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2005-11-01 Catching errors early with compile-time assertions
Rather than struggle to debug programs, learn how codes can be crafted so that your compiler can catch layout errors
2006-05-16 Embedded experts: Fix code bugs or cost lives
The Therac 25 was supposed to save lives by zapping tumors with targeted blasts of radiation. Instead, the device delivered massive overdoses that killed three patients and injured several others because of software glitches by a lone programmer whose code was never properly inspected and tested.
2008-08-01 Know when to use dynamic allocation
Each object in C and C++ has one of the following three storage durations: static, automatic, and dynamic. While it's nearly impossible to write a useful program without using both static and automatic allocation, programs canand domanage to get by without any dynamic allocation. This article looks at the case for and against using dynamic allocation.
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