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2002-03-14 Intel Xeon processors boost server performance
Designed for mid-tier and back-end servers, Intel's line of Xeon processor MP operates at 1.4GHz, 1.5GHz, and 1.6GHz, and is claimed to boost server performance by at least 30 percent compared to existing multi-processing systems using the Pentium III Xeon processor.
2002-06-25 Intel unveils Xeon-based server boards
In its biggest launch ever of server-related products, Intel Corp. has rolled out a dozen building block products for servers, including boards, chassis, RAID controllers and server management software.
2013-06-20 Intel touts eDRAM as forerunner to 3D ICs
Intel's eDRAM technology is expected to challenge discrete graphics sockets in high-end notebooks and servers.
2011-03-21 Intel to roll out sub-10W Atom server processor
Intel has bared plans to release in 2012 its first CPU for Atom-based servers consuming less than 10W. It will also ship later this year a 15W server processor based on its SandyBridge architecture.
2008-09-17 Intel sets stage for 'virtualization 2.0'
Intel Corp. has launched Sept. 15 seven new 45nm multicore Xeon 7400 processors targeted at high-end servers.
2012-10-31 Intel sets sights on 48-core mobile processors
Intel's experimental 48-core chip could be available for use in smartphones and servers within five to ten years.
2005-11-03 Intel rolls new dual-core, hyper-threaded processors
Intel Corp. shipped its first dual-core, hyper-threaded processors for servers with four or more processors.
2006-11-16 Intel quad-core processors raise performance bars
Intel introduced the Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 and Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor families that promise "immense speed and responsiveness" for general-purpose servers and other market segments that require very high performance levels.
2003-07-17 Intel processor improves server performance
Intel Corp. has released its Xeon processor for dual processor servers and workstations.
2007-02-13 Intel packs teraflop capacity on a chip
On its road to boost tera-scale computing capacity for future PCs and servers, Intel Corp. researchers have developed the 'first' programmable processor that offers teraflop performance on a single 80-core chip.
2008-03-27 Intel debuts low-voltage 45nm Xeon chips
Intel has introduced two low-voltage 45nm Xeon processors for servers and workstations that run at 50W, or just 12.5W per core and frequencies as high as 2.5GHz.
2009-01-15 Integrated driver-MOSFET touts 96.5% efficiency
Renesas Technology Europe announced the R2J20651NP integrated driver-MOSFET, which is designed for use in the CPU and DDR type SDRAM power supplies used in PCs and servers, and achieves what is believed to be the industry's highest power supply efficiency of 96.5% at Vin = 5V, Vout = 1.8V.
1999-12-09 Industrial Automation Interfaces for NI-DAQ
Using either OPC or native BridgeVIEW and Lookout device servers for NI-DAQ, you can quickly and easily integrate DAQ and SCXI hardware with HMI/SCADA and other industrial software packages that implement OPC client interfaces.
2007-08-21 IBM, Sun Micro expand partnership in Solaris OS
IBM and Sun announced that IBM will distribute the Solaris OS and Solaris Subscriptions for select x86-based IBM System x servers and BladeCenter servers to clients through IBM's routes to market.
2005-07-28 IBM, QLogic collaborate on iSCSI blade server
QLogic Corp. will supply iSCSI expansion cards for IBM eServer BladeCenter servers, creating the industry's first iSCSI blade server platform. The iSCSI adapter, shipping today, is powered by a single-chip TCP/IP and iSCSI offload engine designed to deliver user-friendly, high-performance storage networking while preserving CPU resources, according to QLogic.
2005-03-03 IBM uses Adaptec RAID controller into X3 architecture, server
IBM's has launched X3 architecture and eServer xSeries 366 solution that incorporate Adaptec Inc.'s Zero Channel Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID controller in order to deliver increased data protection for Intel Xeon processor-based servers.
2006-08-21 IBM to invest more in open source
IBM disclosed it will invest more heavily in open source client-side middleware, development tools, web application servers, data servers, systems management, open hardware architecture, grid computing, and technology services businesses.
2012-12-12 IBM says silicon nanophotonics ready for chip manufacturing
IBM announced that its silicon nanophotonics technology can help solve bandwidth limitations of servers and data centres.
2008-05-15 IBM moves Cell processor to 65nm
IBM has announced PowerXCell, the next-generation version of its Cell processor that uses 65nm process technology and specifically geared for computer servers.
2013-04-15 IBM funds flash tech aimed at big data
The company aims to design, create and integrate new flash solutions into its expanding portfolio of servers, storage systems and middleware to speed big data analytics.
2014-06-27 IBM fab sale: Retracing its x86 steps
IBM's focus on servers for businesses prevented it from seeing and responding to what one former employee calls "the biggest server buying spree in a decade."
2005-04-29 HP to speed adoption of SFF drives
Hewlett Packard announced that it is partnering with hard disk drive vendors Fujitsu, Hitachi and Seagate to accelerate adoption of the small form factor hard drive for servers and storage.
2012-12-03 HP eyes memristors as alternative to server CPUs
HP Labs sees memristors as one of several new types of chips which could take centre stage in the coming disruptive changes in data centre technologies. HP is also eyeing ARM and Atom based servers.
2015-01-30 How open OS transforms network lifecycle management
Linux-based network OS software is altering network economics and fuelling innovation for switches, just as it has done for servers. This article explains how.
2006-08-23 Hot Chips conference showcases high-performance architectures
The 18th annual Hot Chips conference featured presentations on the latest multicore solutions for servers and workstations and highly parallel processors for embedded apps.
2008-07-23 Hong Kong welcomes Fujitsu's new quad-core processor
Fujitsu Hong Kong Ltd introduces a new quad-core SPARC64 VII processor for SPARC Enterprise M4000, M5000, M8000 and M9000 servers.
2008-12-04 Hitachi GST, Intel collaborate on enterprise-class SSDs
Intel and Hitachi GST have announced plans to jointly develop and deliver SAS and Fibre Channel enterprise-class SSDs for servers, workstations and storage systems.
2011-01-14 High-voltage power MOSFET realizes 52 percent lower loss
Renesas Electronics' RJK60S5DPK allows low power consumption for LCD TVs and servers.
2008-10-22 High-capacity SSDs reduce enterprise costs
Intel has started releasing its highest-performing solid-state drives (SSDs) such as the Intel X-25E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive, designed for servers, workstations and storage systems.
2009-06-03 Green memory: key to driving down data center power
In servers, the notoriously voracious microprocessor is passing the power-hog mantle to the DRAM. Thus the greening of the data center includes a focus on lower-voltage DRAMs, non-volatile alternatives and the emerging category of storage-class memories.
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