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2005-04-18 IP reuse simplifies design, verification
An automated integration of IP using a platform-based strategy may help designers simplify chip design and verification.
2003-10-01 EDA needs schemas for IP reuse
To keep pace with silicon technology and improvements in design methodology, change management has become synonymous with the design automation industry.
2003-11-03 XML services call for security checks
Nothing has done more to erode the enterprise security perimeter than the rise of XML Web services. Designed to bypass the existing enterprise IP-based security infrastructure, Web services create a sea of vulnerabilities.
2011-04-01 The unfulfilled dream of a grand, unifying EDA database
Conceptualized as the solution to the problem of tool interoperability over a decade ago, the idea of a unifying open-source database for EDA has yet to be realized.
2004-09-21 Startup claims optimization software offers huge savings
Arieso's network optimization software, dubbed Ariespot, is undergoing trials with the world's leading operators, according to the company's CEO.
2006-06-15 Spirit enters IEEE standards process
The Spirit standard for IP integration and reuse has entered the IEEE standards process with the formation of the IEEE P1685 working group.
2007-05-14 Simplify device data replication, synchronization
While db4o's streamlined API makes it quick and easy to incorporate into a database application, its best characteristic is the fact that it is a professional system available as an open-source offering.
2013-07-01 Selecting RF protocols for ISM applications
Here are the pros and cons of each of the five leading RF protocols used for ISM applications.
2007-05-21 Register manager promises versatility
Electronic system-level (ESL) provider Duolog Technologies is set to roll out BitWise, a register manager that claims to accelerate SoC design.
2012-09-27 PCB tech speeds dev't thru Microsoft SharePoint
Cadence's Allegro PCB technology claims to enable timing-aware physical implementation and verification to accelerate timing closure of high-speed interfaces by 30-50 per cent.
2005-05-12 Kingston's memory modules validated for Intel-based servers
Kingston Technology has launched a line of validated ValueRAM modules for servers based on the Intel platform.
2011-08-09 IPC to develop data exchange standard
IPC will develop a data exchange standard to help the electronics manufacturing industry conform to U.S. SEC regulations on conflict minerals.
2010-12-22 IP reuse downloads increase
Downloads of the IEEE 1685 standard created to ease IP reuse have doubled or tripled each month since the standard first became available in June, according to program sponsor Accellera.
2005-02-21 In IP age, hard to say just who owns what
The electronics industry feeds on constant innovation, so safeguarding new ideas from predators is a given.
2010-06-29 IEEE certifies 40-/100Gbit/s Ethernet standard
IEEE has ratified the IEEE 802.3ba, a new standard governing 40- and 100Gbit/s Ethernet operations.
2010-05-21 eXtremeDB 4.1 promises faster on-disk storage, retrieval
McObject is offering an upgrade to its real-time embedded database system, with new features in reliability, performance, data security, ease-of-use and internationalization.
2012-06-15 Enable distributed device situational awareness through cloud-based data mgmt
Know how to manage clouds of sensors through situationally-aware distributed data management.
2006-07-31 Denali, Spirit Consortium ink IP-XACT collaboration
Denali Software said it would work with the Spirit Consortium on development of IP-XACT to ensure that the consortium data model is aligned with SystemRDL, the system description language for SoC design registers.
2006-01-02 Denali's Blueprint supporting Spirit 1.1
The company's Blueprint ESL tool now supports version 1.1 of the Spirit Consortium's specification for packaging IP.
2008-03-25 Demistifying software-defined radio platforms
In general, an SDR is a reconfigurable and programmable hardware platform that can potentially tune to any frequency band and receive any modulation. The SDR solution that IMEC envisions has a reconfigurable front-end combined with a (re)programmable baseband platform. It targets 802.11n, 802.16e and 3GPP-LTE.
2003-05-27 Consortium vows to simplify IP reuse in SoCs
A group of EDA, silicon intellectual property and semiconductor vendors will announce the formation of a consortium at the 40th DAC.
2002-02-04 Color Kinetics partners with B/E Aerospace on LED lighting
LED illumination manufacturer Color Kinetics Inc. has teamed up with B/E Aerospace Inc., a manufacturer of cabin interior products for commercial aircraft and business jets, to provide aircraft interiors with intelligent LED systems.
2001-06-16 Berkeley spin-off to spread use of Ptolemy tools
Enhancements are on their way for Agile Design Inc.'s Ptolemy hierarchical simulation tools to boost engineering designs.
2011-12-02 ATML standard eases test equipment data exchange
An XML-based standard for ATE and test information data exchange, known as Automatic Test Markup Language, has emerged with widespread support among test and measurement industry leaders and major government programs alike.
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