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2002-05-13 Sharp preps LCD panel to show >1 billion colors
Sharp Systems of America claims to have raised the bar on color LCDs. Its LL-T1820, flagship of a new family of LCD desktop monitors, incorporates what's said to be the first LCD panel in a commercial product capable of showing >1 billion colors.
2005-01-11 Sharp preps 8G LCD fab
In the latest example of display suppliers leapfrogging one another to build larger liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, Sharp Corp. of Japan apparently plans to build an 8G LCD fab.
2009-07-02 Sharp powers Tokai U solar car
Sharp Corp. has disclosed it will provide solar cells to the Tokai University team taking part in the solar car category of the Global Green Challenge.
2006-04-28 Sharp posts record sales as LCD TV sales boom
For the 2005 fiscal year ended March, Japan-based Sharp Corp. reported record high sales of $24.3 billion, up 10 percent from the previous year.
2002-10-11 Sharp photocouplers withstand 2700C soldering temperature
Sharp Corp. has developed two new 2-channel photocouplers that utilize the company's double transfer mold technology, allowing the ICs to withstand a solder temperature of up to 2700C.
2012-09-20 Sharp Philippines to start assembly line for LCD TVs
Sharp will convert its manufacturing facility in Alabang to an LCD assembly plant as it phases out CRTs by next month.
2002-01-16 Sharp orders AOI systems for LCD production
Orbotech Ltd has received an order from Sharp Co. Ltd for multiple FPI-6030 automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.
2012-05-28 Sharp moves LCD tech to Foxconn
Sharp Corp. will transfer the company's advanced, small-to-medium LCD panel technology to a Hon Hai fabcurrently under constructionin China's Sichuan province.
2002-01-07 Sharp mounting technology enables multichip systems on film
The company has introduced an innovative technology for mass-producing high-density multichip systems-on-film (SOFs).
2003-01-27 Sharp Micro selects Logic Product to provide MCU solutions
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has signed Logic Product Development to provide product-ready hardware and software solutions to Sharp's BlueStreak MCU and SoC customers.
2003-07-23 Sharp Micro inks distribution pact with Jaco
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas, a subsidiary of Sharp Corp., has signed a distribution agreement with Jaco Electronics Inc.
2003-05-20 Sharp MCUs to be powered by MIPS processors
Sharp Corp. has chosen MIPS Technologies Inc.'s 32-bit 4KS core family for development of next-generation MCUs targeting secure data applications.
2003-02-04 Sharp licenses Imagination IP cores
Sharp Corp. has licensed Imagination Technologies Group's IP cores to be incorporated into its ICs.
2003-11-18 Sharp LEDs suit medium-sized LCDs
Sharp Corp. has developed a thin-shaped RGB (three-chip) LED that is designed for use as backlighting in medium-sized LCD color monitors.
2007-08-27 Sharp LCD TV out to transform living spaces
Pursuing its focus on the development of next-generation TVs that transform living room spaces, Sharp announced it has developed a prototype LCD TV that excels in image quality, thin-profile design and environment friendliness.
2002-11-22 Sharp LCD TV features Genesis converter
Sharp Electronics Corp. has chosen Genesis Microchip Inc.'s FLI2310 digital video format converter to be used on its B3 Series of AQUOS LCD TV receivers.
2002-10-24 Sharp LCD technology reduces response time to <25ms
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas is introducing its proprietary ASV LCD technology that offers up to 1700 viewing angle.
2003-06-27 Sharp LCD modules feature built-in terrestrial digital HDTV tuner
Sharp Corp. has introduced five models of its Aquos LCD TV receiver with the 37V- and 30V-inch models featuring a built-in terrestrial digital HDTV tuner that is claimed by the company as an industry's first.
2003-10-14 Sharp LCD module suits mobile devices
Sharp Corp. has announced the development of an LCD module that features ultra-wide viewing to enable clear display of images visible from all angles.
2005-10-06 Sharp LCD has 'highest contrast'
Sharp Corp. has developed an LCD panel that exhibits a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1, which the company will aim at the professional monitor market.
2012-08-09 Sharp LCD biz bail-out up for renegotiation
After Sharp posted a large first fiscal quarter loss and announced its plan to cut 5,000 jobs by the end of the fiscal year, Sharp is ready to renegotiate the terms of a bail-out package from Foxconn.
2003-11-05 Sharp launches photovoltaic modules production in Europe
Sharp Corp. announced that they will launch production of photovoltaic modules for the European market in the spring of 2004 at its manufacturing bases at Sharp Mfg Co. of U.K. (SUKM) located in Wrexham, North Wales.
2006-08-07 Sharp Kameyama LCD Plant No. 2 to begin production ops
Sharp's Kameyama Plant No. 2 will begin processing glass substrates for LCD panels this month.
2006-11-22 Sharp joins blue-laser diode market
Sharp Corp. has become the second merchant supplier of blue-laser diodes, following Nichia Corp. and already started supplying diodes to an undisclosed client.
2006-04-18 Sharp investing $53M in Polish plant
Sharp plans to invest at least $53 million in a plant making LCD TV screens in Poland, the government said last week.
2002-07-29 Sharp installs third solar cell production line at Shinjo plant
Sharp Corp. has installed a third solar cell manufacturing line for multi-crystal silicon solar cells at its Shinjo No. 3 plant in Nara Prefecture, Japan.
2005-12-09 Sharp industrial automation LCDs live up to extreme conditions
With its 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch TFT LCDs, LQ104V1DG61 and LQ121S1DG61 , Sharp Microelectronics presents the first displays in its new Strong2 series of products.
2012-09-18 Sharp increases pay cuts to pare down costs
In a fresh bid to prevent further revenue decline, Sharp will shave off a significant chunk of management and worker salaries.
2007-10-01 Sharp in-vehicle LCD touts 2,500:1 contrast ratio
Sharp Corp. says it has developed an LCD for in-vehicle applications that achieves the industry's highest contrast ratio of 2,500:1.
2004-08-24 Sharp IC reduces component count by 20 percent
Sharp's new video interface IC is for small- to medium-format TFT-LCDs equipped with a function that automatically sense and switch between PAL and NTSC formats.
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