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2002-05-29 R&D association targets EUV lithography laser
Ten Japanese companies have formed an R&D association to develop a high-power laser technology by 2005 for use in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems
2014-02-19 Quantum cascade THz laser tops power record at 1W
University of Leeds researchers have built a compact quantum cascade terahertz laser, using a semiconductor material of between 1,000 and 2,000 layers.
2007-01-24 Pumping lines integrate 10 laser diode arrays
RayTools has combined up to 10 laser diode arrays from Osram Opto Semiconductors' SIRILAS series into modular pumping lines
2007-04-30 Philips division spins off semiconductor IP supplier
The technology incubator division of Royal Philips Electronics has spun out Silicon Hive, a licensor of processor and related intellectual property.
2004-03-05 Omron laser sensor offers advanced object detection
Omron's photoelectric laser sensor provides advanced object detection, positioning and high-resolution sensing
2002-05-22 Oki laser module transmits up to 40km
Designed for OC-192-based fiber-optic networks, Oki Semiconductor's OL5150M electroabsorption modulator features an integrated DFB laser and is claimed by the company to transmit data up to 40km.
2003-03-31 NEC ships 11.9-by-9.6-by-4mm SMT laser modules
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd has announced the development of a 10Gbps directly modulated laser modules in an 11-by-9.6-by-4mm SMT package.
2004-01-20 NEC laser diode modules have wavelength monitor
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH have announced the availability of a DFB laser diode module.
2002-09-19 National Semiconductor licenses MoSys memory technology
National Semiconductor has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to enable the incorporation of National's memory blocks into their future cellular baseband SoCs
2002-10-03 Nanosys licenses breakthrough laser technology
Nanosys Inc. has signed an agreement with The Regents of the University of California for the exclusive license of semiconductor nanowire-based nanolasers developed by the university's research team
2007-01-16 More apps to spur semiconductor growth
Consumer products, such as cellphones, portable media players, digital cameras, DTVs and digital STBs, are driving the growth of electronics in China and the rest of the world.
2003-05-14 Lumenis announces sale of laser business
Lumenis Ltd announced that it had closed on the previously announced sale of its industrial laser business, Spectron Laser Systems Ltd, to GSI Lumonics Inc. for about $6.3 million
2003-01-02 Laser Tek sets up new facility in Kunshan
Laser Tek Taiwan Co. Ltd has established its second offshore factory in Kunshan, China
2013-09-06 Laser spectroscopy eases nanoscale measurement
A team of researchers from Drexel University revealed an approach that could allow cell phones, laptops and tablets to become increasingly thinner and more energy efficient.
2013-08-07 Laser scribing system for advanced thin films
Electro Scientific Industries has unveiled the model 9970, an ultrafast laser scribing system that will be used to remove metal layers and fragile materials from the dicing streets
2007-05-10 Laser platform promises diffraction-limited beam quality
Photodigm Inc. has entered the global laser market with a proprietary semiconductor diode laser technology platform that is said to deliver new efficiency and diffraction-limited beam quality advantages over conventional laser solutions.
2007-06-11 Laser navigation sensor suits wireless gaming mice
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has expanded its OvationONS family with the introduction of the CYONS1001G laser navigation sensor said to be suitable for wireless gaming mice.
2010-12-17 Laser etches finer lines for smaller ICs
An intense 13.5nm extreme UV light source that can etch finer features reduces semiconductor feature size by an order of magnitude, according to researchers from Purdue University who have developed the laser.
2003-08-08 Laser diode enables 2.5Gbps-100km transmission
The Semiconductor Division of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc. has introduced the ML9xx40 series of DFB-LD for optical fiber communications
2002-02-19 Infinite Photonics signs $12M laser diode contract with DARPA
Infinite Photonics Inc. has entered into a $12 million contract with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for the R&D of proprietary IPI GCSEL diode technology.
2015-11-03 Imec, Ghent University reveal laser arrays on 300mm Si wafer
The breakthrough paves a path toward high-volume manufacturing of cost-effective photonic ICs with monolithically integrated laser sources to enable faster data transfer between logic and memory chips
2010-10-20 Hynix orders ESI laser link processing system
Electro Scientific Industries reports that Hynix has placed a high volume order for its 9850TPIR+ laser link processing system to ramp its advanced DRAM and embedded memory manufacturing
2012-01-25 GaAs nanomembrane cooling by laser interaction
Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute has cooled a semiconductor membrane from room temperature down to -269C and presents prospects for replacing expensive cryogenic cooling
2002-09-09 Fujitsu, Sumitomo expand laser diode module MSA
Fujitsu Quantum Devices Ltd. and Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd have enhanced their previously formed MSA for a 10Gbps transmission laser diode module
2004-03-10 Fujitsu laser features up to 1,600ps/nm transmission capacity
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor's MI-DFB laser has an integrated Fabry-Perot etalon for wavelength locking.
2005-05-26 Fiber-optic communication segments driving growth for laser diode market
Mainland China laser diode makers are increasing their production of models targeted at the optical storage and fiber-optic communication applications this year
2006-07-13 ESI unrolls 'first' multiple-beam IR laser system
ESI said Model 9850 is the world's first IR laser link-processing system to utilize two beams from a single laser to enable parallel processing
2002-07-18 EMCORE receives patent for semiconductor separation technique
EMCORE Corp. has received a patent for its semiconductor device separation technique for GaN-based and other materials grown on sapphire substrates
2002-04-09 Elantec laser diode driver enables >32X CD-R speeds
The EL6145C laser diode driver from Elantec Semiconductor Inc. features one 250mA output current write channel that enables it to drive high power 780nm lasers and achieve >32X CD-R speeds.
2008-06-04 Cypress touts simplified laser navigation system
Cypress has launched its second-generation laser navigation system, claiming it is the first to integrate a laser navigation sensor and programmable flash-based microcontroller on one die, which will ease mouse design and manufacturing processes
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