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2002-05-16 When data streams in
Control-oriented architectures and streaming architectures are not interchangeable. The attempt to implement both using the same base is a first step in the wrong direction.
2002-09-19 Vitesse, AraLight to codevelop modular switch platform
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. has partnered with AraLight Inc. to develop a modular switching evaluation platform for backplane applications.
2005-01-27 Transceiver targets 4x Fiber Channel apps
ADI announced the availability of a SFP optical transceiver chipset and reference design that supports both gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel data rates up to 4.25Gbps in SAN equipment.
2014-02-06 Storage Visions 2014 highlights innovative memory tech
Memory architectures, SSDs and flash technology were well represented at this year's Storage Visions conference, including the show's awards that showed visionary companies and products.
2008-03-26 Storage system rolls for cable operators, government security
Atrato is debuting a 'Self-maintaining Array of Independent Disks' for the cable TV operator and government security markets.
2004-06-16 Security for storage networks is incremental
The following are some of the technology considerations involved in implementing a SAN security program.
2005-04-28 RTOS drives embedded storage, network devices
A version of the ThreadX RTOS crafted for Applied Micro Circuits' PowerPC 440SPe microprocessor is intended for intelligent embedded storage and network devices like RAID controllers and SAN equipment.
2002-11-19 QLogic expands European operations
QLogic Corp. has opened a Munich office to support business development initiatives in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe through QLogic OEMs and channel partners in the region.
2002-10-25 PMC-Sierra quad serdes addresses multiport transceivers
PMC-Sierra Inc.'s PM8356 QuadPHY FC Fibre Channel serdes addresses the need for 1.0625Gbps or 2.125Gbps multiport transceivers in Fibre Channel switches.
2003-09-09 Pacific Digital adopts Agere interconnect technology
Pacific Digital Corp. has integrated Agere Systems Inc.'s interconnect technology into its next-gen host adapter for SAN apps.
2002-06-01 Optical-to-electrical conversion for long-haul networks
Find out important issues engineers should understand regarding optical-to-electrical conversions in networking systems used for wide-area connectivity apps.
2005-10-07 New fan motor from Sanyo Denki delivers high airflow, low noise
Sanyo Denki has expanded its San Ace 40 family of compact DC cooling fan motors with the availability of the 12V G- and J-speed models that deliver as much as 15 percent more airflow than its predecessors.
2002-10-21 NetApp storage systems feature QLogic HBAs
Network Appliance Inc. has chosen QLogic Corp.'s SANblade HBAs to be used on its NetApp FAS900 Series storage systems capable of handling data traffic in SAN and/or NAS mode.
2003-05-27 NEC TOE features Tensilica Xtensa cores
NEC Corp. has announced their first TCP Offload Engine which integrates 10 Xtensa processor cores on a single chip.
2002-05-02 NEC adds L2 cache, DRAM controller to Vr processor
NEC Corp. has taken the wraps off a MIPS-based 64-bit embedded processor that integrates Level 2 cache and a DRAM controller, both equipped with error-correction coding features.
2004-12-08 National analog equalizer affords high ESD protection
National introduced a multi-gigabit analog equalizer that extends the reach of high-speed switch, router, SAN and server backplanes.
2013-12-30 Multiple diagnostic devices integrated as single portable gear
San Diego State University's X-Team integrated a headband brainwave recorder, a balance-board and a blood sugar monitor into a single device as they compete for the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE.
2016-04-18 Micron ventures into data centre flash storage market
Micron Technology unveiled plans to step into the data centre storage fray with a set of flash-based storage devices that reduce power consumption while speeding up the process of data retrieval over classic mechanical drives.
2003-07-01 Master transparent-mode GFP for SANs
To optimize the use of currently available high-bandwidth optical pipes, a storage designer would do well to fully understand GFP-T.
2002-10-24 LSI Logic introduces Ultra320 SCSI bus expander
LSI Logic Corp.'s LSI53C320 is claimed to be the industry's first Ultra320 SCSI bus expander.
2002-05-22 LSI Logic Fibre Channel controller hits 120,000 I/Os per second
LSI Logic has announced the availability of the LSIFC929X Fibre Channel controller, which when used with LSI7202XP-LC HBA, achieves up to 120,000 I/Os per second for host connections, and up to 85,000 I/Os per second for target connections.
2004-03-29 LSI buys startups Velio, CrossLayer
LSI Logic has purchased startups Velio and CrossLayer Networks, adding high-speed interconnect, switch fabric and Gigabit Ethernet switching to its product portfolio.
2002-03-14 INRANGE Fibre Channel director has 256 ports
Claimed to be the industry's first 256-port Fibre Channel director, the IN-VSN FC/9000 provides users with a full-redundant, non-blocked switching core to manage and expand SANs.
2006-08-01 How to make a PI controller on an 8bit MCU
This article shows you how to implement a classical PI (proportional-integral) controller on a simple 8bit microcontroller. To implement the PI controller, we developed specific libraries that make it possible for the microcontroller to perform arithmetic operations with 16- and 32bit precision.
2002-04-03 Hifn, Trebia team up to advance secure storage gateways
Semiconductor designers Hifn Inc. and Trebia Networks Inc. will team up to create a reference design for a new class of security gateway for SANs now in development at a half-dozen companies.
2013-06-12 Global external disc storage systems factory revenue drops
IDC said that in 1Q13, the total (internal plus external) disc storage systems market generated $7.7 billion in revenue, representing a decline of 3.2 per cent from the prior year's Q1.
2012-09-10 Global disk storage systems see continued rise in Q2
IDC revealed that worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues posted YoY growth of 6.5 percent, totaling just under $6 billion in 2Q12.
2001-03-01 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel over MANs
The stage is set for the effective transport of Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic over MANs, allowing the extension of LAN and SAN topologies.
2007-01-01 Future engineers see global economy in action
The best way to prepare students to be globally competitive, says Belle Wei, dean of engineering at San Jose State University, is to show them what they're up against.
2007-10-26 Fires halt Sony, Kyocera California operations
Sony and Kyocera disclosed that they have stopped production at their facilities in San Diego, California due to fires raging in the southern part of the state.
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