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2008-11-06 VC funding for chip firms slows down
Semiconductor companies raised $231.6 million in venture capital during Q3, a decrease of 44 percent from Q2 and a year-over-year decrease of 57 percent from Q3 07, according to a new report from GSA trade group
2007-07-27 Toshiba, NEC, Fujitsu mull next-gen chip alliance
Japanese semiconductor makers Toshiba, NEC Electronics and Fujitsu are looking to jointly develop ultra-fine ICs, the Associated Press reported
2007-02-23 Top OEMs drive global chip sales
Ten of the largest OEMs consumed a third of all semiconductors purchased in 2006, according to early results from a recent study by Gartner Inc.
2010-09-21 Research firm reports drop in July semiconductor chip sales indicator says forward-looking index fell anew in July to augur industry decline
2007-07-30 Report: Matsushita, Renesas to co-develop 32nm chip
Matsushita and Renesas reportedly plan to co-develop an energy-efficient 32nm chip for use in high-performance home electronics
2007-07-25 Qualcomm, Korean firm ink FLO chip deal
Qualcomm and Telechips have signed a royalty-free agreement that enables Telechips to use Qualcomm's patented technologies to design, manufacture and sell certain IC chip products that implement FLO technology
2005-08-11 Politicians hurting Taiwan's chip efforts in China
Taiwan's government is not likely to relax semiconductor industry investments or export control policies in China in the near term, because of political confusion on the island, according to the U.S.-Taiwan Business Council
2014-05-08 POET integrates electronic, optical elements in one chip
The Planar Opto Electronic Technology (POET) platform is semiconductor fabrication process that uses gallium arsenide technology to combine electronic and optical elements on a single integrated circuit
2007-06-25 MagnaChip applies CUP tech to cut chip size
MagnaChip announced it has successfully applied CUP technology to its foundry business processes to further reduce semiconductor chip sizes.
2003-02-12 Leakage current called obstacle to chip complexity
The semiconductor industry must reduce leakage current in chip designs by two orders of magnitude over the next 10 years, or face an interruption in projected chip complexity, said professor Takayasu Sakurai.
2007-10-04 Infineon's Ziebart: European chip industry needs subsidies
Infineon CEO Wolfgang Ziebart called for more subsidies for the European chip industry, or the industry would be forced to relocate
2003-05-05 In-Stat gives positive yet wary chip market forecast
Although the semiconductor industry experienced four consecutive quarters of revenue growth in 2002, it is too soon to deem the industry recovered
2007-02-06 Global economics to keep chip bubble afloat
The semiconductor market will grow by 12 percent in 2007 and by a further 16 percent in 2008, according to Malcolm Penn, chief executive of market analysis company Future Horizons
2014-02-20 Global chip shipments to surpass $1 trillion
Standard semiconductor unit shipment numbers are forecast at one trillion, following the 2016 achievement
2005-10-31 Global chip market to grow 8% in 2006, says WSTS
After achieving 6.6 percent growth in 2005, the worldwide chip market is set to grow 8 percent in 2006 and 10.6 percent in 2007, according to the latest prediction from World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS).
2006-12-20 Chip sales to hit $400B in '11, report says
The semiconductor market will top a dizzying $400 billion in 2011, according to a recent report by IC Insights
2003-09-08 Chip sales hit $12.9B in July 2003
Worldwide sales of semiconductors increased to $12.9B in July 2003, up from the $12.5B in revenue reported in June of 2003, the SIA reports.
2011-04-06 Chip revenue down in 4Q10, says analyst
Global chip revenue was down 3.7 percent in the last quarter of 2010, the first sequential decline in chip revenue since 1Q09
2007-09-14 Chip reduces blur in fast 1,080p HD video
The TC90240XBG chip from TAEC integrates a scan rate converter to upgrade standard 60Hz signals to 120Hz, improving the blurry motion sometimes seen during fast-paced action scenes in high-definition content
2005-11-25 Chip production running flat out, says VLSI
Semiconductor manufacturing capacity utilization remained overheated in October and will do so throughout November, according to market research company VLSI Research Inc
2015-07-08 Asia Pacific, China register growth in global chip market
The Americas region led a charge of 11.4 per cent growth in May in the chip market, closely followed by China with 9.5 per cent growth and Asia-Pacific/Rest of the World with 8 per cent growth
2010-08-20 Asia Pacific chip sales dip in 1.5% in June
The Asia Pacific semiconductor chip sales leading indicator went down in June by 1.5 percent to a reading of 362.7, after staying flat in May, according to economic research firm
2012-01-26 Apple tops 2011 chip buyer list
Those companies that gained share in the smartphone market, such as Apple, Samsung Electronics and HTC, increased their semiconductor demand
2003-04-09 AOI Technology expands semiconductor operations
AOI Technology Inc. has launched its fabless semiconductor operations, which will focus on the development and manufacture of dynamically reconfigurable ICs
2005-03-07 Ziebart positioning Infineon for chip revival
Wolfgang Ziebart, president and CEO of Infineon Technolgies AG, said in his first wide-ranging interview that the chip maker is positioning itself for the end of the chip recession as competitors cut profit expectations
2003-11-13 Zarlink transceiver chip suits TDMA cellphones
Zarlink Semiconductor has announced that its ZL20200 single-chip radio transceiver is now shipping in volume into South American markets.
2002-07-26 YDI, AMD to jointly market semiconductor storage, analysis products
Yield Dynamics Inc. has inked a relationship with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to market integrated, fab-wide data storage and analysis products for semiconductor manufacturing
2006-07-06 X-ray analyzer eases advanced chip packaging
Xradia said the MicroXCT is suited for the engineering and failure analysis of next-generation semiconductor packages, including multistacked die and flip-chip architectures.
2013-06-11 WSTS downgrades chip sales forecast for 2013
SIA reported that the WSTS has reduced its estimates for chip market growth for 2013 and 2014 after it issued a dismal global chip sales report for last month
2002-12-03 Worldwide chip sales see continued growth
The Semiconductor Industry Association's Global Sales Report reveals that global semiconductor sales reached $12.5 billion in October 2002, a 1.8 percent sequential increase from September 2002 and a 20 percent increase from October 2001
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