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2013-06-19 VPG unveils high-precision Z-Foil resistors
The devices feature low TCR of 0.2ppm/C from -55C to 125C, 25C ref., PCR (R due to self-heating) of 4ppm/W typical and tolerances to 0.01 per cent.
2013-07-15 VPG debuts sealed Z-Foil power current sensing resistors
Vishay Precision Group's VFR brand has unveiled two new ultra-high-precision hermetically sealed Z-Foil power current sensing resistors that offer power ratings of 10W (heat sink) and 3W (free air).
2003-05-19 Vishay resistors feature TCR values to 115ppm/0C
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.'s CSM2512 and the CSM3637 surface-mount current-sensing resistors feature a four-terminal design and TCR values of up to 115 ppm/0C.
2011-09-07 Resistor features 4-terminal, 1W current sensing
Vishay has introduced a surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor that is a 4-terminal, 1W current sensing resistor in the compact 0612 package size
2012-01-30 Current sensing resistors tout 0.5W power rating
The CSR1210 can achieve resistance values from 0.01-1? in tolerances as low as one percent.
2006-08-28 Current sensing resistor in 2512 casing runs at 275C
Vishay Intertechnology has announced a new high-temperature 1W surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistor, said to be the industry's first current sensing resistor in the 2512 case size to operate in the -65C to 275C temperature range
2005-11-08 Current sense resistors deliver extended resistance range
Stackpole Electronics extended the resistance range of its BR series of current sensing resistors down to 0.002?.
2013-09-02 Bulk Metal Foil resistors tweaked for batteries in avionics
VFR's Bulk Metal Foil current sense resistors feature an ultra-low TCR of 0.05 ppm/C typical (0C to 60C) and 0.2ppm/C typical (-55C to 125C, 25C ref
2005-11-24 Switching regulator controller requires no sense resistors
The new 2-phase dual synchronous step-down switching regulator controller from Linear Technology Corp. features an output tracking that drives a wide range of external power MOSFETs.
2011-09-01 Surface-mount resistors tout 5C7W power rating
The Power Metal Strip resistors from Vishay offer high-temperature capability and allow high-power circuit design
2007-02-19 Power resistors offer wide resistance range
Vishay has released a family of 20W thick-film power resistors featuring a compact, easy-to-mount TO-263 package and a broad range of resistance values
2008-02-25 Power Metal Strip resistors withstand extreme temperatures
Vishay has announced two new high-temperature, surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistors that are said to be the industry's first such devices in the 3921 and 5931 case sizes to offer an operating temperature range of -65C to 275C
2005-10-19 New resistors from Vishay feature ultra-low resistance values
Featuring ultra-low resistance values down to 0.2 milliohms, two new surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistors from Vishay offers power ratings of 3W and 5W for all types of current sensing, voltage division and pulse applications.
2007-07-09 Mobile handset taps capacitive-touch sensing
While the capacitive sensor can be viewed as a drop-in replacement for handset buttons, this technology has more to offer than just being a stand-in for dome switches.
2008-05-09 Metal element resistors maximize heat dissipation
The OARS-XP Series metal element resistors from TT electronics IRC deliver power ratings up to 5W in a flameproof open-air surface-mount form factor that promises the maximum heat dissipation for a PCB-mounted component
2010-07-16 Li+ battery fuel gauges work without current sensing
Maxim launched the the MAX17040/MAX17041 and MAX17043/MAX17044 1- and 2-cell fuel-gauge ICs, which function without requiring current sensing
2007-12-03 Increased demand toughens resistors
Over the past few years, resistor manufacturers have seen a dramatic increase in demand for precision and ultraprecision discrete resistors and resistor networks, particularly for instrumentation, industrial, medical and telecommunications applications
2005-06-16 Hot swap protection IC with charge pump, temp sensing circuitry
ON Semiconductor expanded its SMART HotPlug family with the release of the NIS5102 high side, hot swap protection IC with built-in charge pump and accurate temperature sensing circuitry
2006-05-18 High-temp chip resistors operate up to 200C
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has developed a series of tantalum nitride chip resistors rated for operation at 200C
2006-08-10 Flameproof resistors suit current sensing apps
The MPR series of radial leaded metal-plate resistors from Stackpole Electronics Inc. is suitable for all types of power supplies, voltage regulation, as well as many automotive systems and controls applications
2003-02-18 Current-sensing chip resistor rolls
State of the Art Inc.'s true, full-Kelvin four-terminal low-value chip resistors target current-sensing apps.
2006-03-13 Current sense resistors achieve higher power ratings
TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a surface-mount current sense resistor with extended power ratings up to 5W.
2007-09-11 Chip resistors offer high power in small package
Designated the LRF3W series, the new chip resistors from TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division are offered in a package size traditionally rated at 1W
2003-03-19 Chip resistors feature current sensing capabilities
The RLC10 series of chip resistors from Kamaya Electric Co. Ltd is available in 0402 case sizes and is suitable for current sensing in motor circuits.
2012-01-10 Capacitive sensing for specific apps (Part 3
Here's a look at layout issues and noise sources.
2002-10-01 Caddock power film resistors handle up to 100W
Caddock Electronics' MP series of power film resistors are capable of handling power ratings up to 100W
2005-01-17 Ultrasonic reverse sensing/backup warning aid system
The number of electronic control modules within the vehicle continues to increase. Convenience and safety are continuing to drive the growth of body control electronics within the vehicle.
2016-05-11 Ultra-low ohmic current sense resistors promise low TCR
The Model CSS series from Bourns is aimed at industrial applications and power electronics including battery management systems, switch mode power supplies and motor drives.
2003-07-16 Selco CdS photocells suit light sensing apps
Selco Products Co. has expanded its product range of thermal and electronic control products with the introduction of the Cadmium Sulfide photocell series.
2010-03-02 Resistors provide surge protection in high-temp setups
The open-air current sense resistor series are designed for power electronics design engineers looking for high-current devices capable of surge protection functions in high-temperature environments.
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