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2015-02-05 Search algorithm enables accurate Big Data searches
Luis Amaral claims to have developed the perfect search algorithm that consistently returns optimal results, which he is also offering for free to Google, Yahoo and any other search engine makers.
2002-12-06 1-Wire Search Algorithm
This application note explains the 1-Wire search algorithm in detail and provides and example implementation for rapid integration.
2002-05-13 Cypress search engine can reach 100MSa/s
A network search engine from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. hits 100MSa/s and handles 256,000 entries
2010-01-13 A compact algorithm using the ADXL213 duty cycle output
This application note outlines a decode algorithm that measures only the pulse width (t1) output of the ADXL213 and translates it to degrees of tilt
2007-04-19 ESL tool targets algorithm for FPGA, ASIC devices
Although Synplicity Inc. left the ASIC synthesis market last year, the company is targeting ASIC designers once again with a new edition of its Synplify DSP product.
2010-07-30 KEELOQ with XTEA microcontroller-based transmitter with acknowledge
This application note describes the design of a microcontroller-based KEELOQ hopping transmitter with receiver acknowledge using the XTEA encryption algorithm
2004-06-16 Hardware holds value for classifying packets
Explore the growing value of hardware, including programmable state machines and discrete coprocessors, in developing secure applications.
2014-08-08 Build wireless base station MIMO antennae (Part 1)
Here's a review of the relevant MIMO modes and technology, as well as the advantages of choosing a suboptimal maximum likelihood detector receiver over a minimal mean square error receiver.
2010-11-03 Asymmetrical dual-core digital signal controller architecture launched
NXP Semiconductors offers world's first asymmetrical dual-core digital signal controller architecture featuring ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0 processors
2003-05-09 u-blox GPS receiver performs accurate navigation
u-blox AG has launched the SBR-LS sensor-based GPS receiver that features a dead reckoning algorithm for accurate navigation
2009-11-03 Implementation of integrated MPPT solar charger and LED driver using PowerPSoC
Cypress' MPPT Solar Charger and LED driver is a PowerPSoC-based solution. It is used to charge solar-based lead acid batteries by employing a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm
2003-03-31 Goyatek to provide integration services to ISSI
Goyatek Technology Inc. has been tapped by Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. to support its Embedded Search IP product line
2015-12-02 Wireless power transmitter delivers up to 5W
The LTC4125 from Linear Tech functions as the transmit circuit component in a complete wireless power transfer system comprised of transmit circuitry, transmit coil, receive coil and receive circuitry.
2010-02-23 Toshiba, AIST work to extend optical litho life
Toshiba and the AIST entered a joint development of a mask pattern optimizing technology that improves the accuracy of lithography for LSIs by approximately 20 percent.
2008-09-17 Network storage system reduces space, power use
Startup Greenbytes has emerged from stealth mode with unique algorithms that help reduce the size and power consumption of the rising tide of network-attached storage systems in the data center.
2003-11-04 Logic and memory shown on molecular scale
Rice University researchers have demonstrated that molecule-sized electronic devices can be used for both logic and memory, despite being randomly wired, error-prone and inaccurately formed at the nanoscale.
2012-09-17 How to overcome the triage challenge
Find out how an innovative approach solves the triage challenge, thus accelerating the bug fixing process by 30%.
2012-04-03 Developing NAND flash controller with high-level synthesis
Read about the application of a commercial HLS tool to a NAND flash controller with an error correction code block.
2008-12-03 Basic and advanced oscilloscope triggering
This article starts by discussing the typical architecture of a trigger circuit within an oscilloscope. Basic trigger modes will be presented and finally, some of the advanced triggering capabilities available on the market will be discussed.
2013-06-12 Altera sketches 20, 14nm FPGAs plan
Stratix 10 FPGAs manufactured under Intel's 14nm process will sample early 2014, packing up to four million logic elements and running at a GHz.
2014-06-17 Vision-based AI boosts surveillance applications
Cost, performance and power consumption advances are now paving the way for the proliferation of embedded vision into diverse surveillance applications.
2010-01-04 Using the design security feature in Cyclone III LS devices
This application note describes the design security feature in Cyclone III LS FPGA devices.
2007-03-01 Users, not gizmos, should drive design
Developers for the consumer market should worry less about wowing users with gizmos and features, and more about how consumers actually use the devices.
2010-07-30 Two-way audio communications using the CC2510
This application note describes a two-way audio communications link between a Master and a Slave, based on the Texas Instruments CC2510 SoC low-power RF transceiver.
2009-11-06 Touchscreen controller achieves 50KSps throughput
A new platform of touchscreen controllers uses only 23?A power, measures 1.46mm x 1.96mm and boasts best ESD protection.
2010-01-26 TMS320DM365 preview of codec porting on Linux
This application note discusses in detail the various steps to make the codec work in such an environment.
2012-07-09 Tektronix simplifies serial bus debug
Tektronix rolls out upgrades that simplify serial bus debugging.
2013-09-06 Static vs dynamic analysis for code devt (Part 2)
This second instalment focuses on dynamic code analysis.
2010-11-04 ST, ARM showcase young Korea talent in robot design
STMicroelectronics and ARM have just sponsored the Explorer Robot Challenge 2010, a design contest that promotes space robotics and general robot research among university students and young engineers in Korea.
2005-06-01 Scale Routing for Next-Gen IPv6 Networks
A pipelined organization of embedded memories promises greater scalability in the performance and density of Forwarding Information Bases (FIBs
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