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2005-07-01 New version of Intel compilers accelerates threaded apps dev't
Intel Corp. announced new tools for software developers to help build threaded applications and extract the best performance from applications on multi-core platforms. The Intel Compilers v9.0 for C++ and Fortran programming languages are designed to help software developers deliver improved performance for their applications running on platforms from handheld devices to desktops, laptops, servers and super computers. These compilers also help improve security protection in Linux and Windows applications.
2006-10-20 New multi-channel phototransistors suit industrial apps
Avago announced the availability of its new dual- and quad-channel phototransistors target industrial apps such as high-end switch-mode power supplies for servers and telecommunications equipment.
2007-10-29 New Intel fab ramps up 45nm chip production
Intel has started production of new-generation microprocessors for PCs, servers and other computing devices at its first high-volume 45nm manufacturing factory in Chandler, Arizona.
2015-12-22 Need for local intelligence in IoT surveillance apps
Find out why it is imperative that edge devices such as security cameras acquire some level of intelligence while some of the data is sent to the cloud servers.
2002-02-13 NEC IP core targeted for system LSI Chips
NEC announced at the recently concluded International Solid-State Circuit Conference the development of a super-fast serial interface IP core for system LSI chips used in next-generation broadband networks and high-end servers.
2003-02-19 NEC IP core features new CDR circuit
NEC Corp. has announced the development of a CDR circuit required to create a low-power interface in IP cores for high-end LSI chips used in next-generation broadband networks and high-speed servers.
2002-09-10 National temperature sensor integrates fan control
The LM63 temperature sensor from National Semiconductor Corp. integrates fan control programming, enabling the IC to be used in desktop PCs, laptops, workstations, and servers.
2002-12-13 National linear regulator draws 3mA quiescent current
The LP3883 dual-rail linear regulator draws 3mA of quiescent current and is designed for low-voltage, high-current apps in STBs and servers.
2011-11-11 Multicore DSP geared for mission critical apps
TI's C66x DSPs can be used in SDRs, radars and surveillance and imaging systems, as well as servers, video processing networks and security.
2007-04-11 MOSFET chipset targets high-current DC/DCs
International Rectifier has introduced a new DirectFET MOSFET chipset for high-current DC/DC converters used in notebook, high-end desktops and servers, and advanced telecom and datacom systems.
2000-11-01 Monta Vista enhances browser
The rapidly expanding use of Linux in embedded applications means that developers have to figure out how to use open-source software, developed for resource-rich desktop PCs and servers, in resource-constrained embedded systems.
2002-08-28 Molex PGA socket suits mobile Pentium 4, Celeron
The Micro PGA socket is designed to be used with Intel's Mobile Pentium 4 and Mobile Celeron processors for applications such as blade servers or thin notebook PCs.
2004-09-09 Module makers take sides in bitter UWB battle
The race to market ultrawideband-enabled devices will accelerate this week when Freescale Semiconductor Inc. announces three companies that will develop Mini-PCI modules incorporating Freescale's UWB technology for use in TVs, media servers and storage devices.
2013-02-08 Mobile, cloud computing boost micro server market
Shipments of micro servers began in 2011 with just 19,000 units while shipments this year are forecast to reach 291,000 units, up 230 per cent from 88,000 units in 2012, said IHS.
2013-06-27 Mobile devices surpass traditional PCs in DRAM consumption
IHS forecasted that mobile devices will use up a greater volume of DRAM, estimated at $11.6 billion, than traditional desktops, notebooks and servers, which will only amount to $9.9 billion.
2004-12-14 Microsoft adopts Digi CM console server for MSN search engine
Microsoft Corp. has selected Digi International's Digi CM console server with patented RealPort software to provide remote out-of-band access via serial port to the servers that power Microsoft's recently introduced MSN search engine.
2008-12-16 MEMS aim at consumer, networking apps
SiTime Corp. offers two new MEMS chip families for high-frequency stability and multiple-frequency output realms of GPS, cellphones and mobile devices, as well as servers, routers and other networking equipment.
2003-12-10 Major telecom provider in Korea shifts to Intel server technology
Intel Corp. announced that major Korean telecommunications service provider KT will migrate its core network and business management systems from a RISC-based infrastructure to Intel Itanium 2 processor- and Intel Xeon processor MP-based servers from HP. The migration puts Intel Architecture (IA)-based servers at the core of KT's Next Generation Operations Support System (NeOSS), the company's service deployment and customer support infrastructure.
2005-07-27 LSI Logic, PyX deliver low-cost IP SAN to leverage MegaRAID
LSI Logic Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with PyX Technologies, under which LSI Logic will bring cost-effective iSCSI MegaRAID solution to entry-level and mid-range servers and external IP storage area network (SAN) environments.
2014-11-20 Korea depends on imports for software R&D
The practice of using imported equipmentincluding servers and storagein government-led software development can hurt the country's ICT industry badly in the long run.
2002-07-03 JEDEC begins work on third DDR DRAM standard
The proposed third iteration of the DDR DRAM standard would seek to cover a range of new mobile wireless devices beyond PCs and servers, an industry standards group said.
2007-11-06 Itanium chips pack virtualization for high-end apps
Built for managing high-end, Intel says that the Dual-Core Intel Itanium 9100 series accentuates the ongoing shift from proprietary RISC products to the choice offered by Itanium-based servers.
2007-03-27 It's a four-way battle for the backplane
Competing silicon vendors are gearing up chips to put Ethernet, Infiniband, PCIe and RapidIO in pole position for next-generation servers and communications systems that link multiple processing cards over a backplane.
2003-07-25 IronWare upgrade provides network security enhancements
Foundry Networks Inc. has released TrafficWorks IronWare v9.0 that powers its ServerIron Layer 4 to 7 load balancing switches. With the OS upgrade, ServerIron systems provide enhancements to server and network security, application traffic intelligence, and manageability of servers and load balancing switches.
2009-06-29 IR intros new PWM control IC
International Rectifier has unveiled the IR3640M PWM control IC for high performance synchronous DC/DC buck applications including servers, storage, netcom, game consoles and general purpose DC/DC converters.
2005-02-23 IR control IC simplifies non-processor-specific multiphase apps
IR introduced the IR3082 multiphase control IC for AMD Opteron and Athlon64 processor-powered servers and workstations.
2003-05-07 Intersil taps AMIS as second source for power ICs
AMI Semiconductor has announced that it has won a contract to manufacture Intersil's power management ICs used in PCs and servers.
2006-04-17 Internet security video ICs to soar
Rapidly expanding markets for IP cameras and video servers are expected to boost sales of security-related DSPs and MPEG encoders in the years ahead.
2010-07-29 Intel: Silicon photonics to replace copper
Silicon photonics will replace copper connections in everything from supercomputers to servers to PCs, according to Intel Corp. researchers who demonstrated 50-Gb/s optical transmitter and receiver chips that it plans to scale up to terabit-per-second speeds prior to commercialization.
2007-07-09 Intel, AMD respin server chips for virtualization
The growing popularity of virtualization is having a big impact on server design, and Intel and AMD are redesigning MPUs to enable virtualization-friendly servers.
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