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2008-01-10 Using high-IF sampling ADCs beyond baseband frequencies
By going to a system architecture that takes advantage of the high IF abilities of today's ADCs, designers can reduce the number of components and, therefore, the physical size of the analog portion of the receive chain.
2006-01-19 Multi-channel DAQ board uses switched-cap over-sampling A/Ds
Radstone's VME bus data-acquisition card is replete with analog signal conversion and conditioning based on a pair of Analog Devices AD9260 data converter chips.
2009-01-21 Frequency domain tutorial: Understanding spectral components (Part I
Here's what you need to know about the mathematics and notation of FFTs and the discrete frequency domain. This is article is the first part of a two-part series and discusses the ambiguities of discrete signals
2005-02-15 ADC surpasses 8.0 ENOB barrier over 1GS/s sampling rates
Atmel's new 10bit ADC with a clock frequency of 1.5GS/s is billed to be the first device to break the 8.0 ENOB barrier at sampling rates over 1GS/s.
2005-02-15 TI to begin sampling initial 65nm DSP devices
At the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) here, Texas Instruments Inc. disclosed that it will shortly begin sampling its first 65nm devices amid an aggressive ramp on the 90nm front
2005-01-18 Reconfigurable analyzers tout high-speed dual-channel sampling
Acqiris now offers dual- and single-channel 6U-sized CompactPCI high-speed analyzers that capture and perform synchronous dual- and single-channel real-time signal processing at rates of up to 2GS/s.
2011-05-30 Ramtron announces sampling of IBM-made FRAMs
Following chip production difficulties and delays, Ramtron is finally sampling the first pre-qualified ferroelectric RAM devices generated by its production line at IBM
2008-12-09 Quantance, efficient radio frequency transmit circuits
There is no doubt that obtaining funding for a semiconductor startup in this economy is anything but easy. But not all is lost, as Quantance demonstrates.
2004-11-26 Pentek board with 215MHz sampling rates
Pentek recently launched a dual-channel 6U VMEbus signal acquisition and processing board with sampling rates to 215MHz
2005-02-04 New digitizers offer 8GS/s sampling rate
Acqiris announced that its three new digitizer products feature a high-speed performance that is unmatched in the industry.
2007-07-06 Measure ADC driving-circuit settling time by shifting sampling edge
The linearity and distortion performance of an ADC depends on the analog input settling thus, it is important to measure the settling time of the driving circuit including the op amp, analog mux and other circuitry for a high resolution ADC.
2006-02-24 Low-frequency data recorder stores wideband signals to RAID
The new data recorders from R.C. Electronics provide high-capacity accessible data storage, and support sampling rates from 20kHz to 1MHz per channel, for a usable frequency bandwidth of 8kHz to 400kHz.
2006-06-19 LNAs for cellular, WiMAX start sampling
RFMD has started sampling five new GaAS pHEMT low noise amplifiers for GSM, CDMA, UMTS, EDGE and WiMAX air interface standards
2014-02-07 Harness low frequency vibrations to power miniature devices
A*STAR IME researchers demonstrated an aluminium nitride (AlN) based energy harvester capable of generating electricity equivalent to three commercial implantable batteries over a 10-year period.
2009-02-04 Frequency domain tutorial: Understanding spectral components (Part II
The second part of a two-part series, this articles focuses on describing a quadrature signal, having a real and an imaginary part, that is a function time.
2009-02-24 Enterprise wireless sensor module now sampling
Redpine Signals Inc. has developed SenSiFi, an 802.11n wireless sensor module. The company says that it provides all the control and wireless functionality required to build and deploy wireless sensor nodes in the industrial and enterprise sectors.
2005-06-21 DMUX allows demultiplexing of Giga sampling rates into FPGAs
Atmel unveiled its new 10-bit demultiplexer with selectable 1:4 or 1:2 output ratios and a maximum clock frequency of 2.2GHz directly interfacing to Low Voltage Differential Signaling compatible FPGAs, DSPs and ASICs
2009-08-19 Clocks, oscillators offer wide frequency range
Raltron Electronics has introduced two families of products that allow users to select of frequencies from either a clock or voltage controlled oscillator.
2008-09-02 Clock generator eliminates input frequency selection pins
Silego Technology Inc. is offering the SLG4421 low power, low jitter EMI reduction spread spectrum clock generator faturing FrequencyAware, a proprietary technology that automatically determines the input frequency
2004-08-09 Atmel DAC offers 1.2Gsps clock frequency
Atmel Corp. released a 10-bit DAC that features a clock frequency of 1.2Gsps
2010-02-10 Analog voltage-to-frequency converter (continuous type
This application note describes a PSoC 1 based wide range, continuous-time Voltage to Frequency (V-to-F) converter. This type of converter is used in applications such as FSK modulators, voltage or current regulators and ADCs
2002-02-05 Alpha sampling phase detectors operate up to 22GHz
Claimed to be the industry's first surface-mount sampling phase detectors to utilize a unique hybrid assembly design, the SPD family is designed for use in VSAT and LMDS applications that operate in the 18GHz to 22GHz range
2009-03-12 Advanced power-line monitoring requires a high-performance, simultaneous-sampling ADC
This application note explains how a simultaneous-sampling ADC like the MAX11046 can be used for advanced power-line monitoring. The article describes the fundamentals of AC power measurement by sampling
2005-06-17 ADC with 2.2Gsps clock frequency
The AT84AS008GL from Atmel is touted to be the industry's fastest commercially available 10bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a clock frequency of 2.2GS/s
2012-02-08 5V FRAMs offer 400kHz maximum operating frequency
Fujitsu Semiconductor's new FRAM series is based on the company's 0.18?m technology.
2008-04-21 Toshiba SpursEngine stream processors now sampling
Toshiba has announced the start of sample shipping of the SpursEngine SE1000, a high-performance stream processor integrating four Synergistic Processing Element cores derived from the Cell/B.E.
2010-04-14 ASSP crystal oscillators handle 2-159MHz frequency
From Pericom Semiconductor Corp. comes a family of ASSP crystal oscillators for frequencies ranging from 2MHz to 159MHz.
2013-07-12 Why oversample when undersampling is just right?
Discover the disadvantages of oversampling and the key design considerations for achieving the required ADC dynamic performance working with undersampling.
2015-03-12 Suppress jitter in Hall-effect sensor design
Find out how the signal path design influences the jitter performance of the output signal, and know the diverse design approaches taken to solve this problem.
2013-01-17 Efficient FSK/PSK modulation with multi-channel DDS
Find out how two synchronised DDS channels can implement a zero-crossing FSK or PSK modulator.
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