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2003-02-13 WDC enterprise SATA HDD spins at 10,000rpm
Western Digital Corp. announced its entry into the enterprise hard drive market with the release of the WD Raptor serial ATA (SATA) HDD that spins at 10,000rpm and exhibits an average seek time of 5.2ms.
2010-07-01 USB 3.0 controller packs dual SATA HDD ports
PLX's OXU3102 DAS controller targets the professional- and power-consumer) market segment and combines USB SuperSpeed's 5Gbit/s interface with dual high-speed serial ATA HDD ports.
2002-03-01 Seagate Serial ATA HDD eliminates protocol conversion
The company has demonstrated what is claimed to be the industry's first full-speed native Serial ATA hard-disk drive that features a design that does not require the translation of incoming Serial ATA signals into Parallel ATA protocols
2002-03-18 Adaptec Serial ATA controllers aimed at servers
The company announced the availability of a storage controller ASIC that will serve as the core of a family of Serial ATA controllers and PCI RAID cards, targeted at sub-entry servers
2002-03-04 ST, APT codevelop Serial ATA chips
STMicroelectronics is entering into a service and license agreement with APT Technologies to develop chip-level solutions for Serial ATA, the new interface standard for PCs, workstations, servers and mass-storage peripheral devices
2007-05-11 ST reports 65nm multistandard HDD physical layer IP
STMicroelectronics has revealed what it claims as the industry's f its next-generation 65nm serial-interface MIPHY (Multi Interface PHY) Physical Layer interface IP
2004-02-02 Serial storage SoCs demanding to test
The storage industry this year began widespread implementation of serial-based technologies to replace parallel physical-interface standards currently used to connect a system bus to disk storage devices
2003-06-02 Serial ATA market on the rise
SATA is not just a trend; it offers improved HDD performance without marked price increase
2003-11-03 Serial ATA goes beyond the limits of parallel
With numerous upgrades to the parallel ATA interface, Serial ATA is bound to be the prevalent technology employed in future HDDs
2008-07-02 Serial ATA and the evolution in data storage technology
Before we can fully appreciate the benefits behind the SATA standard, it makes sense to look back on the history of data storage.
2007-04-19 Samsung unveils 160GB HDD for portable CE
The SpinPoint M5 series comprising of 60-160Gbyte hard drives has been developed to control noise, vibration and power consumption for portable CE apps.
2002-04-19 Molex connectors support Serial ATA 1.0
Molex's Serial ATA connector complies with the Serial ATA 1.0 specification, providing twice the bandwidth between disk drives and other PC components
2002-08-23 Infineon, LSI codevelop IPs for HDD apps
Infineon Technologies and LSI Logic Corp. have entered a joint development agreement to share existing IPs and codevelop new ones.
2007-06-12 Hitachi introduces 250Gbyte HDD for mobile devices
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) announces the launch of its Travelstar 5K250 hard disk drive (HDD) with a quarter terabyte capacity
2007-10-25 HDD delivers up to 59% power efficiency
Hitachi GST has released the Deskstar P7K500, a desktop HDD that's up to 59 percent more power efficient than comparable 250Gbyte HDDs in its class, based on available specifications
2007-03-20 Fujitsu rolls out 160Gbyte, 7,200rpm mobile HDD
Fujitsu Hong Kong has launched a series of mobile HDDs with up to 160Gbyte capacity and 7,200rpm rotational speed.
2004-01-07 Fujitsu HDDs have Serial ATA interface
Fujitsu Ltd has announced the availability of what it claims as the world's first 2.5-inch hard-disk drive (HDD) with a Serial ATA interface.
2010-12-16 Enterprise-class SSDs triple HDD read speed
With random sustained 90,000 read and 17,000 write IOPS and sequential sustained 510MB/sec read and 230MB/sec write throughput, Toshiba's MK x001GRZB SSD series realizes read speeds over 3x faster than its current enterprise HDD
2005-02-28 Backplane connectors target serial attached SCSI apps
FCI has developed a broad offering of 29-position, vertical backplane receptacle connectors for the new high-speed, SAS hard disk drive interface.
2003-11-13 Agere, Maxtor collaborate on serial ATA SoC solution
Agere Systems Inc. has co-developed a Serial ATA SoC with Maxtor Corp
2002-11-15 Agere challenges serial ATA controller market
Agere Systems Inc. has announced that it has developed the disk drive IC industry's first totally integrated serial ATA controller for HDDs
2002-06-26 3ware scales ATA adapter card to 12 ports
Attacking the market for SCSI storage controllers, 3ware Inc. is sampling a high-end enhanced ATA adapter card, which supports the emerging serial ATA standard
2008-04-23 2.5-inch, 320GB HDD features automatic hardware-based encryption
2.5-inch HDDs with 320Gbyte capacity and the industry's highest rotational speed of 7,200rpm will carry automatic hardware-based encryption to provide data security against theft or loss, according to Fujitsu Ltd.
2006-06-20 2.5-inch HDD offers 'highest' areal density
Toshiba has introduced a 200GByte 2.5-inch HDD based on advanced perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology
2007-02-16 Tbyte drive, notebook flash set HDD milestones
Hitachi's first terabyte drive and SanDisk's 32GByte flash-based solid-state drive both signal long-term transitions that could make or break fortunes in mass storages.
2005-03-16 Serial ATA: Designing for high-speed storage
Designing with SATA requires a new way of thinking for everyone. Here are layout rules to ensure a working implementation
2007-03-14 Seagate puts 'first' encrypting HDD on ASI laptop
Seagate Technology said that Momentus 5400 FDE.2 (Full Disc Encryption), the world's 'first' encrypting 2.5inch notebook PC hard disk drive, is shipping to ASI Computer Technologies' C8015 whitebook laptop system.
2006-02-21 Right-angle connectors enable SAS HDD connections
FCI has developed 29-position, right-angle receptacle connectors for attaching SAS HDDs to processor blades, storage blades, mezzanine cards or embedded system boards.
2003-09-16 Managing the transition from parallel to serial storage interfaces
This paper discusses how OEMs can make the most out of parallel-to-serial inflection occurring now for HDDs and PC chipsets
2006-08-14 Infineon demonstrates 2.6Gbps for HDD IC core
Infineon has demonstrated functionality and data rates exceeding 2.6Gbps for a hard disk drive read channel IC core.
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