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2005-03-08 EEPROM blocks offer low power operation, high data retention
austriamicro's Full Service Foundry released what it claims is one of the industry's most reliable embedded EEPROM blocks for its 0.35?m process family
2002-05-21 Economics hold industry back from plunge into 90nm
Industry experts gazing at the 90nm process node don't like what they see.
2005-05-04 DongbuAnam offers 130nm process on multi-project wafers
DongbuAnam Semiconductor Inc. is offering access to a 130nm manufacturing process with up to eight layers of copper interconnect through a multi-project wafer service, the foundry said
2005-09-09 Cypress YLink solution cuts costs
Cypress introduced what it touts as the industry's first broadcast video link protection switch that provides cost-effective redundancy throughout an entire video network.
2012-01-30 Could 450mm wafers play away from the leading edge?
When the processing of integrated circuits on 450mm diameter wafer comes, many assume that it will do so first for the most advanced digital manufacturing processes.
2002-03-18 Core Systems opens outsourcing facility in California
Core Systems Inc. has opened a 35,000-square-foot ion implant outsourcing facility in Sunnyvale, California for semiconductor, MEMS and LED manufacturers
2007-03-05 Components take floor at 12th IIC-China
With more than 200 exhibitors spreading an array of leading-edge technologies in over 900 booths, the 12th International IC China Conference and Exhibition (IIC-China) is clearly China's largest IC event.
2009-07-08 Coming soon: Carbon chips
Carbonthe basis of all organic compoundsseems destined to displace silicon as the material of choice for future semiconductors.
2007-02-19 Chipbond to set up facilities for 12inch wafers
Chipbond Technology Corp. announced plans of setting up solder bumping facilities to process 10,000 to 12,000 units of 12inch wafers monthly.
2002-06-19 Chip industry tackles escalating mask costs
The rapid increase in the cost of photomask sets for advanced IC processes has made a lot of news in recent months.
2014-03-26 China to funnel up to $15B on IC industry
The idea that has gained consensus in China recently is to set up a fund and let professional investors place bets on which Chinese entities deserve the funding instead of just the government dictating which IC industry sectors should get investment money.
2004-02-23 BTU launches plant in Shanghai
BTU Int. Inc., a supplier of thermal processing equipment for semiconductor packaging, surface-mount, and advanced materials processing, has opened a manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China
2011-06-29 Bridgepoint buys Sumitomo business unit
Equity firm Bridgepoint has acquired SPTS from Sumitomo Precision Products, boosting SPTS' position in the MEMS, compound semiconductor, advanced packaging and power markets
2015-08-05 Binding the world under one tech: Can USB Type C do it?
Armed with MHL and now with SuperMHL technologies, both from Silicon Image, Lattice introduced its superMHL chips designed to work over USB Type C connectors.
2009-02-04 Analysis: What's in store for IBM's chip unit?
IBM Corp.'s recent move to implement job cuts within its semiconductor unit follows a dramatic slump in sales, product setbacks and numerous false starts in the sector
2009-10-06 Analysis: TI fab deal is good for IC tool vendors
Equipment executives and analysts say that the TI fab deal isn't a blow to the equipment industry. Some suggested that it might even be a positive for gear suppliers.
2014-08-28 Amp up power handling via carrier-grade WiFi switch
The UltraCMOS PE42424 SPDT switch from Peregrine is aimed at transmit/receive switching applications for outdoor WiFi access points requiring high power handling and high-temperature performance.
2008-11-10 AMD seeks to add more fabs in Germany
Backed by a strong investor, AMD is expected to expand its production lines and future foundry service providers such as Fab 36 and Fab 38 in Dresden, Germany
2004-05-24 AMD anchors future in China with new Beijing facility
Advanced Micro Devices has established AMD (China) Co. Ltd in Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing, China.
2008-11-21 Actel turns to UMC for 65nm eFlash FPGAs
Actel Corp. has tapped United Microelectronics Corp.'s (UMC) foundry service for the production of its next-generation flash-based FPGAs
2012-05-11 Abu Dhabi chip co struggles to be profitable
Mubadala said there can be no assurance that ATIC will be profitable in 2012 or subsequent years, according to the Reuters report.
2002-07-04 'Infrastructure IP' seen aiding SoC yields
Design-for-yield is becoming a goal for SoC designers as today's very deep-submicron semiconductor technologies of 130nm and below are reaching defect susceptibility levels that result in lower manufacturing yields and reliability
2008-06-16 UMC tips roadmap, veers away from 450mm
Taiwan foundry United Microelectronics Corp. has outlined its process roadmap and disclosed several alliances with the EDA community at the Design Automation Conference (DAC).
2008-05-20 TSMC ventures into automotive silicon market
TSMC is in European talks to enter the safety-critical automotive silicon market. Infineon, which claims to be number two in automotive silicon, is one way TSMC could make its move.
2006-12-29 Taiwan MOEA okays investments in China
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has permitted three chipmakers to invest a total of $825 million in mainland China.
2007-10-25 STATS ChipPAC opens second China facility
STATS ChipPAC has announced the opening of a second manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.
2008-10-07 SMIC braces for 32nm collaboration with IBM
Semiconductor Manufacturing International has presented its process road map, tipping its 45nm and 40nm technology for delivery in 2009
2006-08-25 Singapore's A*STAR now offers R&D foundry services
Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research is now offering R&D foundry services through its Institute of Microelectronics. The agency said the Institute's R&D foundry would help chipmakers launch prototyping and low-volume production of next-generation products
2008-05-05 Power Forward Initiative gets MindTree onboard
MindTree has joined the Power Forward Initiative and will be offering a Common Power Format-enabled low-power flow to its design services customers.
2010-02-08 Panel tackles outsourcing tradeoffs
A panel discussion at the DesignCon 2010 conference centered on the evolution of the IC outsourcing modeland its implications.
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