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2005-01-07 Search Battery Li-ion batteries offer 0.9Ah capacity
Search Battery disclosed the general availability of its new Li-ion batteries that have a nominal capacity of 0.9Ah.
2012-07-11 Utilities weigh battery storage option for solar energy
Renewable energy from solar and wind sources are prompting the need to lower cost for energy storage mediums such as lithium ion and zinc bromine.
2014-07-30 Scientists find ways to prolong Li-ion battery's life
Researchers chose RuO2 as a model system to study these so-called "conversion materials," named because they undergo large structural changes when reacting with lithium ions.
2009-12-17 RF transceiver cuts costs, extends battery life
Semtech Corp. is offering a programmable RF transceiver that features a 135dBm link budget that is 10dB more than competing devices.
2010-04-09 MSP430 microcontroller software for handheld fuel gauges and battery authentication products
This application note provides a set of software drivers for interfacing the one and two-cell battery management devices with the TI MSP430 ultralow-power microcontroller
2009-09-14 Mobile TV RF tuners extend battery life
Analog Devices Inc. has beefed up its lineup of mobile TV RF product family with the introduction of what the company claims is the smallest terrestrial mobile TV RF tuners.
2012-01-17 Mercedes predicts battery, composite advancements
At CES, Zetsche turned his Teutonic charisma to the task of marketing what he called the next level of auto mobilitythe telematics system, mbrace2.
2011-01-13 Low-voltage smoke-detector IC allows 10-year battery life
Microchip Technology's smoke detector IC has programmable calibration and operating modes. Its low operating current of 8?A typically enables up to 10 years of battery life
2010-11-15 Low-voltage LED ICs designed for battery-powered applications
ZMD offers LED control solutions for battery-powered consumer electronics
2013-07-08 Lithium-iodine battery packs more energy punch
An iodine-based aqueous cathode developed by members of the RIKEN Byon Initiative Research Unit doubles the energy density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
2009-10-16 Li-ion linear battery chargers detect USB
Texas Instruments rolls out 800mA USB battery chargers with automatic USB detection for single-cell Li-ion battery-powered electronics
2014-09-23 Latest formulation reveals improved liquid battery
The new formula, developed by researchers at MIT, allows the battery to work at a temperature more than 200°C lower than the previous formulation, and will be less expensive to make
2006-04-18 Intel invests in silver-zinc battery developer
Silver-zinc battery developer Zinc Matrix Power has received a $7 million investment to establish and staff a pilot production facility in Camarillo, California
2007-08-14 GbE module cuts testing costs, extend battery life
Anritsu has unveiled the new GbE module for CMA5000, which allows cost effective testing of complex converged Ethernet networks.
2010-12-03 DPO tech prolongs single-charge battery life in handheld devices
QuickLogic Corp. announced that its Display Power Optimizer Technology has been field-proven to reduce total system power consumption by up to 36 percent in handheld consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets.
2008-07-16 Boost battery performance with active charge-balancing
The benefits of Li-ion batteries can be realized only with a capable battery-management system. An active charge-balancing system offers significantly better performance than the conventional passive approach. The ingenious use of a relative simple transformer helps keep material costs low
2010-04-09 Battery technology used in NVRAM products from ST
Lithium Carbon MonoFlouride (LiCFx) batteries are used by STMicroelectronics in their line of ZEROPOWER and TIMEKEEPER devices.
2009-09-04 Battery monitor IC promises increased accuracy
STMicroelectronics' latest battery-condition monitoring IC enables increased accuracy for 'fuel-gauge' style indicators
2005-08-18 Architecting miniature hard disk drives for battery saving
The growing popularity of portable consumer electronics products that use high-capacity storage is challenging the disk drive industry to develop unique solutions that meet the rapidly evolving demands.
2010-06-03 Adding hysteresis to low-battery input on the TPS62113
This application report describes how to add hysteresis to the LBI circuitry for the TPS62113 converter.
2016-03-28 The search for the right wireless technology
Selecting the right solution for connecting your device to the Internet can be tough. This article aims to lead you in the right direction based on some fundamental properties of wireless technologies.
2015-12-02 Wireless power transmitter delivers up to 5W
The LTC4125 from Linear Tech functions as the transmit circuit component in a complete wireless power transfer system comprised of transmit circuitry, transmit coil, receive coil and receive circuitry.
2010-02-03 What is a .tmap file?
The PowerLAN master gateway battery management controller uses a file, identified by the .tmap file extension, to load configuration parameters. This application note serves to configure the operation of the controller to the specific application
2014-01-24 The lowdown on batteries: Specs, terminologies
This instalment covers classifications, general specifications, and terminologies.
2009-11-02 Smart-reset IC eases frozen gadget frustration
STMicroelectronics has developed a smart-reset chip that safely restarts electronic products without removing the battery or finding a tool to push the reset button, usually hidden behind a hole in the casing
2008-08-07 Researchers confirm lithium batteries can be used in cars
French researchers claim they can explain why lithium iron phosphate, to be used in future lithium batteries, conducts electricity despite being an insulating material.
2009-12-01 PMIC packs fail-safe functionality for automotives
A dedicated regulator with optimized dynamic behavior enables periodic system activation to monitor configurable wake-up sources.
2013-07-31 Maintaining good touchscreen user experience
As capacitive touchscreens become bigger in size, developers must consider multiple design choices affecting power consumption.
2010-12-14 Fujitsu device generates power from two sources
Fujitsu develops technology for generating power from heat or light using one device
2010-11-19 Energy harvesting kit for wireless charging targets RF devices
Powercast launches development kit for energy harvesting system for wireless charging
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