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2006-02-03 Minimize lightning damage on satellite antennae
A dedicated IC, an LNB voltage regulator can be damaged by a lightning strike on the coaxial cable or antenna that generates a high current, high voltage surge at the voltage regulator. Here's how to protect without restricting data transmission performance.
2006-01-27 Microwave circuits improve performance
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division upgrades its thin-film microwave circuit capabilities with polished ceramic substrates that offer a reduction in propagation delay and in-circuit transmission line losses.
2016-02-09 Microsemi develops FPGA-based network time-servers
The NTP servers boast four GigE ports for networking flexibility; provide NTP Stratum 1-level performance via GNSS; and offer holdover accuracy protection using one of Microsemi's tiny atomic clocks.
2002-08-14 Micromachine technique creates terahertz sensor
Photonic-crystal technology is being eyed by a European research consortium as a new route to a single-chip terahertz sensor.
2012-03-05 MEMS sensors offer accurate indoor navigation for LBS
Even without GNSS, ST's MEMS sensor that features CSR's SiRFusion location technology can determine a location to within a few meters.
2005-02-11 MEMs RF front-end filters needed
The microelectromechanical systems industry has huge opportunities in the market for radio frequency front-end filters, panelists said here during the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.
2005-06-29 Maxim, Philips partner on RF chip
Maxim Integrated Products' new GPS solution is based on its GPS front-end receiver IC combined with Royal Philips Electronics' Spot GPS software.
2010-11-09 Mathworks speeds up GNC development for Swedish Space
MathWorks announced that the Swedish Space Corp. has licensed its MATLAB and Simulink tools to develop flying software which tests and validates its guidance, navigation and control system.
2006-12-06 Mandating China mobile TV spec, bad move
China's move to force-feed a new mobile TV standard is a bad move and adds further pressure to implement some sort of mobile TV service by the 2008 Summer Olympics.
2008-06-25 Malaysia foundries zero in on MEMS, analog
Apart from large, foreign-owned fabs that have laid the groundwork for semiconductor manufacturing in Malaysia, local foundries are also finding their own niches in the IC market.
2008-09-19 Low absolute TR characterizes Z-Foil resistor
Vishay introduces the VPR221Z ultrahigh-precision Z-Foil resistor.
2004-05-04 LocSense correlation engine saves power
LocSense has disclosed that its LS4000 correlation engine delivers high level of performance, power saving, and low add-on cost for mobile computing platforms.
2001-05-16 Location services expand scope
With the deployment of GPS and network-based locating methods, local positioning services are emerging as one of the most exciting topics in mobile communications.
2009-12-18 LNAs deliver 0.8dB noise for GPS receivers
The devices, using less power than competitive solutions, are suited for cellphones, smart phones, PNDs and GPS-enabled fitness equipment.
2004-08-30 Lingyun tuner modules operate to 2.15GHz
The new tuner module from Lingyun Electronic Appliance operates within the 950MHz to 2.15GHz frequency range and has an input level of -65dB to -25dB.
1999-03-01 Leveraging PLDs for embedded system functionality
You can directly apply the techniques and tools used in Internet Reconfigurable Logic (IRL)-based enterprise development to embedded systems and thus enhance their capabilities.
2014-12-08 Lensless smart sensor takes on IoT, industrial apps
IP licensing company Rambus Inc. is developing a lensless form image sensor that replaces the lens with a diffraction grating and computation, providing a low-cost and non-bulky form of imaging.
2008-06-18 LabVIEW toolkit does low-cost GPS testing
National Instruments has announced the NI GPS Toolkit for LabVIEW, an extension of the graphical system design environment that expands the NI RF PXI platform to include multi-satellite GPS signal simulation.
2008-06-02 Kodak's image sensors to inspect space shuttle ruins
Kodak's CCD image sensors are set to examine the shuttle Discovery for damaged heat tiles and identify critical surfaces before re-entry.
2015-07-20 Key issues before starting an IoT design project
A thorough trade-off analysis of your application at the earliest stages of the design process is really the best way to make the right technology choices and get your product to market as quickly as possible.
2008-01-02 Keeping track of GPS' rosy future
Initiatives from wireless operators and a U.S. government mandate are set to more than quadruple the global shipments of mobile handsets equipped with GPS capability from 2006 to 2011.
2007-12-18 ITU tackles energy efficiency at UN conference
At the UN Conference on Climate Change, the ITU has addressed the delegates on the role being played by the global electronics and communications industry in both causing and potentially lessening energy use.
2009-03-26 iSuppli: auto sensor shipments to decline
Shipments of sensors in the automotive segment were down by 6 percent in 2008 and are forecasted to be slashed by 19 percent in 2009, according to iSuppli's automotive practice.
2010-07-15 Is wireless charging ready for prime time?
Is wireless charging going to be a long-term winner, a loser, or a respectable, solid, mid-range success?
2015-02-18 Is Motorola's journey coming to close?
How did Motorola, a company that 15 years ago had a market capitalisation of nearly $80 billion and 150,000 employees worldwide become the mere shadow of itself today?
2002-12-02 IR ships dc/dc converters for satellite apps
International Rectifier has released its M3G family of "off-the-shelf" radiation-hardened, high-reliability dc/dc converters.
2003-07-22 IR power management modules back Mars missions
International Rectifier announced that it has contributed its power management technology in the recent Mars space missions.
2002-04-30 International Rectifier's Italiana wafer fab wins JANS certification
International Rectifier has received a JANS certification from the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) for its International Rectifier Corporation Italiana SPA (IRCI) wafer fabrication facility located in Borgaro, Torino, Italy.
2002-09-01 Integration essential to affordable GPS
To complete a telematics system, a GPS RF front-end has to be added as well as a cellphone module suited to the type of network required, plus their antennas and controlling software.
2003-11-26 Infineon VDSL chips power ViaSat, ZyXEL systems
Infineon Technologies, ViaSat, and ZyXEL Communications have joined their technologies to introduce a new broadband terminal package for the MTU market.
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