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2003-04-08 Sharp, Daihen to co-develop solar inverter
Sharp Corp. and Daihen Corp. have jointly developed a solar inverter for large-scale photovoltaic power generating systems intended for commercial users and electric utilities.
2006-02-14 Sharp, ChiMei to cross license LCD patents
Sharp Corp. and Chi Mei Optoelectronics have disclosed they have reached an agreement to cross-license their respective LCD patents. Both companies plan to iron out details on the five-year contract in March.
2011-04-20 Sharp, AUO settle patent suits
Sharp Corp. and AU Optronics Corp. have signed an agreement to settle their patent infringement lawsuits and cross-license their LCD technologies.
2003-03-10 Sharp, Amkor to develop unified stacked package design
Sharp Corp. and Amkor Technology Inc. have agreed to unify the design for 3D system in package assembly that enables the stacking of very thin packages.
2005-09-08 Sharp's network LCD monitor power by Sigma Designs
Sharp Corp. has selected Sigma Designs' media processors to power its newest network LCD monitor, the IT-32X2.
2011-04-04 Sharp's Green Front Sakai to produce crystalline solar cells
Sharp begins mass production of single crystalline solar cells at its Green Front, Sakai plant.
2006-09-04 Sharp's Gen 8 fab rolls out large LCD TVs
Sharp said it would introduce 42-, 46- and 52-inch LCD TVs whose panels would be fabricated in its Gen 8 fab in Kameyama, Japan.
2009-07-20 Sharp ups LCD production in Kameyama Plant No. 2
Sharp Corp. announced it will increase production capacity of LCD panels at its Kameyama Plant No. 2 by approximately 10 percent in order to meet the increasing demand for LCD panels for TVs.
2004-08-06 Sharp unveils thin-film solar module
Sharp developed an Illuminating solar panel that integrates high-intensity LEDs with thin-film, "see-through" solar cells into a single solar module.
2005-04-06 Sharp unveils PMP solution at IIC
Sharp announced its ARM7 and ARM9 core-based 16bit and 32bit MCUs at the IIC-China 2005.
2006-04-06 Sharp unveils new 110,000-pixel CMOS camera module
Sharp has developed a 110,000-pixel CMOS camera module with an optical system that measures 1/11-inch in size.
2004-11-15 Sharp unveils first DVB-H front-end tuner
Sharp unveiled the industry's first DVB-H front-end module designed to meet high speed and low power requirements for the emerging European mobile TV standard.
2002-09-24 Sharp unveils 8-bit MCU for reduced clock cycles
Sharp Microelectronics' 8-bit, 8051-based microcontroller can execute an instruction in two clock cycles instead of 12.
2005-06-06 Sharp unveils 65-in. LCD TV to compete with plasma screens
Sharp Corp. will introduce a full high-definition 65-inch liquid crystal display TV in August that will compete with large-sized plasma TVs from LG Philips and Matsushita
2004-03-25 Sharp unit to license IP from U.S. labs
Artificial-intelligence technology that could change the way busy sports fans get their fix was among the licensable intellectual property unveiled on Tuesday (March 23, 2004) by the newly formed Sharp Technology Ventures.
2005-09-27 Sharp tunes in full HD for flat TVs
Sharp Corp. said it intends to equip all its large LCD TVs with full HD resolution.
2007-01-10 Sharp touts largest available LCD panel
Sharp Corp. introduced a 108-inch LCD panel at the Consumer Electronics Show, calling it the largest unit yet.
2006-05-24 Sharp to use Zoran's IPS XPS software in peripherals
Zoran announced that Sharp agreed to license its IPSTM XPS PDL interpreter for its color MX series and monochrome AR series printers and MFPs.
2004-05-20 Sharp to use M-Systems coprocessors
M-Systems Ltd has entered into a collaboration arrangement with the Integrated Circuits Group of Sharp Corp.
2003-04-25 Sharp to supply mobile phones to China
Sharp Corp. has signed an agreement with Datang Telecom Technology Co. Ltd to supply camera-equipped GSM mobile phones to the China market.
2010-12-02 Sharp to start solar cell production
The company will begin mass producing a new single crystalline solar cell which the company claims has very high conversion efficiency.
2009-04-21 Sharp to start 10G LCD production by October
Sharp Corp. has announced that its 10th-generation LCD plant is currently under construction in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture and will be operational in October 2009.
2012-08-03 Sharp to shave off 5,000 jobs as earnings dip continues
Sharp is forced to let go of almost ten percent of its current employees in hopes of curbing profit decline.
2008-12-22 Sharp to reorganize LCD production operations
Sharp Corp. will reorganize its Kameyama Plant, which currently produces large LCD panels for TVs, and its Mie Plant and Tenri Plant, which produce small- and medium-size LCD panels, starting January 2009.
2005-07-19 Sharp to promote dual-view LCDs
Sharp Corp. has developed a dual-view display based on its 3D LCD technology that delivers different images to viewers on the right and left respectively.
2003-09-15 Sharp to introduce 3D notebook in October
The company will introduce a 3D notebook PC in October with a 15-inch switchable 2D/3D LCD.
2003-11-07 Sharp to increase LCD production capability
Sharp Corp. has announced plans to build a second system LCD production line at its Mie Plant No. 3 in an effort to cope with the growing demand for high-resolution LCDs for use in digital still cameras and mobile phones.
2003-11-04 Sharp to expand LCD production capacity
Sharp Corp. has announced that they will build a second system LCD production line at its Mie Plant No. 3. The new line is targeted to be fully operational by March of next year.
2010-04-21 Sharp to double LCD capacity at Sakai plant
Sharp Corp. plans to double the current production capacity at its LCD panel plant located in Green Front Sakai, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, to 72,000 substrates per month.
2003-09-08 Sharp to develop recycling technologies for LCD products
Sharp Corp. has announced a recycling project for LCD app products such as LCD TV receivers
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