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2003-01-28 Compound semiconductor materials market reach $1B in '02
The global market for compound semiconductor-based devices such as laser diodes, LEDs, and ICs, reached $1.1 billion in 2002, according to a study published by Kline & Co. Inc.
2006-06-28 Compact solid-state UV laser suits CW apps
The compact packaging of Coherent's new solid-sate laser makes the device suitable for OEMs and systems integrators servicing CW ultraviolet applications
2006-10-16 Coherent's Cube laser delivers 40mW at 445nm
The CUBE 445 from Coherent Inc. is a compact, conduction-cooled laser that delivers 40mW of power at 445nm
2002-04-18 CEO develops 1.5kW laser module for EUV lithography
Cutting Edge Optronics Inc. has demonstrated a 1.5kW laser module as a plasma source for extreme ultraviolet semiconductor lithography.
2007-04-02 Blue-violet laser diodes roll for next-gen DVD
A team of UCSB researchers led by Shuji Nakamura has created a low-threshold-current, non-polar blue-violet laser diode that it says could replace the c-plane violet laser diodes used by Blu-ray and HD DVD
2005-06-23 Annual ARS focuses on impact of semiconductor worldwide
In view of the 40th anniversary of Moore's law, the 11th annual Advanced Reticle Symposium (ARS) will address the state of semiconductor technology advancement and its impact not only on economic growth but also on society worldwide
2002-11-28 Agility to launch 20mW, 25GHz tunable laser
Agility Communications will be launching a high-powered 20mW tunable laser called the Agility 3205 CW Widely Tunable Laser Assembly (TLA
2002-06-20 Low-dislocation-density GaAs wafers grown by vertical gradient freeze process, suitable for mass production of semiconductor lasers
This application note describes the use of the vertical gradient freeze process to develop silicon wafers suitable for the production of laser diodes
2002-07-12 Wuhan Telecommunication obtains TL9000 certification
Wuhan Telecommunication Devices Co. Ltd has received a TL9000 certification, becoming among the first manufacturers in China to obtain an international certification, the company says.
2005-09-16 Ultrasensitive quantum lasers sniff toxins
A Georgia Tech researcher develops an ultrasensitive spectrometer using quantum cascade lasers, waveguides and detectors.
2014-03-17 Silicon photonics evolve into 1.3m quantum dot lasers
The quantum dot lasers developed by UCSB researchers are expected to facilitate the integration of low-cost, multi-channel laser devices with CMOS driver circuits
2004-01-20 Sanyo Semi extends distribution pact with Photonic Products
Photonic Products Ltd has signed an extended distribution agreement with Sanyo Semiconductor Europe to be the exclusive distributor for Sanyo's full range of laser diode products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
2004-04-05 Photonic Products opens European sales office
Photonic Products Ltd has opened a European sales office in Gr?benzell, near Munich, in Germany.
2002-08-19 Photonic Products establishes U.S. office
Photonic Products Ltd has opened an office in El Segundo, California, to better serve its current and prospective U.S. customer base.
2007-11-07 Osram inks LED patent agreement with Japan's Toyoda
Osram GmbH and Japan's Toyoda Gosei have signed an agreement for the mutual use of patents for certain LED and laser technologies
2002-07-25 Oki forms optical component subsidiary
Oki Optical Components Co. has formed a subsidiary dedicated to support its customers in North America.
2003-11-14 NSC LDDs reduce DVD/CD recording times
National Semiconductor Corp. (NSC) has introduced laser diode drivers that will allow desktop and notebook disk drive manufacturers to slash DVD/CD write and rewrite times by 50 percent.
2004-08-20 National LDD a perfect fit for OPUs
National Semiconductor launched its newest laser diode driver for use in optical pickup units.
2006-03-17 Epson, Novalux to develop light sources for next-gen projection TVs
Seiko Epson and Novalux announced the conclusion of a joint development agreement in pursuit of commercially viable laser light source modules based on Novalux' NECSEL technology
2004-06-30 Epson rolls out VCSEL for optical data comms
Epson has developed a new vertical cavity surface emitting laser for use as a laser light source in optical data communications
2002-01-07 Elantec modulation oscillators cut noise, improve read performance of OPUs
The EL6202C, EL6203C, EL6204C and EL6205C low-power, low-noise laser modulation oscillators are targeted at optical storage drives found in PCs and DVD players
2002-01-16 Ekips receives funding for commercial development of lasers
Ekips Technologies Inc. has received a $0.4 million grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology and the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center.
2008-07-31 Coming soon: Lens-free lasers
Focusing semiconductor lasers usually require bulky optical lenses acting as a collimator, but researchers have recently demonstrated a plasmonic collimator that utilizes grooves etched directly into the laser facet.
2013-08-23 BinOptics' optical engine claims to maintain Moore's law
BinOptics recently incorporated its Etched Facet Technology into a range of silicon photonic applications and aims to overcome cost, yield and performance barriers.
2003-07-04 Zarlink transceiver consumes 25 percent less power
Zarlink Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of parallel fiber optic modules with the launch of the 4-channel pluggable fiber optic transceiver
2004-10-29 Zarlink LDDs provide 'industry-leading performance'
The two new LDDs from Zarlink are touted by the company to deliver industry-leading DVD/CD write/rewrite performance for optical disc drives.
2004-01-06 Zarlink diodes suit industrial measurement systems
Zarlink Semiconductor has unveiled the long-wavelength Fabry-Perot laser diodes that can be customized for surveillance systems.
2005-06-17 Winbond to ramp up 300mm production using ESI Model 9830
Winbond Electronics Corp. has purchased multiple ESI Model 9830 semiconductor link processing systems from Electro Scientific Industries Inc. to be installed at its latest 300mm fab in Taichung, Taiwan
2016-03-23 WIN Semiconductors enters optical device market with foundry services
The company is adding optical device production capabilities to its portfolio, to provide large-scale manufacturing of complex laser and photodiode designs for 2.5G, 10G and 25G data rates
2003-02-17 Wavelength shifting hikes fiber capacity
An alternative to WDM is WSM, where channels may be safely multiplexed into a single fiber and demultiplexed into separate channels at the receiver.
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