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2003-02-10 Agilent RouterTester to validate MPLS scalability
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that it will join 13 equipment developers in the first public scalability test designed to demonstrate the ability of multi-vendor MPLS VPN technology.
2010-02-23 Tests system extends test environment life cycle
Aeroflex has rolled out the SMART^E 5300 DC to 40GHz general-purpose test environment that tests, monitors and controls any device under test (DUT) within a single test environment
2007-10-30 Test tool 'first' to validate IPTV QoE on IPv6 nets
Agilent Technologies claims its N2X multiservices test solution is the industry's first test solution for validating IPTV service quality for thousands of subscribers on IPv6 network architectures
2011-08-26 Test system enables coverage at branch, block level
Wind River has introduced the latest version of Wind River Test Management that identifies high-risk segments in production code and enables optimized testing that focuses on changes between builds
2003-12-08 Sun Micro opens RFID test center in Scotland
Sun Microsystems has revealed plans to open a 12,000 square-foot RFID test center in Scotland
2003-11-12 Startup rolls test gear for wireless LANS
Touting scalability, repeatability and analysis, Azimuth Systems will launch a test gear suite that will fill the requirements of WLAN systems in a laboratory.
2008-08-27 RF solutions build reliable test set for 3G handsets
Agilent has launched the latest members of the GS-8800 family of RF design verification and conformance test solutions such as the GS-8853 3G RF Conformance Test system
2013-07-10 Production test system reduces test costs for SoC devices
J750Ex-HD includes system enhancements and new High Density (HD) instruments which can be used with over 4,000 J750 and IP750 installed test systems to run new and existing test programs
2009-03-27 Payload test offers standard, customizable programs
Aeroflex has released its Synthetic Multifunction Adaptable Reconfigurable Test Environment (SMART^E) 5200 series, a synthetic satellite payload test environment that includes hardware, software, test practices and support required by customers for a complete test solution
2003-07-10 Marvell deploys Teradyne test systems
Marvell Technology Group Ltd, a provider of broadband communications technologies, has purchased multiple Tiger systems by Teradyne Inc.
2006-09-12 Intel teams up with Indian researchers on processor test framework
Intel and researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology teamed up to unveil a unified framework for generating functional tests for processors.
2013-11-15 High smart device uptake ups wireless test equipment market
Frost & Sullivan revealed that the global wireless test equipment market is growing rapidly alongside the healthy growth experience by the wireless communications industry
2010-01-14 Freescale taps Mentor test, verification tech
The collaboration enables Freescale's deployment of Mentor's technologies to enhance design flows and methods.
2001-03-01 Embedded test complicates SoC realm
SoC devices today implement a variety of specialized microelectronic functions. Those functions, sometimes with embedded systems, typically comprise of hardware or software design objects.
2004-02-27 Applied makes 65nm X-architecture test chip
Applied Materials and Cadence Design Systems have made a 65nm test chip using diagonal as well as traditional right-angle Manhattan interconnects
2005-02-24 Agilent releases test solution for complex mobile networks
Agilent announced what it claims as the communications industry's first multi-user test and troubleshooting solution for complex mobile networks
2010-09-15 Agilent receives global award in microwave test equipment
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced its receiving the Frost & Sullivan's 2010 Global Award for Product Line Strategy in the Microwave Test Equipment Market
2006-03-20 Agilent 93000 selected by Infineon to test comm devices
Agilent Technologies announced that it supplies its 93000 Pin Scale system to Infineon Technologies to conduct high-speed digital and mixed-signal application tests.
2005-08-10 4Gbps Fiber Channel-to-SAS controller to support massive scalability
Serial I/O vendor ARIO Data Networks is pre-announcing its SANARIO FS, a redundant array of inexpensive disks controller.
2009-02-26 Will DisplayPort get a second chance?
With the of widespread emergence and popularity HDMI, why is there more than 180 computer and consumer electronics companiesand countingactively supporting DisplayPort, another audio/video interface standard?
2004-08-31 UMC uses Mentor Graphics FastScan ATPG tool
The FastScan, an automatic test pattern generation tool, from Mentor Graphics Corp. has been selected for UMC's 130- and 90nm digital reference flow
2007-06-26 Tool rolls for BDF conformance testing
Agilent Technologies Inc. says it has introduced the industry's first single-platform solution for protocol emulation and conformance testing of bidirectional forwarding detection.
2008-06-18 Tool combines multiplay tests over same port
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the industry's first multiplay test solution to combine line-rate, hardware-based performance statistics for video, voice and data services on the same test port
2003-04-28 SMIC to deploy Agilent system for fabless customers
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. has purchased Agilent Technologies Inc.'s 93000 SOC Series test system to serve its China-based fabless semiconductor customers
2011-10-11 Modular testing gains popularity due to DUT sophistication
The market for modular instruments with revenue of $524.3 million last year is seen to grow to $1.17 billion in 2017, according to a research firm.
2008-07-11 Memory tester offers improved efficiency
Magnum II expands performance for both bandwidth and test efficiency. The memory tester provides a 400MHz clock and data rate, with capability up to 800Mbit/s data rate in SuperMux mode, without any loss of resources
2006-12-20 eInfochips verification component supports Mentor's Questa
A component that provides building blocks for efficient design-under-test in module and system-level verification for Mentor Graphics' Questa Vanguard program, including assertion testing, is now available from eInfochips Inc
2012-01-17 Economic uncertainty provides GSD adoption opportunities
In Southeast Asia, we expect the machine makers to adopt rapid prototyping platforms based on graphical systems design (GSD) to differentiate their capabilities from their competitors.
2005-04-15 Conformance suite upgrades tester for MEF9
Agilent Technologies announces what it claims is the industry's first conformance test suite for MEF9, a new Metro Ethernet Forum test specification
2006-07-17 Ardence upgrades RTX software solution
Ardence Inc. recently released version 7.0 of RTX, its software solution architected as a high-performance extension to control Microsoft Windows without having to interfere with or modify any of the Windows infrastructure.
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