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2010-08-16 SEAKR chips picked for Iridium's NEXT satellites
SEAKR Engineering reports that it has been awarded the communication processor contract for the Iridium NEXT constellation by Thales Alenia Space.
2007-12-28 Russia adds three satellites to Glonass fleet
Russia has launched three satellites to extend the coverage of the Global Navigation Satellite System, or Glonass, over the entire Russian territory.
2011-06-10 Radiation-hardened MOSFETs target satellites, launchers
STMicroelectronics has rolled out the first in a family of power transistors qualified for electronic subsystems in satellites and launchers.
2014-11-26 NTU-made satellites fly into space in 2015
NTU is building two new satellitesa climate satellite and an experimental communication satellitethat the University plans to send into space in the last quarter of 2015.
2004-06-28 India gets U.S. nod to work with Boeing on comms satellites
The U.S. government has cleared the way for Boeing Satellite Systems to open talks with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to jointly build and market communications satellites.
2007-11-23 GPS modules acquire satellites in less than a sec
When u-blox's new GPS modules are coupled with the company's AssistNow A-GPS service, they are capable of acquiring satellites in less than one second.
2004-07-16 Caspian ready to launch routers for satellites
Caspian will provide routers for ground stations in a satellite network, and its router hardware will be used in satellites in a deal with a U.S. Department of Defense prime contractor.
2002-12-02 Building satellites to measure lightning effects
A group of undergraduate and graduate students of Stanford University and Santa Clara University were able to design a pair of small satellites to track monitor lightning strikes.
2015-12-21 Test power ICs to withstand radiation
Failure in space is to be avoided at all costs because there is no human around to make repairs. Testing can help assure that the ICs will withstand radiation.
2002-05-02 Startup's service to meld optics, GPS time stamp
Time stamp references from global-positioning system satellites will create accurate time slices for the "fractional lambda switching" service of optical startup Synchrodyne Networks Inc., the company said in its initial description of the service Monday (April 29) at the IEEE International Conference on Communications.
2007-06-05 New communications satellite lifts off from China
A new communications satellite was launched last week by China to provide extended radio and TV signal coverage across the country.
2015-03-19 Microsemi-Vitesse merger: A bad fit?
The merger's focus is communications semiconductors, with plans to direct the combined company at carrier, enterprise and industrial Internet of Things markets.
2011-03-23 Microsemi GaN FETs suit up for outer space
Microsemi's Gallium Nitride FETs designed for satellites are built on a wideband gap material which increases performance over current radiation-hardened silicon MOSFETs.
2005-06-03 ISL6424 dual LNB controller with I2C interface for advanced STB designs
This app note discusses communication satellites operate within two frequency bands for TV/broadband service broadcast signals, C Band and Ku Band.
2005-06-03 ISL6421A single LNB controller with I2C interface for advanced satellite STB designs
This app note discusses communication satellites operate within two frequency bands for TV/broadband service broadcast signals, C Band and Ku Band
2005-06-03 ISL6421, ISL6425 single LNB controllers with I2C interface for advanced satellite STB designs
This app note discusses communication satellites that operate within two frequency bands for TV/broadband service broadcast signals, C Band and Ku Band.
2002-01-28 International Rectifier, MEE ally on power solutions
International Rectifier Hi-Rel Components and Subsystems Group and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co. Ltd (MEE) will collaborate to develop, manufacture and market integrated power solutions and turnkey power systems for space-level applications.
2010-07-28 Volkswagen underscores e-mobility research
In a move to coordinate its globally distributed e-mobility R&D activities, Volkswagen announced its intention to bundle its advanced research efforts for electric vehicles. Outside Germany, the company has dedicated R&D satellites in Japan, China and the US.
2008-09-08 Timing module tracks GPS signals
NDK has introduced its NCR-46 embedded timing module with an integrated GPS receiver that will automatically track and receive signals from GPS satellites and deliver a highly precise 1pps output aligned UTC.
2015-05-06 Satellite demodulator promises more efficient bandwidth use
The STiD135 promises higher throughput in satellite Internet provisioning when deployed with transponders aimed at using the higher frequency bands to send data via Ka-band communication satellites.
2003-12-09 Sarantel antenna acquires GPS signals in vehicles
Sarantel Inc.?s F02 SmartAntenna can acquire GPS signals inside a vehicle or truck as efficiently as a traditional external device. Tests conducted by the company have shown that when mounted in the foot-well of a production car, the device provided its first fix in under 15 seconds from a warm start and tracked a minimum of 6 satellites during an urban test route.
2007-07-16 Reduce interference in GPS-enabled applications
GPS is a navigation system formed by 24 satellites placed in the Earth's six orbits and enables users to determine their position accurately from any location. Consumers expect a handset with GPS capability to be reliable in receiving and amplifying the signal from the satellites because any error on the reception would cause inaccurate information on the location. Unfortunately, the quality of the GPS signals are often times compromised by interfering RF signals.
2002-03-11 Rakon TCXO operates up to 32MHz
The TXO4080 TCXO operates at the frequency range of 8.2MHz to 34MHz, with a clipped sine wave, making it suitable for applications such as PTP microwave, broadband wireless, military, and telecom satellites.
2014-08-14 Positioning module combines GPS, GLONASS receiver techs
The module touts unprecedented accuracy with quad-constellation support, acquiring and tracking all visible GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBAS satellites.
2015-02-12 NTU, Thales team up to create new satellite technologies
The partnership aims to leverage the rapidly growing nanosatellite and microsatellite segments of the global satellite industry, which usually refers to satellites less than 100kg.
2003-09-09 Northrop Grumman opens plant for array antennas
Northrop Grumman Corp. has opened a facility to produce phased array antennas for satellites.
2011-11-04 Navigation platforms geared for mobile, car infotainment
CSR's SiRFstarV architecture gathers real-time information from GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Compass satellites and multiple radio systems.
2014-05-12 NASA preps laser demo, expects to break 622Mbit/s record
The latest undertaking focuses on correcting for the effects of atmospheric turbulence and spacecraft vibration, a feat that could deliver 100x higher data rates than typical communication satellites.
2002-04-29 Maxwell IC packaging protects against nuclear radiation
Maxwell Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of the Xray-Pak packaging solution that is intended to shield ICs that process and store data in military satellites from the radiation effects of nuclear blasts.
2002-08-08 IR, MEE introduce efficient satellite power platform
International Rectifier and Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co. Ltd have introduced a 90 percent efficient electronic power conditioner for use in satellites and spacecraft applications.
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