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2014-11-19 Sheet of electronics: Printing memory on paper
What once used as a medium for disseminating information is now being explored as a material for printed electronics. Researchers say paper has a lot of potential as a low-cost surface for printing electronic circuits
1999-11-01 Maximizing screen printing throughput
Automated SMT process equipment helps you achieve the critical goals of minimizing process cycle time and maximizing a products first pass yield. In conjunction with such systems, the dual lane concept can lower acquisition and operating costs and significantly minimize floor space.
2005-10-25 AIST produces radio frequency ID tags by printing
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has announced the development of a technique to produce radio frequency (RF) tags by printing
2008-12-08 Aerosol printing hikes solar cell efficiency
Germany's Fraunhofer Institute is reporting a 2 percent efficiency gain for silicon solar cells by switching from conventional screen printing to a non-contact aerosol jet printer.
2009-06-02 Inkjet tech enables big-screen OLED TVs
Seiko Epson Corp. has developed an inkjet technology that enables the uniform deposition of organic material in the production of large-screen OLED TVs
2008-05-09 DuPont, Dainippon Screen to collaborate on printed OLEDs
DuPont and Dainippon Screen will be working together to develop integrated manufacturing equipment for printed OLED displays
2003-03-10 DEK screen printer features automatic vision alignment
DEK Printing Machines Ltd has introduced its Viking-class Horizon 05 screen printer that has automatic vision alignment and networking capabilities.
2002-01-23 DEK printing machine features extended print area
Designed for rapid-response EMS providers, the Vista printer features an extended print area for large panels or special applications.
2008-07-03 Cypress sells MEMS subsidiary to Dainippon Screen
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (DNS) of Kyoto, Japan today announced that DNS has acquired Silicon Light Machines (SLM), a Cypress subsidiary
2013-01-16 56 inch OLED panel made through RGB all-printing
Panasonic has debut what it claims to be the world's larest OLED panel produced through the "RGB all-printing" method
2014-12-23 3D printing spins confusion at copyrights
No matter which market analysis firm you go to, it will paint rosy picture for 3D printer and consumables market. Here we look at the current and upcoming capabilities of 3D scanners that help you "copy" designs for your 3D printing needs
2013-10-04 3D printing breaking through concept, prototyping mould
Maker Faire hosted several 3D printing innovations geared towards a wide range of applications that essentially brings the technology outside the realm of concept modelling and prototyping
2010-05-21 Low-cost ITO alternative rolls for touch panels
The UniBoss is a robust, low-cost alternative to indium tin oxide (ITO) in display transparent touch screen applications
2015-10-21 Flexible electronics equipment makers turn to Asia
Equipment makers are moving towards Asia. There is an impending transition from equipment for development and prototyping purposes to buying equipment for higher volume manufacture.
2002-05-07 DEK launches new user initiative
DEK has recently held its first of a series of special European "User Groups" at the company's Weymouth facility in England.
2002-02-01 DEK imaging system features upgrades
The ProFlow DirEKt imaging system features upgraded integrated thermal control (ITC) and software-controlled air regulator (SCAR), further improving the efficiency of the surface-mount pre-placement process.
2002-04-19 DEK camera has 10-by-7.5mm inspection window
The Gold Camera inspection system from DEK Printing Machines Ltd offers an 11.5-by-8.5mm and an inspection window of 10-by-7.5mmnearly three times larger than inspection window of the company's existing Green Camera system
2003-01-17 DEK adopts Adept wafer handling solution
Adept Technology Inc. has announced that it has delivered its Adept WLM wafer handling solution to DEK, a Dover Technologies Co.
2003-05-22 CDT grants manufacturing license to DNP
Cambridge Display Technology has given Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd a manufacturing license for the use of its LEP technology
2015-09-01 Touch Taiwan 2015: Foldable, rollable LEDs rule
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research has unveiled several new technologies to lead development of low-cost wearable devices that can be folded and rolled up in a scroll.
2013-04-04 Funding rounds drive innovation in printed electronics
Frost & Sullivan stated that printed electronics are rapidly gaining popularity across applications for their benefits of low cost, high throughput, ease of manufacturing and use in new applications.
2014-08-14 Flexible screens: Coming soon to mobile, wearable devices
Kateeva said it will start shipping Yieldjetan inkjet printer that boasts significantly lowers costs by boosting yields in the high-volume manufacture of flexible and large-sized OLEDs.
2003-08-08 DEK, Gore introduce EMI shielding solution
DEK Printing Machines and W. L. Gore & Associates have combined their technologies to deliver a lightweight removable EMI board-level shield for wireless comms devices
2003-02-10 DEK underscreen cleaner shortens cleaning times
DEK's Vortex Plus underscreen cleaning system enhances cleaning efficiency through the use of a 2D cleaning action that performs wet and dry cleaning.
2002-05-17 Adept, DEK to codevelop automated wafer-handling solution
Adept Technology Inc. has formalized its partnership with DEK to develop a fully automated wafer handling solution for DEK's screen printer wafer bumping and ball placement system
2010-07-19 Pick-and-place machine features twin placement robot
Philips subsidiary Assembleon features the AX-501 pick-and-place machined with twin placement robot which combines chip and IC shooting at up to 111,000 components per hour.
2009-01-21 Startup samples display-battery modules
Prelonic Technologies OG has built prototype samples of display-battery modules created by printing on a single substrate
2014-02-12 Electroluminescent lamps facilitate 'light-effects' on paper
prelonic is developing electroluminescent lamps technology to enable printing of 'light-effects' directly onto paper/cardboard via regular printing processes working in a normal printing environment
2006-06-05 DEK concludes research on lead-free pastes
DEK said it concluded research into screen printing for 0201 surface-mount technology components using SnPb and SAC solder pastes.
2014-12-02 IoT spending in APAC to hit $59 billion by 2020
Frost & Sullivan forecasted that energy (smart grids), media (content streaming) and manufacturing (3D printing) are some of the industries expected to undergo IT driven transformations in 2015
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