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2011-09-30 Overcome memory hurdles for next-gen servers
Read about this memory buffer technology touted to unleash speed and capacity in next-generation server designs.
2012-07-20 Open cloud computing test software for ARM servers
ARM server SoC designer Calxeda worked with open software specialist Canonical and HP to create a version of the TryStack for ARM hosted by Core NAP.
2012-06-19 Nvidia GPUs drive Fujitsu servers
Nvidia's Tesla GPUs are are now available in Fujitsu's Primergy CX400 S1 servers are leveraging Nvidia's Tesla GPUs to bring GPU-accelerated computing to customers.
2003-09-23 NSC baseboard controllers suit medium-, high-end servers
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced two IPMI BMCs that provide complete remote management capability for medium- and high-end servers.
2011-05-27 Nomura: Smartphones, servers fuel IC market growth
Nomura believes that demand for smartphones and servers and stable memory IC prices will fuel IC market growth by 4.4 percent, a raised forecast from its projection of 3.1 percent.
2007-09-13 Next attraction: Servers with embedded virtualization
As VMworld 2007 opens Tuesday in San Francisco, both VMware and XenSource announced that they have thin versions of their hypervisor software that can ship pre-installed on hardware.
2003-08-11 NEC to provide Samsung with Intel-based servers
NEC Corp. has been selected by Samsung Electronics to provide NEC-developed Intel 64bit processor-based servers.
2002-07-26 National baseboard management controller upgrades servers
A single-chip baseboard management controller from National Semiconductor offers remote management capabilities.
2007-04-26 MOSFETs reduce heat in servers, notebook PCs
NEC's new MOSFETs are housed in the company's proprietary 8-pin HVSON package that fits into the industry-standard SOP8 footprint and provides efficient heat dissipation, while allowing the devices to deliver more power than standard SOP8-based solutions.
2004-01-28 Molex VRM connector suit 1U servers
Molex has released its first voltage regulator module (VRM) connector that supports VRMs in 1U servers.
2016-02-09 Microsemi develops FPGA-based network time-servers
The NTP servers boast four GigE ports for networking flexibility; provide NTP Stratum 1-level performance via GNSS; and offer holdover accuracy protection using one of Microsemi's tiny atomic clocks.
2004-09-27 LSI Logic adapters opt for ION storage servers
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that its MegaRAID Ultra320 SCSI adapters, Fiber Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) and Ultra320 SCSI HBAs were selected by ION Computer Systems for use in its family of storage servers.
2008-02-26 LSI adapters, ROMB solutions power IBM servers
LSI Corp. says its MegaRAID technology was selected by IBM for integration into the IBM System xTM server line, via its new ServeRAID-MR10 family of adapters and ROMB solutions.
2016-03-01 Logic module works standalone or inside PC/servers
The S2C PCIe VU440 Prodigy LM supports downloading the FPGA externally from USB or Ethernet without opening the PC/server, and FPGA re-download from four design files from on-board micro SD card.
2007-11-05 Line-interactive UPS accommodates 15 servers
With high-density and expanded flexibility in mind, the Evolution series of uninterruptible power supplies by MGE Office Protection Systems sets claim as the first line-interactive family in its class with a space-saving, multiposition PDU for adding receptacles to the back, side, or top of the UPS.
2011-11-22 KVM-over-IP switches support up to 8-16 servers
Raritan's Dominion KVM solutions offer BIOS-level access and control of servers for small to midsize businesses.
2005-05-12 Kingston's memory modules validated for Intel-based servers
Kingston Technology has launched a line of validated ValueRAM modules for servers based on the Intel platform.
2002-04-15 Kingston DDR memory modules suit next-gen servers
Kingston Technology Co. Inc. has announced the availability of 1GB and 2GB low-profile DDR PC2100-registered ECC memory modules for 1U and blade server environments.
2002-10-04 JMC CPU cooler addresses Xeon-based servers
JMC Products' Phoenix 70 CPU cooler is designed to cool Intel's Xeon 3GHz processors.
2005-03-03 IR rolls out control IC for AMD processor-powered servers
IR unveiled the IR3082 multiphase control IC for AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 processor-powered servers and workstations.
2011-05-04 Interface Masters releases quad port bypass servers
Interface Masters rolls out two low cost 1Gb Quad Port bypass server adapters based on Intel's latest Ethernet controllers.
2005-10-14 Intel's hyper-threaded Xeon processor for dual processor servers
Intel Corp. announced early this week its first dual-core, hyper-threaded Intel Xeon processor for dual processor servers. According to the press release, this new processor helps to improve the performance of today's dual processor, 64-bit servers by up to 50 percent. It runs at 2.80GHz with an 800MHz system bus and 2MB of Level 2 cache per core and will use the Intel E7520 chipset. Since each core is equipped with its own cache, explained the company, the amount of traffic on the system bus is reduced and each core has faster access to data.
2006-09-05 Intel unrolls 65nm processors for servers
Seeking to make up lost ground in servers, Intel Corp. has unveiled eight new microprocessors, based on 65nm process technology.
2002-08-09 Intel servers to power Covisint automotive solutions
Covisint has selected Intel-based servers to run its procurement and quality planning solutions.
2007-07-19 Intel launches Solaris telecom servers
Intel Corp. is offering Solaris 10 as an alternative OS for both its rackmounted TIGW1U servers and the NetStructure line of ATCA blades.
2014-08-15 Intel acquires Avago Networking to improve servers
Adding the Axxia Networking Business capabilities to Intel's portfolio will help accelerate the company's strategy to become a leader in platform solutions for the network infrastructure.
2005-05-18 Infineon DDR2 modules tailored for high-end desktops, servers
The customized 8GB DDR2-400 Tall registered DIMMs from Infineon require lower array voltage to store electrical charges compared to stacked DRAM.
2006-09-11 HP upgrades chipset for entry-level Itanium servers
HP has updated the chipset for its entry-level Itanium-based servers as it rolls out systems for the long anticipated release of Montecito, Intel's first dual-core version of Itanium.
2006-11-01 HP readies chipset for Itanium servers
Hewlett-Packard Co. has updated the chipset for its entry-level Itanium-based servers as it rolls out systems for the release of Montecito, Intel Corp.'s first dual-core version of Itanium. The ZX-2 chipset is HP's first to support PCI Express and PCI-X 2.0.
2014-12-04 HP drops Itanium with the release of high-end x86 servers
Designed to compete with IBM Power servers, HP's high-end x86 servers are gradually replacing the Itanium processor. These latest systems from HP tout better price/performance scale.
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