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2011-08-18 Wi-LAN's $490M Mosaic bid strengthens its technology licensing
According to Wi-LAN, its acquisition of Mosaid would create a stronger, more valuable technology licensing company with greater technology, business and geographic diversification
2004-03-30 Transmeta licenses Long Run2 technology to NEC
Transmeta Corp. agreed on Thursday (March 25, 2004) to license its LongRun2 power management technology to NEC Electronics, which will use the technology in its 90-, 65-, and 45nm generation products to lower power consumption
2003-12-18 STMicroelectronics announces breakthrough chip technology
STMicroelectronics announced that they have developed a new semiconductor technology that eliminates a potential problem lingering among electronic equipment manufacturers in recent years: the growing vulnerability of silicon chips to so-called "soft errors."
2013-01-16 ST sees power, sensors as technology drivers of 2013
STMicroelectronics EVP Francois Guibert forecasts that silicon advancements in 2013 and succeeding years will be focused on power and sensor technologies.
2003-10-21 SRS technology integrated into ARM processors
SRS Labs Inc. has announced that its SRS WOW audio enhancement technology is now available for ARM processors
2004-01-06 SRS Labs technology adopted by major radio station in China
SRS Labs Inc. announced that its Circle Surround (CS) technology has been selected by the Guangdong Jhujiang Economic Station Radio Broadcasting conglomerate
2016-05-20 Semiconductor industry to undergo a paradigm shift
The semiconductor industry has shown no consolidation due to its rapidly innovating nature, but after so many decades, isn't consolidation through mergers long overdue
2002-03-27 SCT wins another patent for semiconductor technology materials
Single Crystal Technologies (SCT) has received another patent from the U.S. Patent Office for its cover materials purification and materials synthesis used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry
2004-03-10 Samsung joins chip technology alliance at Fishkill
In agreements that would allow Samsung Electronics (Seoul, South Korea) to share manufacturing capacity with IBM, Samsung announced Friday that it is joining an ongoing semiconductor technology alliance with IBM, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, and Infineon Technologies.
2007-10-24 Quest on for next 'big thing' in semiconductor industry
The semiconductor industry may be on its last stretch, according to the consensus of researchers who are looking for the next 'big thing
2002-02-21 Philips, TriQuint ink semiconductor technology pact
Philips Semiconductors, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, and TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. have signed a strategic partnership agreement that will allow Philips to access TriQuint's InGaP HBT 150mm wafer processing facilities
2005-12-02 Philips' semiconductor solutions enhance LCD TV quality
Royal Philips Electronics announced two new Nexperia semiconductor system solutions that promise to enhance the quality of LCD TV experiences of the connected consumer while reducing the time-to-market for next-generation TVs
2003-11-10 Philips develops technology to push 3G cellular networks
Royal Philips Electronics has announced a breakthrough in LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology that is expected to reduce the complexity and operating costs of 3G cellular base stations while at the same time enhancing their performance and reliability.
2003-10-24 NEC mobile phones to use SRS Labs technology
NEC Corp. has entered into a new technology licensing agreement with SRS Labs Inc
2003-05-05 National Semiconductor technology used in ViewSonic processor
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced that its Geode technology has been designed into ViewSonic's NextVision N210.
2003-10-27 Motorola announces semiconductor technology breakthrough
Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector has announced the development of multimedia mobile devices using its new MXC architecture
2003-11-05 Kawasaki Micro adopts ARC processor technology
Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc., a provider of ASIC semiconductor technology solutions, has licensed a full suite of ARC Int.'s hardware and software technology to expand its ASIC intellectual property portfolio for consumer electronics products.
2003-06-09 International Semiconductor to expand TCP capacity
International Semiconductor Technology Ltd has increased its capital to NT$2.4 billion from NT$1.8 billion.
2004-03-22 Inorganic spin coat process readied for TFT technology
A new spin-on process for inorganic semiconductor films developed at IBM Corp.'s Thomas J. Watson Research Center could usher in a new phase for electronics based on thin-film transistor (TFT) technology.
2014-01-16 Imec modelling tool estimates cost of chip technology nodes
Imec and AlixPartners are co-developing a cost modelling solution to assess the cost of advanced semiconductor technology options. This modelling will assess the cost of various patterning options for N10/N7 nodes, advanced packaging solutions, and 3D NAND memory.
2008-02-14 IDC: China semiconductor market to hit $28 billion in 2011
Driven by computing and consumer electronics demand, IDC predicts that the China semiconductor market will top $28 billion in 2011
2011-01-17 IBM, Samsung announce joint semiconductor tech research
With their agreement allowing renewal of a JDA on multiple nodes starting at 20nm, IBM and Samsung shall jointly develop semiconductor technology to enable chips for new mobile devices and IT infrastructure.
1999-06-29 GTLP technology drives high-performance data and telecommunications
This paper introduces a backplane semiconductor technology that was designed to offer engineers an improved solution to the problems of high backplane designs. The paper also demonstrates the Gunning Transceiver Logic Plus (GTLP) technology that allows design engineers to economically achieve high performance multi-drop backplane designs that supports throughput levels of 200Mbps to 30Gbps.
2011-01-20 Fairchild Semiconductor picks Dan Kinzer as CTO
Inventor of over 70 US patents, Dan Kinzer, is named Fairchild Semiconductor CTO and senior VP
2013-05-16 Exploring the gallium nitride technology
Discover why GaN technology is touted to displace silicon MOSFET devices
2004-12-07 DirectFET technology board mounting
This app note demonstrates the DirectFET, a new surface mount semiconductor technology designed primarily for board-mounted power applications.
2003-03-04 Dialog Semiconductor licenses Amphion IP core
Dialog Semiconductor Plc has licensed an optimized system-level core solution from Amphion Semiconductor Ltd, to be used in a high-volume standard product ASIC design for system-level silicon integration
2005-05-03 Chipmos to sell stake in First Semiconductor Technology
Chipmos Technologies Inc. (Chipmos Taiwan) has reached an agreement to sell its ownership interest in First Semiconductor Technology Inc. (FST) back to FST.
2002-02-14 Chartered to host technology forums in China
Silicon foundry Chartered Semiconductor Mfg. Ltd will be hosting technology forums on March 28, 2002 in Shanghai and March 29, 2002 in Beijing.
2005-06-23 Annual ARS focuses on impact of semiconductor worldwide
In view of the 40th anniversary of Moore's law, the 11th annual Advanced Reticle Symposium (ARS) will address the state of semiconductor technology advancement and its impact not only on economic growth but also on society worldwide.
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