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2016-05-11 Ultra-low ohmic current sense resistors promise low TCR
The Model CSS series from Bourns is aimed at industrial applications and power electronics including battery management systems, switch mode power supplies and motor drives.
2002-12-20 Sense resistor power dissipation
This application note explains why heat-generated by a sense resistor in a battery management device is not significant to be a concern for most applications.
2013-09-03 Select precision resistor for 4C20 mA current loop
The low output voltage level of the analog sensor and the long distance to the control room together contribute to considerable system design challenges. Here are clues on how to solve them.
2010-05-24 PSE controller packs power MOSFET, sense resistor
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX5971A single-port, power-sourcing equipment (PSE) controller for IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant, high-power, PoE+ applications.
2006-11-29 Open-air resistor suits automotive current sensing
IRC provides automotive design engineers a power current sense surface-mount resistor with enhanced thermal characteristics.
2004-05-04 Ohmite beefs up resistor offering
Ohmite has rolled out its RW1S0CK series of surface-mount current sense resistors and 30 series of high-energy wirewound resistors
2005-08-04 New current sense resistors from Caddock provide many options
The new MP series of TO-style current sense resistors from Caddock Electronics offer circuit designers a wide range of power ratings, resistance values as low as 0.005?, and several package choices
2005-04-29 Linear Tech circuit breaker eliminates need for sense resistor
Linear Tech an electronic circuit breaker that senses load currents with the RDS(ON) of an external MOSFET, eliminating the need for a sense resistor.
2010-07-06 Hot Swap controller packs MOSFET, sense resistor
Linear Technology Corp. is rolling out the LTC4219 5A Hot Swap controller that integrates a power MOSFET and sense resistor in its power path to limit inrush current.
2002-06-17 Dallas charge controller integrates fuel gauge, sense resistor
The DS2770 battery monitor and multichemistry charge controller from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. integrates a fuel gauge and an optional sense resistor into a 16-pin TSSOP casing.
2003-02-18 Current-sensing chip resistor rolls
State of the Art Inc.'s true, full-Kelvin four-terminal low-value chip resistors target current-sensing apps.
2005-11-03 Current-sense amps draw less power
Semtech Corp. said this family of high-side current sense amplifiers will lower the system cost and power draw
2008-09-08 Current-sense amplifier asserts accuracy, low power use
Maxim introduces the MAX9938, which the company claims is the industry's smallest high-side, current-sense amplifier
2005-09-20 Current sense resistors save board space with new config
TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a "tight-pitch" version of its open air, metal element current sense resistor (OAR series) with ratings as high as 3W in a reduced PC-board footprint.
2006-03-13 Current sense resistors achieve higher power ratings
TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a surface-mount current sense resistor with extended power ratings up to 5W.
2008-11-17 Current sense amplifier fit for auto use
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9937, a tiny, high-side current-sense amplifier that uses external resistors to set the voltage gain for maximum design flexibility
2007-02-15 Current sense amp touts 'exceptional' flexibility
Linear Technology's LTC6104 current sense amplifier is suitable for bidirectional operation and promises exceptional flexibility via gain programmability for each current sense direction
2007-12-12 Current sense amp operates as high- or low-side monitor
Linear Tech's LT6105 current sense amp is independent of the positive supply voltage, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and enabling it to operate as a high-side or a low-side current sense monitor
2003-06-28 Compensating for Sense Resistor Self Heating
This application note discusses the method for compensating for the heat generated by sense resistors, which can affect real-time temperature readings made by the device
2002-05-28 Caddock chip resistor fits current-sensing apps
Caddock Electronics Inc. has a compact, low-value chip resistor for current-sensing applications that include battery chargers, motor controls, power supplies and other power electronics
2013-04-19 Cable drop compensator eliminates need for sense wires
The LT6110 cable drop compensator operates with supply voltages that range from 2V to 50V, making it ideal for high power USB, PoE, remote instrumentation and remote industrial applications.
2006-07-13 Boost controller with no sense resistor delivers 60V
Linear Tech said the LTC3872 step-up DC/DC controller can achieve voltage outputs as high as 60V without a sense resistor.
2009-04-17 Battery monitor packs current-sense resistor
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the DS2741 current monitor/accumulator for cost-sensitive, Li-ion applications.
2001-09-19 A simple current-sense technique eliminating a sense resistor
This application note introduces a simple current-sense technique that eliminates the sense resistor in an over-current protection circuit, resulting in system-cost reduction, PCB space saving and power efficiency improvement.
2008-10-03 Wide input range earmarks current-sense amplifiers
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9928/MAX9929 low-cost, current-sense amplifiers for monitoring charge and discharge currents
2011-02-04 Resistor eliminates flexible leads in power meters
Vishay Intertechnology's WSMS2908 meter shunt resistor offers direct PCB mounting with 100? and 3W power capability in a 2908 package
2013-12-05 PFC controller halves power dissipation in shunt resistor
TI's UCC28180 8-pin PFC controller features an adjustable switching frequency that helps the designer optimize their design for size, cost and efficiency.
2011-04-21 Optimizing resistor dividers at comparator input
Know the several key factors involved with selecting optimally-sized resistors, considering some constraints.
2011-06-23 Optimizing resistor dividers at a comparator input
Learn about several key factors involved with selecting optimally-sized resistors, considering other constraints.
2005-11-08 Current sense resistors deliver extended resistance range
Stackpole Electronics extended the resistance range of its BR series of current sensing resistors down to 0.002?.
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