth platform is now available with Rubidium's Talking Caller ID text-to-speech (TTS) application.
2011-11-02 GPSDO targets cost-sensitive LTE apps
Jackson Labs' LC_1x1 is a low-cost Rubidium frequency reference replacement module with very high holdover stability.
2004-12-16 Timing synchronization for 3G wireless
GPS forms the foundation of a reliable clock distribution in wireless networks.
2008-02-11 Software tools ease 3GPP LTE signal evaluation
Anritsu has introduced three software packages for its MS269xA signal analyzer series that support fast and easy evaluation of 3GPP LTE uplink and downlink signals.
2005-04-18 Signal generator leverages fast pattern-memory architecture
The new MG3700A generator from Anritsu looks like it could fill the bill with respect to price vs. performance.
2008-05-01 Second Galileo satellite now in orbit
The European Space Agency announced Apr. 28 that the second Galileo navigation satellite is in orbit around the Earth.
2006-01-17 Precision clock generator has 16-digit resolution
Stanford Research Systems' new square wave clock generator can be driven across an RS-232 serial line from a PC, or used in an automated suite using IEEE-488/GPIB control.
2008-04-29 New BlueCore5 platform allows hands-free control
CSR has announced that its BlueCore5-Multimedia platform now supports integrated speech synthesis, also known as text-to-speech (TTS), and speech recognition (SR) functionality.
2010-12-14 MEMS show quantum computing possibility
Researchers have demonstrated that qubits can be addressed with two lasers focused on them by MEMS micro-mirrors in an advancement that brings quantum computing closer to reality.
2010-09-13 Laser controls photonic silicon chip
Researchers have designed a technique that encodes data streams with light, harnessing vapor-filled optical waveguides on silicon chips to switch on optical signals.
2003-02-07 BVS CDMA transmitter sends continuous wave signals
Berkeley Varitronics Systems' Crocodile CDMA transmitter now features an optional CW module, allowing the device to transmit continuous wave signals.
2015-11-18 5G air interfaces require channel measurements
In this article, we look at why 5G air interfaces will need channel measurements to meet the upcoming technical challenges.
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