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2005-05-25 DSP includes Serial RapidIO bus
Texas Instruments disclosed that its new DSP offers improved performance, reduced code size plus more on-chip memory and high bandwidth integrated peripherals, including the Serial RapidIO bus for inter-processor communications
2006-05-16 Devices extend cable, backplane reach of serial data transmission
National Semiconductor introduced four new current-mode logic signal-conditioning buffers and multiplexers with 25ps of jitter.
2007-04-09 Designing with serial E2PROM devices
Here are some do's and don'ts for designing with serial E2PROM devices
2008-08-27 Designing a serial peripheral interface
A serial peripheral interface (SPI) has a simple 4-wire synchronous interface protocol that enables controllers and peripheral devices to intercommunicate.
2007-06-01 Design with serial EEPROM devices
Available with varying capacities, interface protocols, voltages and temperature ranges, serial EEPROM units are used in applications running the gamut from automotive to medical and consumer goods. Here are some do's and don'ts for designing with serial EEPROM devices.
2003-05-12 Design Issues In High Speed SPI (HSPI) Serial EEPROM
This application note discusses the implementation of Serial EEPROMs on various microcontrollers which are capable of 5MHz sustained throughput on the SPI bus
2005-07-01 Denali storage interface IP bypasses the SoC bus
IP vendor Denali Software has announced a data subsystem that provides configurable interfaces to off-chip DRAM, flash and SATA HDD storage.
2006-10-02 Debug interface devices target Freescale processors
Macraigor Systems has announced the availability of usb2Sprite debug interface devices for Freescale's ColdFire and DSP 56300 families of microprocessors
2009-02-13 Cyclone III configuration interface guidelines with EPCS devices
This application note describes the methods to interface a Cyclone III device to a serial configuration device (EPCS) using Cyclone III I/O voltages of 3.0V and 2.5V.
2002-02-20 CSR Bluetooth serial protocol incorporated into Windows CE.NET
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore serial protocol host controller interface transport protocol has been incorporated into the Windows CE.NET OS as part of the Bluetooth driver.
2005-08-24 Core plants fast serial data link on Virtex-II Pro FPGAs
VMETRO introduced a serial FPDP core that targets Xilinx's Virtex-II Pro FPGAs used in apps that include signal processing, high-speed data recording, real-time imaging and test systems that rely on the FPDP interface.
2009-05-20 Consortium pushes for next-gen memory interface spec
Hynix Semiconductor, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and Silicon Image have formed an industry consortium that promotes Serial Port Memory Technology (SPMT) for broad market adoption as an industry standard
2007-02-05 Configuring Xilinx FPGAs with SPI serial flash
This application note discusses the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) configuration mode introduced in the Virtex-5 and Spartan-3E FPGA families. The required connections to configure the FPGA from a SPI serial flash device are discussed and the configuration flow for the SPI mode is shown.
2010-12-07 Configure FPGAs using SPI serial flash
Read about the serial peripheral interface (SPI) configuration mode introduced in the Virtex-5 and Spartan-3E FPGA families.
2003-08-26 CML demo kits provide interface reference
The DE8781 and DE8782 demo kits from CML Microcircuits are PCB-based evaluation tools that provide interface reference designs
2005-01-11 Chrontel delivers first LVDS transmitter for Intel PC interface
Chrontel is now sampling what it claims is the world's first LDVS chip that complies with Intel's proprietary serial digital video output PC interface spec.
2002-02-27 Catalyst offers EEPROM with Microwire, I?C interface
The company has expanded its high-speed serial EEPROM products with the addition of the CAT93HC46 with Microwire interface, and the CAT24FC32 with I?C interface.
2004-07-20 Cadence, Rambus team for serial link solutions
Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Rambus Inc. have formed multifaceted agreements to offer comprehensive solutions for the serial link interface market.
2010-06-17 Cable enables fast USB-serial UART connectivity
FTDI is rolling out the TTL-232RG USB to TTL serial UART converter cables that provide fast and simple method for enabling USB connectivity, with minimal changes to existing user software
2008-09-24 Cable driver backs 3G/HD/SD video serial apps
Mindspeed Technologies has launched a family of serial digital interface devices for progressive high-definition (3G/2xHD), high-definition and standard-definition broadcast video serial transport applications.
2003-08-29 C-BUS Microcontroller Interface
This application note discusses the general introductory information of the C-BUS Interface
2009-03-12 Bootloading BelaSigna 250 using the I?C interface
This application note describes how to bootload BelaSigna 250 through its I?C interface when it does not have an EEPROM attached
2010-03-24 Bluetooth radio eases host processor interface
Laird Technologies Inc. has released its enhanced BTM410/411 and BTM420/421 Bluetooth radio modules designed for data applications.
2005-09-20 Beck IPC's new web controllers have four serial interfaces
Beck IPC GmbH's latest web controllers offer increased performance, more memory and more functionality while still offering full software compatibility with the previous SC11, SC12 and SC13 controllers.
2007-09-17 Beat serial backplane interface design hurdles
Evolution of backplane system requirements in terms of rates and protocols is inevitable and engineers will face interface design challenges
2004-12-20 Automotive family of serial EEPROMs introduced
Integrated Silicon Solution announced a complete line of serial EEPROM devices for the automotive market
2004-02-03 Ario aims storage controllers at serial ATA transition
A group of former Mylex and Buslogic managers has debuted a storage controller startup that aims to take an early lead in the transition to systems adopting the SATA interface
2009-02-02 Analysis solution provides precision for serial links
Sigrity Inc has introduced Channel Designer, an analysis solution that offers the flexibility and accuracy required for high-speed serial links
2009-04-02 An interface for Texas Instruments analog to digital converters with serial LVDS outputs
This application note describes how to interface a Texas Instruments ADC with serial LVDS outputs to Virtex-4 or Virtex-5 FPGAs, utilizing the dedicated deserializer functions of both FPGA families.
2005-06-02 Altera, PMC-Sierra co-develop multi-serial protocol development system
Altera Corp. and PMC-Sierra have jointly developed a multi-serial protocol development system
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