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2001-04-05 Reviewing key areas when designing with the SA605
This application note addresses key information that is needed when designing with the SA605. It discusses the device's theory of operation, important parameters, specifications, tables and graphs of performance.
2001-04-05 Evaluating the SA605 SO and SSOP demoboard
This application note shows the layout techniques used in the SA605 SO and SSOP demoboard. It also presents a troubleshooting chart to aid the designer in evaluating the SA605 SO and SSOP demoboard.
2001-04-05 Demodulating at 10.7MHz IF with the SA605/625
This application note discusses how the SA605 RF receiver effectively performs demodulation at 10.7MHz IF. It also describes some of the RF techniques used to obtain a stable receiver.
2001-04-05 High sensitivity applications of low-power RF/IF Integrated Circuits
This application note discusses four high sensitivity receivers and IF strips that utilize intermediate frequencies of 10.7MHz or greater. Each circuit configuration comes with an explanation of component selection criteria to allow adaptation to other frequencies and bandwidths.
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