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2007-07-27 Sharp hops on 'green' wagon with G-PAS
Sharp's Green-Product Assessment System (G-PAS) is designed to enhance development efficiency and environmental performance simultaneously in areas such as energy consumption, use of resources, safety and product recycling.
2006-11-02 Sharp heats up solar production to 600MW per year
Sharp has increased annual production capacity of solar cells at its Katsuragi Plant in Nara Prefecture to 600MWclaimed to be the world's highestto meet burgeoning demand in Japan and abroad.
2007-10-16 Sharp hails inch-thick LCD panel
Sharp Corp. has developed a 1-inch-thick LCD panel that it says will be integrated into mainstream displays produced at a tenth-generation fab scheduled to go online in 2010.
2009-10-06 Sharp green plant starts LCD production
Sharp's green fab uses photo-alignment technology that makes it possible to produce 40-inch LCD panels and larger.
2007-12-18 Sharp files LCD patent suit against Samsung
An LCD patent infringement lawsuit has been filed by Sharp Corp. against Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd in the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea.
2011-01-27 Sharp files LCD patent infringement lawsuits against AUO
Sharp has filed a complaint with the US ITC against Taiwan-based AUO alleging that LCD panels and modules manufactured by AUO infringe upon seven of its U.S. patents.
2007-06-12 Sharp files display patent suit against HannStar
Sharp Corp. sued HannStar Display Corp. for alleged violations of four patents covering LCDs at a Texas district court.
2012-11-06 Sharp faces grim future
Sharp announced massive quarterly loss and warned that its days as an independent company may be numbered.
2012-11-22 Sharp faces 'extraordinary' loss as workers retire en masse
The influx of employees who subscribed to Sharp's voluntary retirement program will deliver an unexpected blow to the company's already embattled fiscal situation.
2012-12-07 Sharp expects continued growth in Malaysia
Sharp projects LCD TV demand in Malaysia will continue to increase with 16,000 sold units of its Aquos line in 2013.
2003-08-15 Sharp expands TFT-LCD line
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has expanded its full-color Advanced-TFT LCD line with the introduction of the 3.5-inch Transflective TFT-LCD display.
2007-02-21 Sharp expands solar module production in Europe
From 110MW, Sharp Corp. will double its existing production capacity for photovoltaic modules at Sharp Manufacturing Co. of U.K. (SUKM) to 220MW annually.
2006-04-07 Sharp expands collaboration with Fisher-Price
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas' System Solutions design win for the new Fisher-Price Pixter Multi-Media portable device affirms Sharp's position as a cost-effective design solution source for video-intensive products.
2002-05-06 Sharp establishes solar division in California
Sharp Electronics Corp. has established a new division called Solar Systems Division in Huntington Beach, California.
2003-04-04 Sharp develops SSRs in 6-pin DIPs
The company has announced the development of a pair of solid-state relays packaged in 6-pin DIPs aimed at replacing mechanical relays in home apps.
2005-07-11 Sharp develops 100GB disk using high-resolution film
Sharp Corp. of Japan has developed a two-layered optical disk that achieves a 100GB capacity using super-resolution functional films.
2015-10-13 Sharp demand drop in China hits LCD TV panel makers
As LG Display, Samsung Display, BOE, ChinaStar, AUO and Innolux are heavily invested in the Chinese market, the slowdown is expected to cause these manufacturers to adjust their capacity utilisation.
2012-02-02 Sharp cuts LCD panel output
Sharp Corp. is planning to cut into half its LCD panel output at its Sakai facility in Osaka, Japan, according to a report by the Nikkei business daily.
2012-06-05 Sharp crafts revolutionary IGZO tech for displays
This jointly developed new IGZO technology imparts crystallinity in an oxide semiconductor composed of indium, gallium and zinc.
2002-11-11 Sharp composite memory targets next-gen cellphone apps
The company has developed a composite memory device with a capacity of 320Mb that is housed in a three-chip stacked CSP.
2003-06-03 Sharp commences system LCD production at 3rd Mie Plant
Sharp Corp. has announced that they will start the production of "system LCDs" at the company's Mie Plant No. 3.
2003-02-04 Sharp chip LED exhibits 30lx at 50cm distance
The GM5WA06270A RGB chip LED from Sharp Corp. measures 6-by-5-by-2.4mm and achieves an intensity of 30lx at a distance of 50cm.
2003-12-26 Sharp CCD suits compact digital cameras
Sharp Corp. has developed the RJ21T3AA0PT CCD module that is designed for use in compact digital still cameras.
2004-09-23 Sharp CCD camera module with 2X optical inner zoom lens
Targeted for use in high-end camera-equipped mobile phones, the new 2-megapixel CCD camera module from Sharp features a 2X optical inner zoom lens.
2003-04-03 Sharp CCD camera module boasts low profile
The LZ0P371K 1/7-inch type of CCD camera module from Sharp Corp. features a profile of 4.6mm.
2003-09-02 Sharp CCD camera measures 13.5-by-11-by-9.7mm
The company's IC Group has developed the LZ0P3721 CCD camera module that is capable of incorporating mega-pixel-class cameras into mobile phones.
2008-09-05 Sharp catches up on 'cool' handset craze
A look inside Sharp's 922SH mobile phone yields insights into whether the Japanese remain ahead of their global counterparts.
2003-12-02 Sharp campaign to focus on new graduates in China
Sharp Corp. announced that they will be initiating a campaign to recruit and hire new Chinese university graduates in a program intended to strengthen its design and development departments in the country.
2012-03-19 Sharp builds Indonesian plant
With the construction of this new plant, Sharp will expand production capacity for refrigerators and washing machines, and will work to grow its business in the Indonesian market.
2011-12-21 Sharp builds Indonesia factory
The new factory will produce consumer household electronics to answer the demands of the growing Indonesian market.
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