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2003-05-12 Interfacing the 400kHz X24129 Serial EEPROM to the Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller
This application note demonstrates how the X24129 serial EEPROM can be interfaced to the 68HC11 microcontroller family
2000-06-08 Interfacing the 24LCXXB Serial EEPROMs to the PIC16C54
This application note is a series of stand-alone programs to perform the basic I?C interface functions on a PIC16C54 running at 4MHz in XT mode
2000-06-09 Interfacing Motorola 68HC11 to Microchip 8K/16K SPI Serial EEPROM
This application note demonstrates how to interface the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller to Microchip Technology's SPI Serial EEPROMs. In order to simplify the design process, Microchip has written an assembly code routine to communicate with its SPI parts that is verified and tested to function properly on a 68HC11. The code in this application note is for the Microchip 25XX160 and 25XX080 SPI parts.
2000-06-08 Interfacing Microchip Serial EEPROMs to Motorola 68HC11 Microcontroller
This application note shows how to interface Microchip Technology's family of Serial EEPROMs with Motorola's 68HC11 microcontroller. Microchip has written a 68HC11 assembly code to communicate with its two- and three-wire parts that are verified and tested to function properly. There are 13 programs written for inclusion in this application note.
2000-08-29 Interfacing AT93CXX serial EEPROMs with AT89CX051 microcontrollers
This application note presents a suite of software routines that may be incorporated into a user's application to allow AT89CX051 microcontrollers to read and write AT93CXX serial EEPROMs
2000-08-29 Interfacing AT25XXX serial EEPROMs with AT89CXX microcontrollers
This application note presents a suite of software routines that may be incorporated into a user's application to allow AT89CXX microcontrollers to read from and write to AT25XXX serial EEPROMs
2000-06-07 Interfacing 93CX6 Serial EEPROMs to PIC16C5X Microcontrollers
This application note is intended for design engineers who wish to incorporate a pre-packaged serial EEPROM interface driver into their application.
2001-06-12 Interface software for Xicor SPI serial memories
This application note describes a unique implementation for the Xicor X9241 Digitally Controlled Potentiometers (XDCPs) in a process control or process monitoring environment.
2003-02-19 Interface issues loom for full-featured phones
The 3GSM World Congress is grappling with how best to connect all of non-phone peripherals with an application co-processor in handsets.
2006-03-09 Interface IC supports next-gen video in cellphones
Texas Instruments introduced a new family of interface ICs for true-color, high-resolution video content in handheld electronics
2006-06-08 Interface controller supports TFT-LCD panels with WUXGA res
The SVH-1920 from Digital View is a fully buffered multi-sync interface controller that provides analog and digital connections for a wide range of TFT-LCD panels with up to WUXGA resolution
2012-10-20 Interface Bridge SoC boasts 10 interfaces
The MB86E631 from Fujitsu Semiconductor brings together a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and a host of different interfaces in a single chip.
2013-09-05 Interface bridge IC fuses de-interlacing, video scaling
The T358749XBG integrated video preprocessing functions replace software processing and significantly reduce memory bandwidth and video processing requirements on the host processors.
2008-08-12 Interface board built for high-speed data comms
Fujitsu Components America Inc. has introduced an interface board series for its 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch 5V thermal printer mechanisms
2004-09-15 Intel leads new storage interface initiative
Intel Corp. has formed an initiative to define a storage interface tailored to the needs of handheld and portable consumer electronic devices together with Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Marvell Semiconductor Inc., Seagate Technology and Toshiba America Information Systems
2009-03-05 Industrial interface converter is ruggedized
Electro Standards Laboratories announces the Model 4163/4164 Ethernet-to-RS485/422/232 interface converter, ruggedized interface converter that provides an industrial solution for remote monitoring and control of various devices
2001-03-28 Implement a SMPTE 259M serial digital interface using SMPTE HOTLink and CY7C9235/9335
This application note describes how to implement an ANSI/SMPTE 259M link using Cypress Semiconductor's SMPTE chipset. It also discusses how to use the SMPTE chipset to implement an interface that supports both SMPTE 259M and DVB-ASI protocols
2011-02-17 I2C bus interface 3 reception in single-master mode
Here's an example of reading data from EEPROM using the SH7262/SH7264 microcomputers I2C bus interface 3 reception in single-master mode
2007-06-01 HDTV interface spec sparks product rollouts
Chipmakers are rushing out competitive solutions for the emerging third-generation Serial Digital Interface standard.
2012-07-10 Gigabit serial links paves way for multi-core scalability
Built on top of the serdes for data-intensive apps, gigabit serial interfaces minimize system cost and pin count while improving parallelism, performance and capacity
2004-01-07 Fujitsu HDDs have Serial ATA interface
Fujitsu Ltd has announced the availability of what it claims as the world's first 2.5-inch hard-disk drive (HDD) with a Serial ATA interface.
2006-10-03 FRAM with SPI interface cuts cost, board space
The FM25L512 device from Ramtron International is a 512Kbit 3V nonvolatile FRAM device with a high-speed serial peripheral interface.
2008-01-17 FPGA-based interface ref design rolls
The folks at Lattice Semiconductor have announced a LatticeECP2 and LatticeECP2M FPGA interface reference design supporting the TI ADS6000 ADCs
2003-04-14 Flash memories feature LPC Interface v1.1 compatibility
STMicroelectronics has expanded its family of Firmware Hub and Low Pin Count Flash memory devices, which are compliant with the LPC Interface v1.1 specs
2007-05-09 Flash interface boosts I/O bandwidth by tenfold
Mosaid Technologies Inc. is unveiling a new memory interface that it claims will increase I/O bandwidth in flash by more than ten times today's conventional devices
2004-08-09 Fast1394 card supports IEEE-1394b serial bus
Parvus release a 3-port IEEE-1394b controller module designed for high-speed data acquisition across the FireWire bus for audio, video and storage peripherals.
2008-05-07 EV-123 AAT4296 Eval: Five-channel push/pull I/O expander with serial control
The AAT4296 evaluation board demonstrates AnalogicTech's AAT4296 SmartSwitch as a microprocessor I/O expander.
2003-05-28 Dynamic serial data interface is IndustryPack compatible
The IP-BiSerial-NG4 from Dynamic Engineering is an IndustryPack-compatible bidirectional serial data interface with Xilinx implementation.
2006-03-17 Dual-output SPI doubles clock rate in serial flash family
Winbond's SpiFlash 25X is its second-generation serial flash memory family that ranges in densities from 1Mbit to 64Mbits
2010-01-12 DTV design platform eases interface integration
The integrated hardware and software platform lets multiple ASSPs be designed into one device tailored for DTV apps.
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