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2014-08-11 Protection switch aimed at portable, adapter-powered devices
TI's TPS25940 and TPS25942 ICs include back-to-back FETs to provide bidirectional current control, while reducing system size by 50 per cent compared to discrete solutions.
2006-06-23 Preprocessing switch controls DSP clusters
Integrated Device Technology has developed a Serial RapidIO-based switch, called a preprocessing switch, for controlling DSP clusters in cellular base stations.
2007-06-25 Platform leverages Serial RapidIO technology
Freescale Semiconductor Inc. and Tundra Semiconductor Corp. have introduced a development platform that combines Freescale's multicore MSC8144 programmable DSPs with Tundra's low-power Tsi578 Serial RapidIO (sRIO) switch.
2007-04-02 PCIe switch line is on the move
PLX Technology Inc. has rolled out three new chips that expand its line of PCIe switches to 13 devices.
2009-08-04 Oscilloscopes handle analog, digital, serial signals
Mixed signal oscilloscopes let designers visualize and analyze analog, digital and serial signals
2003-10-17 ON Semi crosspoint switch suits networking apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NBSG72A SiGe-based high bandwidth, fully differential crosspoint switch with output level select capabilities
2006-07-31 New Serial RapidIO switch offers 40Gbps bandwidth
With 40Gbps of non-blocking bandwidth, Tundra's new Serial RapidIO switch is expected to set industry benchmarks for high performance and low power consumption.
2006-04-03 New crosspoint switch handles equalization
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. has launched a 12-port crosspoint switch chip with equalization as part of a recasting of its high-speed product lines into the Signal Integrity series
2003-05-23 Multilink transceivers target switch fabric systems
Multilink Technology has expanded their PHYreSTORM family of datacom serdes devices with the introduction of the MTC1138 10Gbps transceiver.
2002-09-06 Maxim USB switch features autoreset, fault blanking
The MAX1946 current-limited USB switch features autoreset and fault blanking functions, to provide protection to USB application used in notebook and desktop PCs, and PDAs
2002-10-04 Maxim USB switch features autoreset, fault blanking
Maxim's MAX1940 triple current-limited switch features an autoreset and fault blanking function for USB apps
2007-05-07 LXI-compliant remote AC power management switch rolls
Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI-compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-200 remote AC power management switch
2007-09-10 LVDS crosspoint switch delivers 3.125Gbps
National Semiconductor's new LVDS 4 x 4 crosspoint switch delivers the what it claims to be the best jitter performance (10ps typical) at data transmission rates up to 3.125Gbps
2005-10-20 Jennic rolls out new Serial RapidIOR to PCI Bridge
Jennic, a supplier of system-level intellectual property (IP) cores and semiconductor solutions for the communications market, announced the availability of its Serial RapidIOR to PCI Bridge
2009-11-20 IP core supports Serial RapidIO 2.1
The RapidIO 2.1 spec enables up to 20GBaud for wireless base stations, military systems and DSP farms.
2002-05-02 Internet Machines to use Rambus' RaSer serial link technology
Rambus Inc.'s RaSer serializer/deserializer (SerDes) cell has been incorporated into Internet Machines' SE200, a full duplex 200Gbps single-chip switch element and TMC10, a full duplex 10Gbps single-chip, wire-speed traffic management co-processor, under a license agreement between the two companies
2006-08-01 Intelligent switch guides DSP clusters
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has developed a Serial RapidIO-based switch for controlling DSP clusters in cellular base stations.
2006-11-24 IDT unveils 10G serial buffer for next-gen base stations
The new 10G serial buffer from IDT enables the real-time execution of large, consecutive, data-sample comparisons in next-generation base station systems and other DSP-intensive applications
2007-01-01 IDT rolls 10Gbps RapidIO serial buffer
A new 12Mbit serial buffer from IDT is designed as a RadioIO-specific memory for use in 10Gbps networks for advanced mobile video services in wireless-infrastructure apps
2006-09-01 Hybrid switch fabric rolls
Enigma Semiconductor Inc. is exploring new concepts in hybrid switching fabrics that combine elements from crossbar and shared-memory switching chips.
2006-08-09 Fujitsu rolls out 'most powerful' 10GbE switch IC
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has introduced a 20-port 10GbE switch IC that the company claimed is the industry's most powerful
2008-05-07 EV-123 AAT4296 Eval: Five-channel push/pull I/O expander with serial control
The AAT4296 evaluation board demonstrates AnalogicTech's AAT4296 SmartSwitch as a microprocessor I/O expander.
2009-08-25 Ethernet switch packs IPv6 support
Diversified Technology Inc.'s new switch is a PICMG 2.16-compliant CompactPCI-managed Ethernet switch
2011-05-31 Ethernet switch delivers high transfer rates
Kontron has introduced the 3U OpenVPX PCI Express and Ethernet hybrid switch VX3905 that is designed to deliver extremely high transfer rates in centralized VPX and OpenVPX platforms
2007-09-06 Crosspoint switch has 10ps jitter at 3.125Gbps
National says its LVDS 4 x 4 crosspoint switch delivers the best jitter performance at 10ps typical at data transmission rates of up to 3.125Gbps
1999-04-08 Converting wide, parallel data buses to high speed serial links
This paper looks at the benefits of converting parallel buses to high speed serial links and uses the Cypress HOTLink chipset in an ATM switch application as an example. Layout techniques and design considerations are covered including error detection and correction, performance of various cable media, maximum cable length, handling jitter and clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits.
2008-09-24 Cable driver backs 3G/HD/SD video serial apps
Mindspeed Technologies has launched a family of serial digital interface devices for progressive high-definition (3G/2xHD), high-definition and standard-definition broadcast video serial transport applications
2004-03-22 Bustronic unveils latest switched serial backplanes
Bustronic has unleashed a new line of VXS Switched Serial Backplanes compliant to the new VITA 41.0 specification
2007-12-12 Boost converter has integrated 1.2A switch
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a tiny, high-voltage boost converter with an integrated 40V, 1.2A FET and a wide input-voltage range of 3V to 18V.
2002-10-18 Anachip USB power switch has 1?s response time
The AP1212 two-channel USB power switch from Anachip Corp. supports USB ports with at least 500mA, and has a typical response time of 1?s
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