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2006-04-26 Schottky bridge rectifiers tout small package
Central Semiconductor said the CBRHDSH1-40L and CBRHDSH2-40 devices are the industry's smallest Schottky bridge rectifiers.
2005-12-27 Schottky barrier rectifiers based on Trench MOS tech
Vishay announced what it touts as the industry's first Schottky barrier rectifiers based on Trench MOS technology.
2004-10-12 Schottky barrier diode guarantees high efficiency operation
Zetex's new Schottky barrier diode is claimed to outperform much larger packaged devices in terms of VF/IR performance and continuous current handling capability.
2007-03-23 Rohm touts 'smallest' Zener, Schottky diodes
Rohm has announced the development of a smaller and thinner Zener barrier and Schottky diode package, addressing the trend towards more compact mobile phones and digital cameras.
2003-06-25 Researchers demostrate Schottky barrier, aim for ferroelectric
Researchers are creating a Schottky barrier model in the hopes of finding that missing link for smaller, faster computers.
2007-06-15 QPL-certified Schottky rectifiers target high-reliability systems
International Rectifier introduces a series of high-reliability Schottky rectifiers in accordance to the Defense Supply Center Columbus Qualified Products List.
2002-01-07 ON Semiconductor Schottky rectifiers boast 10V forward voltage
Manufactured on what is claimed to be the industry's lowest voltage Schottky technology, the company's six 10V Schottky power rectifiers are all low forward-voltage devices in surface-mount packaging.
2007-12-14 MOSFET/Schottky device up DC/DC converter efficiency
Vishay's new power MOSFET and Schottky diode device is said to improve operational efficiency by up to 6 percent in DC/DC conversion applications
2003-09-05 LRC Schottky rectifiers have long service time
Available in various models, the 1A to 3A axial Schottky barrier rectifiers from Leshan Radio Co. Ltd feature a long service time, and are priced competitively.
2005-06-09 Low VCEsat (BISS) transistors and low VF (MEGA) Schottky rectifiers for dc/dc converters
This app note discusses the performance of BISS transistors and MEGA Schottky rectifiers to be used in generic dc/dc converter applications.
2004-01-30 Linear Tech IC features internal Schottky diodes
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LT3463 dual micropower dc-dc converter with internal Schottky diodes in a 3-by-3mm DFN package.
2004-12-27 Linear Tech dc-dc converter with schottky diode
Linear Technology released a 40V, 200mA inverting dc-dc converter with an on-chip schottky diode in a ThinSOT package.
2008-08-01 Linear proposes replacement for lossy Schottky diodes
From Linear Technology comes the LTC4358, a single high voltage ideal diode controller utilizing an internal 5A MOSFET to provide a simple, low loss replacement to Schottky diodes in high current applications.
2003-11-03 Linear converter has integrated Schottky, soft-start
The LT3461/A device from Linear Technology is a 1.3/3MHz, step-up dc-dc converter that combines an internal 40V, 300mA switch.
2010-07-02 LED drivers cut need for external Schottky diode
IXYS Corp. has released the LDS8710/11, LDS8720/24/26 inductor-based, high-efficiency LED driver family that eliminates the external Schottky diode normally used in the rectification loop.
2011-03-25 Leadless package with low VF Schottky diode
Central Semiconductor debuts the CFSH2-3L, with low profile SOD-882L leadless package that features low VF Schottky diode.
2003-05-14 IR Schottky diodes offer low forward voltage
International Rectifier has introduced new 15V and 20V Schottky diodes for server and telecom power systems.
2002-04-17 IR Schottky diodes double current density
Packaged in a D-61 casing, the CNQ series of 110A Schottky diodes from International Rectifiers are claimed to offer twice the current density over competing devices in SOT-227 or TO-247 packages.
2002-11-08 IR MOSFET-Schottky device delivers 40 percent more current
The IRF7335D1 Dual FETKY device co-packages two n-channel MOSFETs and a Schottky diode in a single SO-14 package, while delivering up to 11A of current - 40 percent more than the company's previous IRF7901D1 device.
2002-05-16 IR increases Schottky diodes current ratings
2002-06-04 IR adds to Schottky rectifier portfolio
International Rectifier has expanded its portfolio of Schottky rectifiers with the addition of 20V, 30V, and 40V models suitable for use in space-constrained applications.
2002-07-08 IR 150V Schottky diode halves board space
The 80CPQ150 150V Schottky diode from International Rectifier can replace two TO-247 devices in parallel, effectively cutting the board space in half.
2001-09-20 Introduction to Schottky rectifiers
This application note details the basic operation and properties of Schottky rectifiers.
2012-12-14 Imec advances UHF Schottky diode, 10nm FinFETs
Imec presented a ultra-high frequency Schottky diode based on amorphous IGZO as semiconductor and announced its collaboration with Synopsys for 10nm FinFETs.
2002-12-26 Hitachi Schottky barrier diode eye 5.8GHz apps
Hitachi Ltd has announced the availability of the HSU285 Schottky barrier diode suitable for wave detection apps in the 5.8GHz WLANs.
2002-12-23 Hitachi IC integrates two MOSFETs, Schottky barrier diode
The HAT2180RP composite power MOSFET from Hitachi Ltd integrates two power MOSFETs and a Schottky barrier diode into an SOP-14 package.
2003-02-12 Goodwork Schottky rectifiers handle 200A surge current
Goodwork Semiconductor's SR20200 Schottky barrier rectifiers can handle a maximum forward rectified current of 20A.
2003-01-20 GaAs Schottky diodes feature fast recovery times
Directed Energy Inc. has introduced a family of high-speed, high-voltage GaAs Schottky diodes that offers fast recovery times.
2006-10-06 ESD protection, Schottky diodes come in a tiny package
ON Semiconductor has introduced three new ESD diodes and three Schottky diodes in an ultrasmall SOD-923 package.
2001-05-24 Electrical behavior of a new gallium arsenide power Schottky diode
This application note presents gallium arsenide (GaAs) power Schottky diodes with blocking voltages of some hundreds of volts.
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