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2007-05-01 CC-certified smart cards suit security apps
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd announced two chips designed for combination (contact and non-contact) smart cards, in 72Kbyte and 144Kbyte capacities with embedded EEPROM, that have been given Common Criteria certification and an Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+ rating.
2015-10-08 Addressing security risks in the IoT age
Learn about the need to apply known security techniques to a new environment that operates under a set of additional constraints
2012-11-05 Address power, security issues with antifuse tech
Learn how to resolve the new constraints of battery-powered system-on-chip design
2003-04-16 Providing security for connected real-time systems
In this age of connectivity, protection against attack through the network is a necessity; real-time systems need protection without compromising performance
2009-01-21 Contactless MCU chip to power Germany's ticketing system
VDV-Kernapplikations GmbH & Co. KG has selected NXP Semiconductors' secure contactless MCU chipSmartMXto power future electronic transport ticketing schemes in Germany.
2006-08-04 Apple, PC notebooks might be vulnerable to wireless attack
Wireless device drivers for computers running both Apple Computer and Microsoft operating systems appear to be full of holes, and a prominent security researcher recommends turning off wireless cards until the holes can be fixed
2008-12-11 Hacking incidents spur need for secure USB memories
The next time you find a USB memory stick in a parking lot or outside your house, think twice before plugging it in. It could cost you your intellectual property or personal identity.
2013-12-11 Securing open source web apps with static analysis
Find out how static analysis can be used to find and eliminate coding errors.
2015-04-02 Secure encryption systems against side-channel attacks
Vendors must now look into the process of designing and testing to guard their systems against side-channel attacks. This process begins with understanding how such threats operate.
2004-06-16 Quantum encryption secures crypto war
Quantum-key distribution provides continuous key regeneration that enhances the security of the communications channel
2010-08-02 Platform supports scalable, one-stop authentication management
Hitachi ID Systems Inc.unveils an authentication management platform that it claims can manage any and every authentication factor employed by a corporate user.
2005-03-01 Performing long-distance debugging
Debug and troubleshoot your systems anywhere, anytime. Here's how.
2007-10-16 M-Commerce calls for secure platform
This article discusses security measures for M-Commerce using mobile phones via an RF subsystem to authenticate a transaction
2016-03-02 Imagination reveals application thrust with products
Speaking to EE Times China at their summit in Shanghai, Imagination Technologies' executives shared their perspective of application trends and how they aim to address those trends with their products.
2005-08-02 Cisco details IOS vulnerability spilled at Black Hat meeting
The impact of the Black Hat presentation on Cisco continued to spread Friday as Symantec warned customers that the information spilled at the conference "increases the threat of exploitation," and Cisco finally published an advisory alerting its users about the vulnerability leveraged in the exploit demonstration.
2003-11-03 Building secure networks for comms work
Choosing the right FPGA can have a major impact on the designer's ability to protect valuable IP as well as ensure the integrity of the data in the system
2014-11-07 Biology-based approach can protect IoT systems
The size, exponential growth, distributed nature and economics of the Internet of Things present new, arguably paradigm-shifting challenges in security management
2014-11-05 Beware of the Thing: Seven alarming IoT what-ifs
Connectivity is desirable, or so they say. Researchers have recently offered a glimpse of potentially scary security scenarios that could unfold in the not too distant future
2012-08-30 AMD nearing goal of receiving broad industry backing
The RapidIO Trade Association is lobbying ARM and its SoC partners to adopt its technology as a standard interconnect.
2008-04-23 2.5-inch, 320GB HDD features automatic hardware-based encryption
2.5-inch HDDs with 320Gbyte capacity and the industry's highest rotational speed of 7,200rpm will carry automatic hardware-based encryption to provide data security against theft or loss, according to Fujitsu Ltd
2007-11-23 Chip design complexity raises risks, warns cryptographer
Respected cryptographer Adi Shamir warned that increasing sophistication of computer chip design raises the risk that undetected bugs could be used to crack public key encryption systems.
2007-05-01 Stretch slashes IC cost by two-thirds
Startup Stretch Inc. has revamped its management and its architecture, slashing the cost of its reconfigurable processor by almost two-thirds while claiming a significant performance boost as it seeks design wins in broadcast, WiMAX and security systems
2004-12-01 Scan design called portal for hackers
Any chip that uses scan designand any system built around it--may be vulnerable to hackers
2015-09-04 Safely travel on the internet highway
When compared to our highway system C the learned knowledge of how we should travel on the internet highway, relatively, we are still in the horse and buggy days
2014-11-17 Realising Industry 4.0: What we need to know
There are various system design hurdles to resolve before we get Industry 4.0 really going. Take a look at some of these key challenges presented and discuss possible solutions
2015-01-23 How to secure the Internet of Things (Part 1)
Find out how to how to identify and then assess the security risks for a connected electronic device, and how security is designed into electronic devices, with focus on public key-based algorithms
2004-12-16 GPS means more than location
The global positioning system has become a Swiss-army knife of navigational services, used for everything from pinpointing location to farming and advertising
2013-02-28 Framework uses human body as secure comm channel
Microchip's BodyCom technology provides lower energy consumption, while further increasing security via bidirectional authentication, and promises simpler circuit-level designs and a lower BOM
2014-11-06 BlackEnergy malware worms into SCADA systems
The malware infects human-machine interfaceswhich provide operator access to and control of the devices within supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA)having a direct connection to the Internet
2005-02-16 ARM takes hardware view of DRM
Software-based attempts at digital rights security have proved quick failures, engineers say
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