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2006-01-25 Zetex device delivers true short circuit current monitoring
Zetex's new current monitor enables true short circuit current monitoring with its wide common mode sense range of 0V to within 2V of the supply voltage applied.
2002-12-02 Short-circuit protection in a DIP-IPM device
The article examines a scheme for setting recommended values of external current sensing resistor necessary in DIP-IPM short-circuit protection.
2003-12-04 Mornsun converter line has short circuit protection
The IBLS (D) series of 1kVdc isolated fixed input dc-dc voltage converters from Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Ltd features short circuit protection.
2000-12-08 High power audio amplifiers with short circuit protection
This application note describes a recommended circuit approach for high-performance audio amplifiers in the 35W to 100W rms power range.
2003-12-01 GFT transformers have short circuit protection
The CK3-ELVT06 low-voltage electronic transformers from Guangdong Foreign Trade (GFT) I & E Corp. features an auto resetting short circuit protection.
2014-08-14 Designing 45W flasher with short circuit protection
This application note presents the design of a low cost, flasher circuit with short circuit protection. It incorporates the entire recommended design feature set for two wheeler flashers.
2007-06-29 Current monitor measures accurate short circuit current
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced its latest product offering, the ZXCT1050 current monitor.
2005-05-02 Ceramic caps reduce short-circuit risk in auto apps
Epcos' new MLSC is designed to minimize the risk of short circuits if the capacitor is damaged, particularly for apps where the capacitor is permanently connected to a power source or voltage source such as in automotive electronic circuits
2006-11-20 Ceramic capacitor prevents short-circuit failures
AVX has designed a ceramic capacitor that virtually eliminates the risk of short-circuit failure.
2009-07-21 Wall adapter meets Energy Star EPS 2.0 spec
Phihong has introduced the PSA24A-120(P), a 24W, two-wire, universal input wall-mount adapter available in a single 12V output and boasts ENERGY STAR Level V performance markings.
2002-07-19 Tyco circuit breaker minimizes unintentional tripping
The P&B W57 series of thermal circuit breakers from Tyco Electronics meets the need of applications requiring circuit protection in the 4A to 20A range and removes the manual tripping option.
2009-01-07 Switches ensure safety from short-circuits
Texas Instruments Inc. has released four new power-distribution switches that enable end equipment to handle heavy capacitive loads while preventing short-circuits in a variety of applications.
2012-10-12 Peak's high power DC/DC converters integrate heatsink
The heatsink of Peak electronics' PO/HS series of high power DC/DC converters can be specified to remove the heat according to the needs of the application.
2005-04-01 New standard in hot-swap reliability
Improve your devices' hot-swap controller to avoid the hassles of interrupted power supplies. Here's how.
2002-04-17 Magnetek solid-state breaker panels handle up to 600A
Magnetek Inc.'s Telecom Power Group has released the MAG60ABKRP line of solid-state breaker panels for mounting in 23-inch racks with capacities up to 60V, 600A. individual breakers are also available with capacities ranging from 10A to 60A.
2003-03-17 Jinke resettable fuses operate to 85C
The JK90 series of resettable fuses from Shenzhen Jinke Special Materials Co. Ltd is designed for short circuit protection.
2010-08-20 IGBT online tool aids engineers
IR's IGBT online tool aims to simplify design process for a wide range of applications
2010-07-13 DC/DC converters handle 2:1 input voltage range
XP Power has extended its range of ultracompact low-power DC/DC converters that accommodate a wide 2:1 input voltage range.
2008-08-12 Capacitors eliminate circuit connection barriers
AVX Corp. has developed a family of fused tantalum capacitors that have an internal fuse to protect against short circuits and high DC leakage currents.
2007-07-13 Adapter meets energy-efficiency standards
Phihong has developed a CEC-compliant, 15W single-output adapter that meets Energy Star and CEC Level IV energy-efficiency standards.
2000-06-19 VIPerXX0 family devices in standby SMPS
This application note presents the results obtained from a standby off line power supply designed with a VIPer100. It describes the standard design for an output power up to 3.5W and suggests some modifications to address other operating conditions, such as output power from 0W to 30W, output short circuit and lower switching frequency.
2006-12-18 Universal players avert DVD format duel
Machines capable of playing both Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD discs will emerge next year to short-circuit the format war in next-generation DVD.
2003-11-19 Universal Micro voltage converters suit optical systems
The DIP-type 2:1 150W single-output dc-dc voltage converters from Universal Microelectronics Co. Ltd feature short circuit protection and remote on/off control.
2008-10-03 Uncovering the Cdv/dt shoot-through
During a fast commutation in a half-bridge topology, a temporary short circuit can happen. This event is called Cdv/dt shoot-through. This is linked to a fast voltage variation across one of the two MOSFETs.
2006-04-21 Switching power supply has protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic released a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection features.
2003-08-18 Switching power supply features overcurrent protection
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic has released the JSK-T150HS series of 150W metal frame switching power supplies that feature over-voltage and short circuit protections.
2002-07-17 STMicro IGBTs withstand 10ms shortcircuit
The K type of IGBTs from STMicroelectronics is suitable for use in motor control equipment and HF inverters that require short-circuit protection.
2008-02-18 Precision op amp suits high-voltage apps
TI has released the OPA454, a precision power operational amplifier that operates on supplies up to 100V and delivers a high output current of 50mA with a 150mA short circuit limit.
2006-04-24 Power adapter with over-voltage, over-current protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic Co. Ltd unveiled a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection features.
2012-01-19 Overvoltage controller shields beyond 100V
Linear Tech's LT4363 reacts quickly to overcurrent and short-circuit faults at the load, limiting the current to a safe value set by a sense resistor.
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